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december days

Author: angiem, 12 26th, 2012

During the chilly days of December, these are a few of our favorite things to do:

Starting the day with a buttery pain au chocolat and a delicious foamy cappuccino.

Baking Christmas cookies.

Decorating the tree with ornaments silly and precious.

Creating art. And posing with it.

Shopping for special gifts.

Wrapping. And more wrapping.

Journaling to the gentle snores of the children.

Writing in my cozy spot.

Reading. Always reading.

Happy end of December. Happy end of 2012. May 2013 be filled with all your dreams come true, dear friends.


a blessed advent

Author: angiem, 12 02nd, 2012

The Advent season has begun, and this is my favorite time of the year.  Our little family of four is big on rituals and festivals. This is a time of cozy fireside chats and rainy day board games, of starry evenings filled with music and lazy days of books, of intimate coffee dates with friends and parties into the wee hours of the morning, of sledding down snowy slopes and the making of homemade apple cider.

But this is also a time when the focus is inward. In the stillness of the house at midday when the children are in school, or in those early hours of the morning, when I’m the only one awake, this is the season when I peer into the deepest, most shadowy corners of my heart.

Wishing you all, my dear friends, a blessed Advent season. A time of joy, a time of peace, a time of love, a time of connecting to your true self, a time of allowing your light to shine into this dark and dreary world, a time for you to become the highest, best possible version of you. Happy Holidays!