Author: angiem, 11 09th, 2008

Where to begin…  A few months ago while visiting a friend’s blueberry farm on one of those bright summer days when the sun is warm on the back, a slight breeze rustles through the row of trees on the property’s edge, and there’s a heady scent of wisteria and roses in the air, I had an idea of sharing my thoughts with my friends.  My friend advised me to be positive and, knowing me, non-confrontational (but I ask: where’s the fun in that?, and besides, that’s not really me).  Looking through the dozen or so diaries I’ve kept through the years, I cringe at how dishonest my thoughts were to my own self and I am tired of soundlessly swallowing pivotal issues, while I talk away and think away things that are of little consequence.  I don’t hope to offend, but rather to share candidly my ideas and why I believe them, and I really hope to hear from you, my friends, your frank thoughts on the subjects brought forth.


3 Responses to “hello!”

  1. Ruth Says:

    Thank you for sharing your website with me. We’ll have to trade some recipes and book titles!

  2. angiem Says:

    You’re welcome. :) Come again and share some of your favorite books and recipes.

  3. Irina Says:

    Your website is brilliant!

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