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emergency preparedness

Author: angiem, 01 18th, 2012

I’m anxious by nature. When I read that part of the licensing requirements for my business is having an emergency evacuation plan in order, and emergency supplies for all at the ready, I couldn’t prepare them fast enough. The day after the earthquake in Japan, I went through every single item just to make sure that nothing was missing. And now I have a suitcase under my bed packed with a three day supply of clothing, first aid kit, flashlight, important phone numbers and copies of documents, as well as dried, packaged food. As the seasons change, the clothing changes of course, and the expiration dates on perishables are checked to ascertain that they last another six months.

And then there are the drills. But that’s a whole other post.

So, how about you? How prepared are you for an emergency?

(You all know how much I LOVE making lists. If there is any interest in what to pack and/or how to plan an evacuation, shoot me an email.)