perky boobies

Author: angiem, 12 18th, 2009

perky boobies

perky boobies

One of my daily indulgences is stopping by my favorite blogs while the morning is still in its infancy and my little angels sound asleep.  I have all my favorite sites bookmarked, and am so thrilled when I notice that there is a new posting.  After our conversations I leave feeling amazed, happy, a bit more cultured, and a better woman.  Or more correctly, a woman better equipped to take care of her house, her kids, her hubby, herself, and her job.

I first came across Lisa Borgnes Giramonti’s blog in the spring of this year, and immediately felt a connection. It could be perhaps that we both share some of that European sentimentality and affinity to tradition, or perhaps because she is so naturally chic and stylish and my little self wants to be just like her.  Whichever it is, I am glad and will not question it. After all, I benefit from her natural graciousness and elegance on a daily basis, and often find myself wondering just how she would approach a certain design dilemma or dinner seating issue.

She is the ultimate designer, hostess, writer, and artist. I mean really, how many of you like to spend your time embroidering? I certainly didn’t until I saw Lisa’s work, and fell under the spell of this form of documenting the passage of time. She made this long-lost art, chic again. Check these three posts out: this: and this: I absolutely adore them, and her, and I don’t know how she manages to make something so time consuming seem so pleasant.

And… Lisa has given me permission to say that something MAJOR is in the works with her embroidery, which thrills me because I can boast that I knew her way before she was a world famous billionaire artist.  So leave me a comment and then head on over and check out her site.  You’ll love it!


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  1. French Fancy Says:

    Isn’t Lisa’s site amazing. I first found her because one of my favourite bloggers A Social Dilettante told me about her - he is worth checking out as well incidentally.

    As for this embroidered sampler, Angie - didn’t she do an amazing job? Not only the craftsmanship (craftwomanship) but the message.


  2. Ava Says:

    Thanks for sharing Angie. I will go and check out her site. I am a knitter. I find it so relaxing.

  3. Laura [What I Like] Says:

    Angie I couldn’t agree more…in fact, I think I may have found your blog through hers! Lisa does bring a bit of glamor to the everyday, doesn’t she? And I agree, I had never considered embroidery before but now am a tad intrigued by the idea…

  4. Deb Says:

    Love the embroidery piece. Nice to see that it is still a practiced art!

  5. Susan R. Mills Says:

    Oh, I’ll have to go pay her a visit. Thanks for the link.

  6. Renee Khan Says:

    I have no perky boobies, not a one.


  7. audrey Says:

    i know very little about embroidery, but when i see it, the detail, the beauty, the sentiment stops me in my tracks… it’s so pretty.

  8. Karen@SurvivingMotherhood Says:

    Perky boobies?
    Not after nursing three babies!
    Thanks for the laugh. *grin*
    I’m going to say Hello to Lisa now!

  9. Sandra Says:

    Oh well. There is something else I will have to lay down. Will never have those … not after having fed ten kids over twenty years!!!

    Just have to have something else going for me.

  10. Jena Says:

    LOL Angie!!! That’s an awesome embroidery piece. I’ll go check Lisa out!

  11. Ruth Says:

    That is one witty piece. I found her blog from your site, and enjoy reading it, too. (I haven’t been able to keep mine up…too many distractions and long work hours just drain my ability to come up with something worth posting, but I will work on it….New Year Resolution!)

  12. pamela Says:

    I discovered her when she was on a trip to London. I was entranced and she is now one of my favourite stops as well!

  13. Bridgette Says:

    So funny, and her work is amazing!

  14. deb @ talk at the table Says:

    I went to have a look, Angie, thank you. Unbelievable site .
    Trying to catch up after a quick trip to Montreal .

  15. angiem Says:

    Thank you Julie. I will go and check his site out. I LOVE the message. There’s so much more to womanhood than the shape of our breasts!

    Ava, I am horrible at most home arts, but tremendously admire them all.

    Laura, that is so true! That is how you found me. You however, are as glamorous, but just don’t know it.

    Isn’t it just, Deb? I so want to be good at either knitting or embroidery.

    You’ll love her site, Susan.

  16. angiem Says:

    Oh Renee… I know. And I’m so sorry…

    I agree Audrey. It’s so delicate and detailed. We should learn it together, you and I.

    Karen, anytime!

    Sandra, thanks for visiting. Wow! Did you say ten? God bless you and your sweet children abundantly!

  17. angiem Says:

    Jena, yes the phrase brings out the giggles. I love it though! Go check her out. I know you and I know you’ll love her site.

    Ruth, after the holidays life will slow down and you’ll get back to it. I know you will.

    Pamela, I’ve so enjoyed your last post. Your home is magical!!!

    Bridgette, yes it sure is both funny and amazing. Love your days of Christmas series.

    Deb @Talk at the Table, I saw that! I’m so glad you had a beautiful time there. I look forward to your Advent series, Deb. They bring me closer to heaven.

  18. debbie Says:

    I love a recommendation for a great, new blog! I will check it out.

  19. laura Says:

    I love it! Will have to check this lady out! And, BTW, just copied your list of favorite Christmas reads to peruse later. I never can pass over a book list!

    Merry, merry!

  20. Jennifer Says:

    Wow - she does amazing work. I am not surprised that something big is coming up for her: she’s talented. (And that was a very attention-getting post heading, too! ;) )

  21. rochambeau Says:

    Thank you for the introduction to a Borgnes Giramonti! Looking forward to visiting her world now, Angie!!
    You are a positive person ! It makes me happy to visit YOU!


  22. Lisa Borgnes Giramonti Says:

    Angie, I’m reading this from London and I am so flattered…thank you for such a lovely post! Your readers are quite something, too…I am ready to brave the chill winds of Hyde Park with a new warmth in my heart and skip in my step, thanks to you all. xxx

  23. Make Do Style Says:

    Nice info about another blog.
    I’ve pulled together an outfit for you which will be posted on Tuesday x

  24. Kary Gonyer Says:

    Angie..I loved this..I’ll go check her out..I know what you mean about this blogworld…it has opened my world into ways I never would have imagined….one of the things I want to do in the new year is learn to knit a sweater….

    Have enjoyed getting to know you this year and looking forward to more in the coming year…

    Wishing you a peaceful Christmas…

    Be Well, Friend

    Kary and Buddy

  25. Corinne Says:

    I love that little diddy! Though perky mine are far from anymore…
    Thank you for sharing, I can’t wait to head over and check out your friend!

  26. Mary-Laure Says:

    Oh I need to check it out, it sounds like fun!

    Check out the pics of my sister’s wedding in Paris, I just posted them on my blog…

  27. Holly L Says:

    If you love her, I will have to check her out.

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