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Author: angiem, 09 26th, 2009

not a page out of my journal

not a page out of my journal

Last night I came across a list of things I had written as a sweet, innocent sixteen year old to my future grown-up self.  Some serve as a reminder to have fun and are painfully naive, others are a plea for future enlightenment and I am shocked at my younger self’s subconscious awareness of them. My Tanti Marie had a saying that loosely translated says, the soul always knows what it yearns for.  Was she ever right!

There are about eighty points on there, and to be honest, some are just too embarrassing to share, but a handful of them wouldn’t hurt.  Here it goes and I’ll start with the silly ones first.

1.   Visit the North and South Poles.  This was one of the silliest things on there, and I cannot imagine why I had written it other than that it was obviously summer when I wrote the list, and the A.C. must not have been working.

2.   Take up painting.  I tried that, and while I believed myself to be the next Picasso no else shared in that belief.  Who likes to be unappreciated at one’s art?  Not me.

3.   Take a course in computers.  Huh??  Oh, I see, it was written 21 years ago!

4.   Learn about period furniture.  This is an obvious one since I have loved design as long as I remember, yet sadly I still can’t tell my Louis’ apart.

5.   Learn to tango.  I married a dancer.  Not really, but he’s forever waltzing me around the house, and it does take two to tango.  Enjoying the pun a little too much.  Time to move on.

6.   Explore the coral reefs.  Hello!  I must first learn to swim!

7.   Be less selfish.  I am working on it every day.

8.   Learn to manage my money.  I have had a tendency to live large.  Living within my means is a relatively new implementation in my daily life, which really focuses on what’s important ( traveling, dinners with my family, jeans, books, eclairs, cappuccinos, splurging on a few purses and shoes, throwing a dinner party once in a while), and does away with the unimportant (eating out just because I’m too lazy to cook, trendy clothes that I won’t wear more than a couple of months, a big gas guzzler to just get to work and back, Starbucks - I apologize to all who love it, but in my arrogant opinion Starbucks coffee isn’t real coffee, and unless I have a splitting headache from a lack of caffeine in my system, I will not give in to it).

9.   Take an accounting course.  This would have been a smart choice twenty years ago.  I should have written this in big block letters and taped it to the fridge.

10.  Accept the fact that I am getting older.  WHAT. THE. HECK.

Dawn’s about to break, and the warmth of the bed is calling.  If any of you have written reminders to your future selves I’d LOVE to hear what they were. Have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. Ani Says:

    I don’t keep a journal… But, I do wonder what I would’ve written to myself… hmmm…
    1. Get married before 21 lol (check)
    2. Tour of Europe (been to a few countries so far)
    3. Have 4 children (so far I have 3)
    4. Learn piano (never did… I wish… but my oldest daughter is great)

    Anyways, at least those four things would’ve been on there… Maybe I should start a journal. Angie, you seem to have a list for everything lol… it comes in handy.

  2. Rachel Aron Says:

    Angie, I love this! In high school, we had to write a letter to ourselves for the future and I found it a couple of years ago when I got married and was sorting through the things I was taking with me to my new home! My letter included immature thoughts like: “who do “like” now?”! lol, but there were also some very thoughtful thought like “give mom and dad a huge hug and kiss because of the new car they just got you, remember their kindness and willingness to help always”. I loved this post. Thank you!

  3. Susan Mills Says:

    Sounds to me like you were a very mature 16-year-old. How fun that you found that. You had some great goals for yourself.

  4. Stephanie Faris Says:

    I was just sitting here thinking, I wish I’d written such a letter to myself but then I thought, I could write that letter now…to the really old version of myself 20 years from now!

  5. angiem Says:

    Ani, well you know me. I have to have a list for everything. How else would I get anything done?

    Rachel, well I didn’t list all of my items, but I had some embarrassingly silly ones on there as well.

    Susan, I was mature in some ways, yet in most I was very naive. It is fun reading what I had written in the past, however, I’m also mortified.

    Stephanie, what a great idea!

  6. Susu Paris Chic Says:

    Dear Angie!

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and enchanting me with a comment!

    I looked through many of your posts and what really interested me were the ones on Christianity. I was inspired by what you had written about the strength of Christian women.

    I wish I had written myself a letter at sweet 16. But I didn’t. I know that I wanted to dance, dance and dance so more at that time… and I have… and I still desire to do so.

    Have a blessed Sunday!

  7. Jessica Says:

    LOL! Accept that you’re getting older…talk about a nugget of wisdom!
    What a sweet list! I can’t believe you don’t know how to swim. wow. I hope you do get to see some reefs someday. They’re gorgeous. :-)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  8. Vicki Archer Says:

    How fabulous to find this marvelous letter Angie. Wise words for one so young…..xv

  9. Autumn Says:

    Awwww, this was fun! It is fun to look back on your past writings. Sometimes you are like “omg… what?!!!” and then sometimes you find that your internal thoughts still ring true and you probable should have listened to them back then. Either way, looking back is fun! Btw, when I turned 20, I was sad because I thought that I was old, so I totally understand! :)

  10. audrey Says:

    oh i love the different girls that we are throughout our lives,6, 16, 60… and it seems too we are always that same little girl which is great. so cool you have writings from when you were sweet sixteen. and so sweet that things are working out nicely… wonderful!

  11. angiem Says:

    Thank you Audrey… I’m always a bit humbled by your words. My diaries date back to the age of 10, so I’ve got plenty of material to remind me should I ever forget.

  12. Miss Cavendish Says:

    My ten-year-old daughter wrote one of these over the summer. I forget her list(!) but I tucked it away for her . ..

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