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missed you!

Author: angiem, 06 17th, 2010

This blogging once a week thing, isn’t as easy as I thought it would be.  I had an extremely busy week, yet I kept thinking of you all, and your families, in your corner of the world, and whether it was raining or sunny, or whether you all were happy, or sad.  And my big ego, of course, worried that I wasn’t missed, or worse still, that I was forgotten entirely as you went about your days.

I had been planning to read two books this past week, and also to write.  The books I didn’t touch, the writing very little.  I did clean my house from top to bottom, though, and I also baked almost every day.  Oh, and we played ball with the kids in the house, and managed to break a chandelier into a million pieces; pieces I’m still finding underneath bookcases and end tables.  But hey, we were having fun! And lighting stores are filled with chandeliers. And childhood is so short. So…

Anyway, wishing you all a lovely, sunny weekend! And one for me too.  I’m thinking of having a yard sale.  I need to, since chandeliers aren’t cheap.