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umm… mr. beckham?

Author: angiem, 08 04th, 2011

I know! I never write about celebrities. That’s mostly because I never think about them. Or see them in real life. But lately I seem to run into them on a regular basis. A couple of weeks ago on a family picnic we sat just feet away from Timothy Hutton. But since he was with his family and we were with ours, we didn’t disturb, not even by staring, which I so badly wanted to, because how else will I not miss details?

And now, David Beckham! There we are walking down the street, and there I am telling my husband about this restaurant atop one of the most chic hotels in the city, insisting that we must go, when my husband rudely interrupts to tell me that the people exiting the hotel are none others than the LA Galaxy players. Before I go on, I must say that my husband plays soccer about 6 times per week, every week, in every kind of weather.

Anyway, my husband’s in heaven! Well, you can just imagine. And he tells me that he wants a picture with David Beckham, and I tell him that David must want his privacy, as I’m sure everywhere he goes everyone wants to take a photo with him. But there’s no dissuading my husband. And all the Galaxy players come out and they are all staring at us because we are rudely staring at them while pretending we are not. And then David Beckham comes out, and my husband calls, “David? A picture?” And David Beckham stops and smiles and says, “Sure.” He was very nice. Posed for one photo with my husband, and then another one because I couldn’t get the light right, and then shook my husband’s hand and disappeared into the van.

Being a celebrity must be a whole lot of work. Always smiling, shaking hands, posing for the camera, giving autographs. Even when one feels all sorts of crappy and not in the mood. And dangerous too. I don’t even want to imagine the weirdos out there. Because I did see a guy with his hand in his back pocket, clutching something, or maybe just scratching, but for one crazy moment I feared he would pull out a gun.

Following is a picture of me. I am only a celebrity to myself, but darn it, it is my blog!