upon a christmas morn

Author: angiem, 12 26th, 2009

early christmas morn

early christmas morn

I apologize for the poor quality of the photo.  It was taken with my iPhone rather than with a good quality camera, because a good quality camera does not offer the convenience of an iPhone.  Or fit in my back pocket.  And also, since it was around 3:00am on Christmas morn, it’s probably a good thing that it isn’t too clear.

Christmas Eve day dawned foggy and cold.  I awoke before the darkness lifted though, as I was in charge of the family lunch and the house was a mess from the previous day’s baking with my mom, sister, and husband.  The kitchen was a nightmare, with pans piled on every surface!

I cooked and cleaned and washed and laundered and set the table, and before long everyone arrived, laden with goodies.  We sat and ate and talked and laughed and ate and drank some more.  The lunch stretched into the dinner hour.  Noticing the lateness and marveling at how quickly time passes, we put a stop to all the fun and festivities and prepared ourselves for church. On Christmas Eve we always go to church.

And, oh how beautiful it was!  The brass band blew away on their trombones, their tubas and their horns.  The one hundred person choir performed O Holy Night and Handel’s Messiah, and it truly felt as though the angels of heaven descended on earth with their tidings of great joy.  My spine was tingling and my hair stood on end, from the beauty of it all.

After church we hurried home and changed into comfortable clothing.  It was time to make our rounds to the Christmas Eve parties already in session.  We didn’t linger long for we wanted to be at the party where traditional carols and carolers would be.  And so we went to my friend’s beautiful estate high up in the wooded hills.  The food was amazing and in abundance.  The company awesome!  Even Santa paid a visit, handing out bonbons to the wide-eyed children.  There we stayed caroling and listening to visiting carolers, eating, socializing, and telling stories until 4:30 Christmas morning.

The kids who had been playing with the other 20 or so children, fell asleep the moment we put them in the car.  And we did too, just as soon as we brushed our teeth and tumbled in bed, 15 minutes later.

my darling babies on Christmas Day

my darling babies on Christmas Day

Christmas Day was quiet.  We got up around noon, opened our presents, and had our breakfast.  We read, watched movies and took long naps.  The skies were beautiful and blue, sunshine streaming brightly, but we just ventured out for a little bit as the wind was quick and sharp.  At night we read in front of the fire and fell asleep in a pile on the bed, the kids tucked in between us.

And so today, this second day of Christmas we celebrated some more, and tomorrow and the next we will too.  The presents that most children would receive on just one day are spread out until the twelfth night (January 5th), the eve of Epiphany.  On the 6th, on that Three King’s Day, we will have a special cake, wearing silver and gold (foil) crowns, searching in the richness of the cake for the King’s ring.

Then the season will conclude.  Our hearts will be lighter, our spirits richer, our bodies probably fatter.  But who cares?  Lent isn’t too far off.


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  1. Jennifer Says:

    What a lovely Christmas!

    When I was about eleven, my mother took me to a midnight Mass on Christmas Eve. We weren’t religious (though she was raised as a Methodist and Episcopalian, and now has some regrets about raising me without religion; I think I turned out ok), but that Mass and the ritual and tradition of it all made an impression upon me.

    I loved reading about your holiday.

  2. Julie Says:

    Merry Christmas Dear Angie
    Sounds like it was perfect. The smile on the faces of those beautiful children says it all… Perfect Christmas morning photo..

    Take care and enjoy the holidays.. xx Juie

  3. Renee Khan Says:

    Angie I could read you all day long.

    This is as if it was my Christmas except other people’s houses is just our house.

    Beautiful and the kids are gorgeous.

    Love Renee xoxoo

  4. krista Says:

    this year i did some research on the ‘twelve days of christmas’ and learned the real meaning behind it. i love that you celebrate the meaning behind traditions and do so with such respect and honesty.
    (and, um, iphone? i swoon.)
    (p.s. thank you so much for your kind words. you are such an inspiration. speaking of…would you be interested in doing a guest post on my blog regarding ‘what inspires you?’…i can’t believe i didn’t ask you before. i surely meant to. you can email me at krista(dot)knott(at)gmail(dot)com.)

