daddy’s precious

Author: angiem, 09 28th, 2009

hubby and daughter

hubby and daughter

My dad had given us an enchanted childhood.  Because he had a sweet tooth and was at heart one of us, he believed in making our birthdays and holidays magical; he was, and still is, a wonderful cook and fantastic storyteller.  Imaginative, playful, a prankster.  Dad was a weaver of words, and those he spun around us at bedtime, until we fell asleep and dreamt of floating castles and impish fairies.  I have very vivid memories of family trips to the sea, the mountains and the countryside, where he took us on walks through fields of blood red poppies or ancient forests, and bought us the sweets we craved without much prodding.

I suppose that’s what attracted me to my hubby right from the beginning.  He had that great sense of adventure, that love of life, that playfulness, and that attentiveness that I’ve associated with great dads.  And he turned out to be just as I thought he would.  He’s patient, kind, gentle, loving.  But most of all, he makes each day magical with his stories, his observations, his ideas, and his creations.  I love that he’s a stickler for rituals and traditions, for family time and family meals, for walks in the woods and on the beach, for building sandcastles and flying kites, for kicking the ball and patiently teaching to kick the ball, for watching birds and watching people, and for believing in the potential in all of us.  Daddies are precious!


13 Responses to “daddy’s precious”

  1. Jena Says:

    Angie those are such sweet words! That photo is too adorable!

  2. Susan Mills Says:

    Daddies are precious, and so is your daughter!

  3. Carmenica Says:

    Wish I had such memories!!

  4. Autumn Says:

    Awwww, this is such a sweet post. Your daughter is so so cute! :o) Also, is there a way to follow or subscribe to your blog?

  5. Stephanie Faris Says:

    Awwww. I had an absentee dad so I know all too well the importance of a good father figure in a child’s life. You’re both very lucky!

  6. audrey Says:

    Angie, your post is incredibly lovely. thanks for sharing such sweet stories of your dad and your husband. it seems you and your grandma both got your wishes about your husband, good looks and kindness;)
    and your daughter is such a cutie.

    have a wonderful week!

  7. Mary-Laure Says:

    What a moving and beautiful tribute. I think a happy childhood is a gift for life, something we cherish for ever and that gives us strength.

  8. Ligia Says:

    Angie, love reading it… you are so lucky and your children too!! enjoy your family… and enjoy your daddy.. and never stop appreciating your hubby…

  9. angiem Says:

    A big thank you to all your sweet compliments. I am lucky and blessed firstly, for my dad and the childhood I had, and secondly, my husband and the childhood he’s giving our children.

    I’m afraid daughter already knows she’s adorable, and hubby is touched by the lovely words.

    Autumn, there is a way somehow, just haven’t figured it out yet. But I will and I’ll let you know. :)

  10. angiem Says:

    Audrey, that is right. Both grandma and I got our wishes.

    Stephanie, I am sorry for that. And thank you.

    Mary-Laure, thank you. It is a gift, indeed.

    Ligia, thank you. I am lucky!

  11. angiem Says:

    Hm, somehow, my replies to my first three comments didn’t go through.

    Thank you Jena. Your compliments are sweet as well.

    Susan, yes daddies sure are, aren’t they? Thank you.

    Carmenica, I am sorry. Still, as far as I can tell, you are giving your children extraordinary memories.

  12. Jessica Says:

    I agree. A good dad is what so many kids are missing. I’m thankful everyday for my hubby too. What a cute pic!

  13. Ruth Says:


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