sick in bed, yet enjoying myself

Author: angiem, 12 09th, 2009

Apparently I work too many hours, have horrible eating habits (too much chocolate, coffee and pastries), and sleep too little.  For the second time, in as many weeks, I am sick again.  I’ve had the flu shot and the H1N1 shot, to no avail.  I have no idea what exactly is the matter, as I dread going in to see the doctor just to be told to go home and rest.  But my right ear hurts so, I feel like cutting it off, and I who have never smoked, have a smoker’s raspy voice.

It’s been sunny, yet very cold.  At night the wind scratches at the windows and sends the kids to our bed, where they snuggle in wide eyed, clutching at the covers and twining their legs with ours.  And although I am sick and should know better, I love the warmth of their little bodies and let them stay, only to awaken hours later my limbs all numb, hubby gone down the hallway to sleep in the empty room.

My hours awake are spent in bed, looking through my journal for favorite recipes,

pasting cutouts of images from my favorite magazines,

opening my mail (yay, Christmas presents have arrived!),

and reading this lovely book:

Finally, I will be enjoying a bowl of this delicious stew prepared by my darling hubby, with a chunk of crunchy French bread, at the kitchen table surrounded by the dear faces of my family.  I adore the primitive taste of bone marrow.  There’s something so satisfying in it’s goodness.

And then off to bed for sleep and another day of the same, until I feel better.  Stay safe and healthy!


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  1. Jessica Says:

    I hope you feel better. :-( Sweet of your hubby to make some stew!

  2. deb @ talk at the table Says:

    Be better soon. And your remedies sound perfect. And inviting. And perhaps I’m feeling a little peckish now that I think of it :).

  3. Bebe Says:

    Your hubby’s a keeper! How sweet is that?

  4. Jena Says:

    There’s bronchitis and strep throat out there. Hope you have neither of them. Get well soon. Sweet husband!

  5. Pamela Says:

    You made us blush, Angie. Thank you for your sweet words.

    I’m so sorry to visit and find you ill! Sleep, sleep, sleep! My recipe for a cure!! And maybe an old Cary Grant movie and a cup of really hot tea!! Feel better!

  6. materfamilias Says:

    Sounds as if we’re suffering from something similar — and I’m equally loath to visit the doctor, especially since it feels like so much work to go out in the cold. Hope you can manage to keep getting enough rest and that you’re feeling better soon.

  7. Lydia, Clueless Crafter Says:

    Ange, without being weird, can I crawl into bed with you?! It sounds like you are in heaven! I do hope that soup with primitive bone marrow (I love bone marrow and have found a restaurant near my home that serves it with toast and preserves!) enlivens your ailing limbs.

  8. French Fancy Says:

    what a shame you feel so rubbish but it sounds like you are coping well. That soupy stew looked yummy. Hope you are back up and at ‘em soon.

  9. Deb Says:

    Get well soon! Sounds like you have some lovely ones and lovely things to help ease you through.

  10. Sophia Says:

    I’ve got the same problem at the moment. Work is so stressful that I have gone back to relying on stodge and chocolate to get through the day. Of course I’ve come down with a nasty cold. The new year will be different! I swear!

    Hope you feel better soon.

  11. Wendy Says:

    I used to cut out images from magazines and paste them in a journal. I’d forgotten all about that until you mentioned it! I think I have a hobby to rediscover this holiday season!!
    Get well soon!

  12. Stephanie Faris Says:

    Awww, how sweet of your hubby. Hope you feel better soon!

  13. Karen@SurvivingMotherhood Says:

    I am so with you on the doctor thing. Hate going and spending the money just to have ‘em say, “Go home and rest.” Would much rather give myself the same prescription for FREE.
    That said, enjoy the soup and rest, the recipes and pictures. Doctor’s orders! *grin*

  14. TERI REES WANG Says:

    These are my tricks:

    1) Wellness shot: a shot glass of fresh squeezed lemon, fresh grated ginger, and fresh grated garlic. Down it fast and chase it with warm water. If you’re a chicken leave the garlic out, and add honey, and drink it as a tea.

    2)No dairy, no Orange juice.
    They create mucus.

    3)No sugar, it lowers the immune system, and builds bacteria.

    4) a coin size pool of olive oil, a drop of tea tree or eucalyptus essential oil.
    Dip a Q-tip in and drop it inside your ear.

    5) Tea: A blend of Pau d’Arco, Yerba Mate, and cloves. It will replace your coffee and take away infection.

    6) Neti Pot: Salt water nose flush.

    7) No meat. It builds acid in the blood system, when we need to balance it out to be equal alkaline.
    Fish and fowl are fine.

    Kill it with a skillet!
    Be well.

  15. Laura [What I Like] Says:

    Oh you poor thing! Sounds miserable, I’m sure that stew will cure you immediately though…bone marrow always does the trick, no? If that doesn’t work, I swear by a little lemon juice, honey and cayenne pepper in hot water. If not curative it is at least a momentary relief.

  16. Vanessa Says:

    Feel better soon! I love the warmth of my little ones when they crawl into bed with me too. So snuggly and warm.

  17. Autumn Says:

    Awww, Angie! I am so so sorry that you are sick and I will pray that you feel better soon!!! Try and get some sleep and perhaps only one cup of coffee a day until you feel better. I would say lay off of the sugar, but I will only tell you to do things that I do myself. lol. Feel better soon dear!!! :)

  18. Bridgette Says:

    Oh no! I’m so sorry you aren’t feeling well. My husband has also been sick, and after both shots. I have been making him lots of soup and tea, making sure he stays hydrated.
    Tell me if you like the book, I’m looking for something to read once the holidays are over.

  19. Diane Says:

    HOpefully, not a sinus/ear infection. Glad the homemade soup is hitting the spot! :O)

  20. Ligia Says:

    take care Angie, it sounds so delicious… hubby is so sweet… I also have lots of coffee and pastries… (and lately chocolate too…)
    take care, rest, enjoy the pampering of your family…

  21. Laura Says:

    Teri above had the right advice. Add some vitamin C into the mix as well.

    On the plus side I have this vision of your voice sounding sexy and raspy like the late night women DJ’s. Then again maybe I’m just trying to glamorize being sick.

  22. Martinis or Diaper Genies? Says:

    ooh you’re one of those pretty journalers I’m so jealous of.

  23. Renee Khan Says:

    Funny I’m drooling over the soup, yet that bone makes me want to puke.


  24. Jill Kemerer Says:

    Oh, I hope you feel better! Have you checked out the blog, LaDolceVita? It’s awesome and I know you’d love it! Here’s the URL:


  25. Holly L Says:

    Hope you feel better soon. What a nice hubby you have. Those books look amazing! I must go check out Pamela and Edward too.

  26. Ruth Says:

    This post is so lovely, I forgot to post my get well comment to you, but it looks like you’ve pulled through! “The Help” is on my list to read, too! Let me know what you think of it. I will visit the P&E blog, too.

  27. krista Says:

    ahhhh….bone marrow. my man recently made a super rich marinara sauce that he cooked for almost two days with beef bones and then he sucked out the bone marrow before disposing of the bones. kind of freaked me out but i think you would understand. :-)
    boo on sick but i have a secret for you:
    there is no such thing as too much coffee, chocolate and pastries.
    just sayin…

  28. audrey Says:

    oh Angie, i’m so happy that you are feeling better and better.

    the picture you painted of your doings and your family doings while you were getting better is simply cosy and sweet. so wonderful to be in such good company and love while on the mend.

    be warm these cold days… cold on this side too. i was going to go out to yoga class, but think i’ll stay in with cookies and tea.

    sending warm hugs!

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