  5. Bebe Says:

    I never knew when the 12 days of Christmas were supposed to be. It sounds like you had an amazing time Angie. Merry Christmas!

  6. pamela Says:

    I adore those smiles on your children’s sweet faces. The smiles of Christmas morning.

    I love that your celebration continues till epiphany. Ours does as well. The Twelve Days are so lovely!

  7. Diana Says:

    You are truly amazing! I love the way your words come to life! May God continue to bless you and use you to inspire those around you with your words of wisdom. Miss you and you need to write a book,,,,if you didn’t already write one? God bless…

  8. Make Do Style Says:

    Sounds and looks wonderful. Yes bring on Lent (for the sake of one’s hips!).

    Make sure you get a good photo of you at your sister’s wedding in January. Have a prosperous New Year

  9. French Fancy Says:

    Oh Angie - this post really made it easy to visualise you all. It seems from the outside looking in that your life is truly perfect - but lately you have let on that all is not what it seems.

    I hope 2010 sees a coming together of what you would like to happen with what will actually be

    In the meantime I love that we have connected on here


  10. rochambeau Says:

    Hi Angie,
    Your children and family are such a beautiful gift! Your Christmas sounded wonderful. What a blessing!

    Happy joy in your heart!

  11. Bunny Says:

    Sounds like a joyous Christmas spent with family and friends. I enjoyed reading about your celebrations and family, very lovely!

  12. Ani Says:

    What a wonderful piece. May the birth of Jesus Christ bring peace and joy in every home.

    Christmas Eve is my favorite night of the year! I love having all the carolers over and staying up all night with the children and our friends! :-)

  13. Jena Says:

    Hi Angie. What a blessing your beautiful family is! Merry Christmas! Enjoy the remaining days of celebration.

  14. Ava Says:

    Merry Christmas dearest Angie! Apparently you had an amazing time!!! Wish I was THERE!!

  15. angiem Says:

    Thank you, Jennifer. I enjoy traditions and rituals, but refuse to be bogged down by religion.

    Thank you, Julie. I shall enjoy the holidays.

    Renee, you were on my mind throughout the night.

    Krista, I enjoy celebrating the reason behind the traditions. It makes the holidays more meaningful. Also love the fact that the entitlement mentality is absent. Regarding the guest blog, I would love to!

  16. angiem Says:

    Bebe, thanks. And Merry Christmas to you as well.

    Pamela, so true! The twelve days are very lovely.

    Diana, thank you! Miss you too! Why did you have to move so far?

    Kate, thanks! Although I am indulging, it is only on a small scale. I do have to fit in the dress. Which I should be receiving within the next few days. Hopefully, no alterations would be needed. The wedding is in less than two weeks!

  17. angiem Says:

    Thank you, Julie. I love that we have connected on here as well. A perfect life is really an illusion.

    Constance, thanks! I love my kids! I believe that they are the most amazingly beautiful creatures on the planet, and I can’t believe God entrusted them to me.

    Bunny, thank you! A lovely time was had by all.

    Ani, you are amazing! The night was perfect!! Thank you for having us and our little darlings over to celebrate the Savior’s birth with you.

    Thank you, Jena. I will enjoy the remaining days.

    Ava, you are always welcome!

  18. Kristin Says:

    Sounds like a beautiful holiday! I had no idea how amazing it was going to be to play Santa. The hubs and I had a hard time going to sleep. We couldn’t wait for the dude to get up and see his toys!

