winter and its guests

Author: angiem, 12 15th, 2008

I love winter.  I love sitting inside with a warm drink in hand, cozying up to my husband on our goose down filled couch, watching the flames dance in the fireplace, the children around us, my son reading to us from one of his books, my daughter wanting my sole attention, while outside the snow falls in huge, fat, barely formed flakes or sheets of rain pound the roof, the wind roars, the windowpanes rattle (and you can bet they do in our 100+ year old house), as nature merciless, yet, at its loveliest, makes itself feared and respected.

As I write this, the wind is howling and knocking on the windows, lifting the snow that had fallen earlier in the day in spirals and clouds and flinging against the panes its grainy flakes.  The house is quiet, everyone, asleep.  I remember the winter our daughter was born, and the snow storm a few days after we brought her home. Our house up on the hill shook and trembled with every gust of air.  I was afraid the windows would pop out of their frames or shatter in thousands of sharp edged pieces, and that night I sandwiched both children between my husband and myself in our big bed, too terrified to fall asleep.  It was our first winter in the house.  The next morning everything outside glittered in dazzling whiteness.  My husband and son couldn’t wait to bundle up and go sledding on the empty lot next to us.  Holding my newborn, I watched from the dining room window, again fearful, but now that my son would break an arm or leg.

Since I’ve started reminiscing, I might as well go on. About twelve years ago we had an ice storm that made average winter tree skeletons into the most breathtaking crystalline sculptures.  The roads were a nightmare of course, and for a couple of days no one I knew attempted to drive anywhere as every street major or minor, was enveloped in ice.  Certainly, we’ve had ice storms like this before or since, but I remember this because it was the winter before I got married, the last winter in my parents’ home.  The electricity went out, and we brought out the candles and the board games and we played into the night with my brothers and other friends who had come in the meantime, joining.

My sister and I had walked to the store earlier this evening because we had craved chocolate.  The store isn’t far, but it was dark and chilly, and as usual I had miscalculated how cold I’d be.  As the wind took our breath away and froze our noses and foreheads we couldn’t talk much, but with the snow crunching underneath the soles of our fleece lined boots we both fondly recalled our ritual yearly sledding on the hilly golf course near our parents’ house.  We had been carefree then, our only worries were how to best enjoy ourselves. Everything was accomplished while laughing until our sides hurt.

Our dad used to pull us after his running figure on a sled down the street every winter of our childhood. He used to like dumping us in snow banks at the edges of driveways and he’d throw snowballs at us, probably having more fun than we did. He sure knew how to pack the snow, and it sure hurt.  But it didn’t really matter because we loved our dad and his playful ways.

Earlier in the day my husband took both kids out, but this time, after my sister assured me that my daughter’s bones aren’t as prone to fracture as I’d worried, I just watched out the window and once more was glad that it is winter and it is snowing and yes, even that the wind is blowing.  They played in the snow, made snowballs, even attempted to make a snowman and came into the house with their cheeks red, their noses runny, and all giggly about how much fun they had.

My wish is for my children to experience winter and all it’s splendors just as I had growing up and as I have now growing older with them by my side.


3 Responses to “winter and its guests”

  1. Irina Says:

    I suggest that you and Cami stop walking through sketchy neighborhoods at night; unless you desperately want George to give you girls a lengthy lecture on safety. His lectures are so long that it would give you something to write about….

  2. angiem Says:

    Irina, you make me laugh!! I’ll definitely take that into consideration next time I have the urge for chocolate and it’s icy outside. :)

  3. Priscilla Says:

    Hahaha Irina your so funny! ! And Angie I know I’ve told you already but I really enjoy your blogs. This one was very enjoyable as well. Keep them coming. :)

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