Author: angiem, 11 27th, 2009

Because I am busy eating away at leftovers and spending time with family, I will not write about any particular subject today, but rather I will introduce you all to a post of one blogger that I admire.

Before I do that, please take a moment and revisit the post titled Violence and Shame.  In the last two hours I have had an interesting comment/question.  I have answered it the best I could, but would welcome all your input.  Thank you!

Also, I am taking this opportunity to announce that I am having the first of my three Christmas giveaways. Any comment on any post past, present or future will be eligible to win.  You have until noon Friday, December 4th to enter. The winner will be announced the following day, Saturday the 5th of December. The winner will have the opportunity to choose from a $25.00 gift card at either Target, Barnes and Nobles, or Toys R Us.  Good luck to you all!

Now… Throughout my year of blogging, I have written bits and pieces about my son.  Needless to say, I have fears about his growing up.  The world is so cruel and he is such an idealistic boy.  As parents we do the best we can to prepare our children for the future. Although, oftentimes we are at a loss what that ‘best’ is or could be.  Maggie May (#mce_temp_url#) has written about this struggle she is going thorough with her 15 year-old son. Please take a moment and visit. If you are a parent, you will understand her despair, and will cry alongside.

Thank you for visiting me!  Have a fabulous weekend!


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  1. Michelle Miller/the true book addict Says:

    Thanks for posting about Maggie, Angie. Her Dakota is a lot like my son Gabe. Gabe is 8 and from what I read, I know he will face the same issues in the future. It’s comforting to know that there are other people out there facing the same struggles.

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  2. Renee Khan Says:

    Raising children isn’t easy, but there are more good people than bad and we can only hope and work at our children adding to the good pile.

    By the way the huntsman does not strike with the axe, the girl in question is Snow White.


  3. Ava Says:

    Sign me up! How was your Thanksgiving? Ok will go check the other post and blogger out. Enjoy your weekend Angie.

  4. Jena Says:

    That poor dear! Raising kids isn’t easy.
    I remember my sleepless nights.

  5. Dawn Says:

    I just wanted to stop by and thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment!

    I’ve read a few of your posts, and I am very impressed with the way you write and express yourself. I’ll be back!

  6. Jessica Says:

    Raising kids is a challenge. I’m going to read that post now… Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Ruth Says:

    Thank you for sharing your friend’s blog. I am not a parent, although I have had to act like one to my siblings! So the post stuck a chord with me, reminding me of my brothers and the ups and downs they had to go through, the world they’ve had to face. All I can offer is, be a friend to your son. Be real, don’t hide the ugly truths of life. Maybe in this way, he will appreciate the good parts and good things, and that way those good things might match his ideals. Without harsh reality, we would not understand good times and good things.

  8. krista Says:

    i look at how maggie deals with dakota and it makes me so thankful we have such strong women around us raising our future men.
    i look at my daughter and know how hard it will be. i cannot even begin to imagine what you ladies have to deal with in raising a young man.

  9. rochambeau Says:

    Hello Angie,
    Since I don’t have children, I will never know exactly what it is like to be a parent. This I do know this……….. human beings are resilient! Parents must always see the best in their children and have faith in God and themselves, that ALL will be right!!!
    Glad you dropped by.
    Hope your night goes well!


  10. laura Says:

    I understand this: eating leftovers and spending time with family…

    :) I’m glad I stopped by. will visit your friend after this. I have one of those: idealistic boys. it’s not so troublesome yet, as he is only ten years old! He’s quite lovable the way he is, though sometimes he gives me pause.

    I do hope your Thanksgiving was sweet!

  11. Pamela Says:

    I have spent some time catching up with your blog…. too much Thanksgiving, too little time to read and write! I hate to read about what you witnessed out your window. Just a slice of the horror that is out there, no doubt. Just this afternoon I was helping place wreaths and garland on the stone sign to our old neighborhood, when a man came down the road and began yelling at me in the most vile language. Seems he did not approve of such foolishness. It made me sad to think of the life he must be living. It also made me good and mad. Life is so often a difficult journey. So much trouble, in the midst of so much beauty. But you are right, we need to do what we can. I have a deep belief that, whilst none of us can “fix” the world, everyone of us has something unique to contribute to help make it better.

  12. Wendy Says:

    Raising kids is so hard. I remember crying because I knew my first son was one day going to go to school, and I’d have to let go of him and send him out there into this ugly, unforgiving world. I think he was 4 days old! It starts up the minute they’re born, and I’m not sure it ever ends.

  13. deb @ talk at the table Says:

    I read the post, and it was so moving.
    There is so much to fear as parents. It seems an unbearable burden to witness their heartaches, their losses, the consequences that follow poor decisions.
    I can only do by best , keep trying to raise that bar, and pray.

  14. Holly L Says:

    I am heading over there! Very interested in checking out what she is going through. I worry so much about my son -he is innocent and idealistic and wonderful, and I am so afraid the world is going to eat him up! (Some of that is just mommy worry I know).

  15. Bridgette Says:

    Making the choice to become a parent is nothing short of a leap of faith. I have second guessed my choice on several ocassions.
    It is much harder than it looks.

  16. Susu Paris Chic Says:

    I’d say that as long as you’re doing your best, and trusting God to help you, things should be looking pretty well for your son. That said, I have to add - I’m not a parent.

    Have a blessed Sunday!

  17. Stephanie Faris Says:

    My hat’s off to any mother. It’s SUCH a tough job.

  18. angiem Says:

    Trust in God an pray are two things I do a lot of.

    Thank you all for reading Maggie’s post and offering words of encouragement to me as a mother fearing the cruelty of the world.

    Pamela, I am shocked at the vileness of people, especially in the elderly, who’ve had so many opportunities to taste the goodness of life, yet choose to remain mired down in an ugliness of their own making.

  19. Maggie May Says:

    Angie thank you…

    Your incredible thirst for the truth- even when it reflects badly on your choices or behavior at any time- is a joyous attribute, one you could be very proud of. Your heart is wild and determined. Bravo!

  20. angiem Says:

    Thank you Maggie. That is perhaps the most beautiful compliment I’ve received.

  21. audrey Says:

    hi Angie, i just came back from reading the post about Dakota. I saw a film this weeknd called ‘the road.’ it was a bleak sad film, but it managed to teach some meaningful messages about love and survival. you know me, i like the cutesy girly stuff… but life is not always so rosey and we have to find ways to deal with it. it gets hard and then the light shines through… and back again…

    the thing i most liked about the film is the father’s attempt to teach the boy to take time to see who were the ‘bad guys’ and who were the ‘good guys.’ it takes time, it’s tricky, and it ain’t easy…

    thanks for keeping us aware…

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