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magpie 34

Author: angiem, 10 01st, 2010

After an early, misty morning trek to our favorite bakery for croissants and coffee, we decided that the best way to spend the weekend was at the beach. My husband and I have very opposing views of what constitutes a perfect day at the beach. I tend to be drawn to gloomy, stormy weather, relentless crashing waves and pelting rain. After an invigorating, brisk walk on the water’s edge, I look forward to the coziness of the beach cabin, with its crackling fire, mugs of hot coffee and cocoa, countless board games, and hours of staring at the incessant waves from the comfort of my wing chair, open book ignored in my lap while I daydream of lighthouses, hurricane lamps, and a wind that is howling and knocking at the windows.

My husband, on the other hand, wants meltingly hot days where he doze off to the lively chatter of kids playing in the sand and seagulls calling to each other overhead. Later on, he wants to fly the kite with the kids, go in search of dripping ice cream cones, possibly have a game of beach volleyball, and maybe even go surfing.

Because we know a happy marriage takes a lot of work and compromise, he’s willing to accept stormy evenings, and I suppose I’m willing to have a couple scorching hours late morning.

When we arrived at the beach, there wasn’t a cloud to be seen directly overhead, although the horizon was a steely gray. We both smiled uneasily at each other, he, most likely, wondering how soon the rain would fall, while I was worrying that the clouds would dissipate before the wind would blow them our way. No sooner did we spread out our blanket, than the northwest wind began to roll in off the ocean, cooling the air immensely and sweeping sand into our faces. Yet the clouds were still a distance away, and the azure of the sky lingered on.

And then the rain came. First one plop and then another. The mountain whose road we had meandered on, had donned a cap of foggy gray descending in waves, it seemed, down the side. We quickly sought shelter and listened from our cozy spots at the rain tap-tapping on the window panes, snuggling deeper within our blankets, and sipping our hot drinks, content for the moment, to watch the last summer storm push through.

This is a true Magpie Tale!