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ant thoughts

Author: angiem, 06 22nd, 2011

I’ve been killing ants today. I don’t know where they come from, but there they are, carrying their little germs on a zig-zagged route across my counters. The sight of them alone makes me itch. I did the right thing yesterday and tried to scare them away with ground pepper, but when they were still around this morning, I went in for the kill.

My city’s built on a giant ant hill. That’s what I believe. Sometimes I imagine their kingdom of miles of vast tunnels underground, and the ants, billions and billions of them, going about their business plotting which house to attack next. It used to be that I wouldn’t go to bed until the kitchen was spotless, hoping that the smell of disinfected surfaces and waxed floors would deter the little pests, but it was a battle I was losing, so I gave it up. Besides, it was exhausting.

And my attitude sucked. I was so smug. Acting like a know-it-all, just because my house was organized. I blamed a bunch of people, because it made me feel in control. The reason the ants came back was the lone paper towel someone used to wipe their hands and left on the counter. Wasn’t it? No? Of course not! I know better now.

As you can all probably tell, I have nothing of importance to say. Well. Perhaps next time. But, thanks so much for reading my posts, clueless as they are.



Author: angiem, 06 07th, 2011

There is no point to this post. I feel uninspired and blah. And it’s been longer than a week since I’ve last posted. I guess I must write something or I’ll feel even more uninspired and blah.

Last night I had a crazy dream. My dreams have been getting wackier and wackier the last several nights. Probably due to lack of restful sleep. So anyway, I was at a wedding on a beach and everyone was walking around naked. The bride was looking for the groom and he was somewhere in the basement of this enormous train station. Rats were running all over the place and they were as huge as dogs and the groom was trying to get them all in these cages, but they kept barring their teeth at him and escaping. Then I started singing and my voice was so horrible that it either hypnotized the rats or killed them. All I know is that they toppled over. And everyone (still unclothed) thanked me and threw flowers at me for saving the kingdom. And the bride and the groom got married under this waterfall that just happened to be on this beach, and left for their honeymoon by walking into the ocean and crossing a bridge that materialized out of nowhere but led into Nordstrom’s.

As to what happened yesterday: I went shopping at Nordtrom’s for underwear, wanted to try on bathing suits but couldn’t find one that I liked, spoke with a friend who just got engaged and is planning her wedding, had a chat with another friend who had lived in New York during 9/11, and who still shudders at how monstrous the rats were in the subway, and listened to Adele over and over, and tried to sing along, but my daughter shushed me every time, telling me I was ruining the song.

Well, if at least nothing exciting happens in my daily life, my dreams are full of adventure.