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happy list

Author: angiem, 05 30th, 2011

I love lists. Oh yes! I do. Sometimes before I fall asleep, I make lists in my head. Of places I want to visit, things I want to accomplish, books I must read. Sometimes I make boring lists, about retirement and saving money and such. I don’t dwell long on those. And sometimes I make lists about the things I want to possess. Clothing, furniture, homes in 20 different places. But the possessions list is boring as well. Lately I’ve become sort of detached from the idea of excess, although at one time I’d rather have given up my right hand than separate myself from a walk-in closet.

In my current journal I have a few identical lists of my 100 favorite books, people, furniture, and clothes. The week of the rapture that didn’t happen, I dreamt that I was told that I must pack up my car with 100 of my *cannot live without* items and people. So I went to get a UHaul truck and started filling it up. But, for some reason, everything I put inside it ballooned up and there was no room for the people that I loved. Out came all the things I thought I couldn’t live without, and in went all my family and friends.

I love my life. It isn’t perfect, no, but I am content. And although I know it’s so cliche, the things that make me so, aren’t things. Not really. What completes my days, are the smiles of my darlings as they reach for me, all sleepy headed and heavy lidded in the early mornings hours. The chirping of the birds flitting from branch to branch outside my open window, beckoning me to rise from the softness of my bed and make the most out of the hour before everyone else is up; the books waiting to be read, impatiently threatening to spill out of the overflowing bookcases; the smell of coffee and of toast; my stash of emergency dark chocolate, hidden in a secret spot, high up on a shelf; the yellow roses scrambling up my patio’s trellis, competing with the green of the ivy; hubby surprising me with delicious treats when I least expect it; my ever-ready daily uniform of converse, dark jeans and fitted cashmere sweaters; treasured friends (see the photo) who support and encourage and never fail to check up on me whenever I pull a disappearing act; the smiles and the kindness of those who cross my path on a daily basis; and my faith, always present, always a comfort, a steady presence in my life.

I want to absorb all the delicious moments of my every day. Inhale them. Stretch out the minutes to last for hours. Remember them forever and ever, whatever life will bring. I watch the faces of my lovelies, those of my parents, of my siblings, of my friends. I try to etch the twinkle of their eyes into my mind, the wrinkles on their faces, the laugh lines on their cheeks, the perfection of their skin, the sound of their voices and of their laughter. Sometimes I feel desperate that I will forget something important, that a moment of eternity will pass me by and I’ll be looking the other way. So I stare harder and command my mind not to forget.

What about you, friends? What makes you content? What is on your happy list?

The photo above was taken this last Saturday at my friend Melania’s wedding (CONGRATULATIONS!), by my friend Teddy. Actually, it was taken by one of Teddy’s assistants because we wanted Teddy in the photo with us. Teddy is the one next to me in the white blouse and black slacks. She is an awesome photographer. When her website is up I will provide a link. Until then, keep an eye on her everyone!


we have a winner!

Author: angiem, 05 28th, 2011

I know, I know I’m a day or so late. Sorry. But we do have a winner. Without further delay, congratulations to commenter number 25: Joyce! Please email me your mailing address and Hidden in Paris will be on its way to you.


book giveaway!

Author: angiem, 05 22nd, 2011

I first came across Corine’s blog about two years ago. I was smitten from the start with her colorful garden, her fearless decorating style, and her refreshing sense of humor. I remember one night in those early days of having discovered her, when I couldn’t sleep, so I spent about two hours just reading her previous posts, fascinated by this French woman who could say so much and so well, in just a few words.

In the time since, I have discovered that Corine and I have several things in common, besides blogging and telling stories: we both have sisters, we love to eat and are great at it, and we speak English with an accent. When I found out that Corine’s first book came out I immediately bought it, and read it all the day it arrived.

I love the story. It is a perfect read for the summer.  Hidden in Paris, is about three American women in the heart of Paris, each wishing to escape her own problems, living together in a beautiful house, and eating delicious French food. Because Corine is French and has lived in America for quite a long time now, she’s tackled both the French and the American cultures so well. And because I love the story so, I am offering a giveaway of the book. Any comment from now until Wednesday midnight (Pacific Standard Time) will be entered.

Visit Barnes & Nobles online,, and Goodreads, to purchase your own copy of Hidden in Paris.


my world

Author: angiem, 05 18th, 2011

The light is so lovely today, that I’ve been walking around snapping photos with my iPhone. I thought I’d share with you a peek into my world, my home, the things that make me happy. I thought long and hard about this because I value my privacy, and the older I get the more paranoid I become about sharing my space. Above is a photo of my kitchen. I love this room. My dad built those slender armoires behind me, years and years ago, and for the longest time they sat in his garage collecting dust and mice. They’re all cleaned out now and used as storage for my innumerable dishes. I have still to replace all the knobs.

My yard is tiny. It’s mostly a patio with an ivy wall, a trellis, and a few flowers. I don’t have a green thumb, although I wish I did. Bugs and worms and the thought of encountering either, has kept me out of the garden for years, which is really okay because my husband and kids love digging. And I love sitting out there and watching them at work. Or just sitting and enjoying the beauty of nature.

You know, I’ve never had a room of my own. Someplace where I could just go and be. Daydreaming, reading, writing, all those things requiring solitude and quiet, I’ve had to perform while interrupted by the spoken thoughts of others. That must be why I love watching my daughter owning her space. She goes in there and shuts the door, and demands that we all stay out.

Thanks, friends, for visiting my world. I hope your week is sunny and warm. Come back on Sunday as I am going to have a great book giveaway.