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hello lovelies!

Author: angiem, 01 05th, 2011

How I have missed you! It has been a very busy three weeks around here.  I have found two wonderful employees, who are as close to perfect as can be, I have eaten my share of cookies and pastries and cakes and not weighed myself at all, and I have had my fill of winter and am ready for spring.  January is my least favorite month of the year, followed by August. I am ready for vacation and pedicures and open-toed sandals. I have actually painted my toes a color called *naughty red* (it sounds Christmassy, I know, yet, there’s nothing Christmassy about them) and have taken to wearing my flip-flops to work just so I can see them winking up at me.

I am wishing you, my dear friends, a beautiful, blessed 2011.  May all your dreams come true.  Become the best versions of yourselves.  And, if unlike me, you’ve made resolutions, may you keep them. I cannot wait to visit with you! Love and hugs.