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three hours later,

Author: angiem, 08 19th, 2013

The plum dumplings are ready and they are - almost - worth every second of the process. As a child, plum dumplings have been one of those treats that marked the end of summer vacation, and the arrival of the new school year.

School starts in two weeks and I haven’t even gotten to the back to school shopping. Yes. I AM that mom.

The more I think about it, the more envious I become of all the moms whose kids wear uniforms. Or of all the moms who write a check for school supplies and send it along with their kids on the first day of school. And since I’m at it, also of all the moms whose kids are old enough to go shopping on their own.

So what about you? Are you done with all back to school shopping already? Or do you wait until the last possible minute?