  19. deb @ talk at the table Says:

    Angie, I loved this ! And I’m jealous of your Christmas Eve. Our church service was kind of lame and we had to sit out in the hall near the doors that kept opening as people continued to come and go.
    But I still wouldn’t trade any of it . Because we are all so very healthy , happy, and blessed beyond measure. There was such a sense of peace that is usually missing.
    I wish it for you as you continue to celebrate with your beautiful family.
    I am so thrilled to be sharing these little bits of our worlds together.
    Please keep blessing us with your incredible heart!
    I hope I get a minute to gather my thoughts and write a post. I’m mostly in serve mode ( husband is away with one daughter for a soccer tourny in Florida). Off to drive someone….
    love , deb

  20. miss cavendish Says:

    I’m so impressed that you and yours had an almost-all-night Christmas party! Sounds like you had a lovely evening and following day. Happy Christmas to you and yours!

  21. audrey Says:

    oh your Christmas indeed was beautiful! i’m so glad you had a nice time. you know what? i can see so much how your own children will one day be telling wonderful stories about their wonderful Christmas’. i can see it, sweet!

  22. Susu Paris chic Says:

    How precious to get to read about your Christmas! I really like the idea of speading the fun and thus giving gifts to kids little by little.

    The Kings’ Cake is in your family then too. Here in France they do it. I didn’t know anything about that tradition before moving here. My husband loves that treat. Every year he’ll have almost as many as he has fingers.

    My Christmas was much like yours. Spending time with friends and family. Loading emotional batteries for the challenges to come. Now I’m back home in Paris and after yesterday’s (arrival day’s) traditional “lil’ blues” - due to sudden change of countries and saying so many good-byes - I feel well and planted again. Home sweet home. Now here in Paris. Thanking God for this very moment. Just here. Feeling thankful. Loving the idea of having met wonderful new friends this by-gone year - like you dear and wise Angie!

  23. Ruth Says:

    Angie, glad to hear that you and yours had a lovely Christmas! We did, too…the “Hershey” kids finally made it…their flight was canceled on Saturday but they arrived on Wednesday. At Thursday, we all met at my Grandma’s and had lots of food and good conversation. Normally we go to church, too, but with all the chaos this year and everyone staying late we decided not to and to enjoy our company together. Anyway, wish you a Happy New Year!

  24. Holly L Says:

    Merry Christmas (a little late!). Your holiday sounds wonderful and amazing. Carolers and Santa stories…how fantastic! I actually like your iphone photo - just says it is art! Happy Holidays Angie! And your kiddos are too cute!

  25. Autumn Says:

    Awww, Angie so glad that you had a lovely Christmas!!! The photo of the children is lovely - they are just too cute!

    I got your question on my blog. I spent Christmas in my hometown about 45 minutes from where I live now. My Grandmother was in town as well as my aunts and uncles. It was good to get home and see everyone and I am always so happy to see my Grandmother because we are very close and I do not get to see her that often. Sometimes it is just the once a year… so it is always fun to get together!!! I will let you know when I get your card and Thank You again!!!! :)

  26. jeannette stgermain Says:

    Your children have angel faces:) -so cute! You must have a lot of energy blogging while having 2 children!
    The Christmas tree in the pic is beautiful, and must be very tall.
    The way you talk about people Angie, you would be a good therapist - every had interest in that direction?

  27. Lydia, Clueless Crafter Says:

    I was wondering what an Angie Christmas would be. I love that it ends with a sleepfest on a heap of blankets with children snuggled about.

    I’m particularly in awe with your wild night. 3 am, eh? Night owls you all are!

  28. Vanessa Says:

    I love your Christmas traditions! Thank you for sharing them! (Do you need another sister? :)

  29. angiem Says:

    Vanessa, I love sisters! And I always need and want more. And sisters-in -law!! By the way, I do need another one of those too.

  30. angiem Says:

    Lydia, well what can I say? It’s a tradition. If we were to give it up, we’d be depressed forever! We love our family and we love our friends. And it’s so great being able to enjoy both.

    Jeannette, thank you! Hmm, I don’t know. I’m not good at giving personal advice.

    Autumn, thank you! And let me know. I am getting worried as my husband plainly mailed it without getting a tracking number thing on it.

  31. angiem Says:

    Kristin, you are hilarious! Your little guy is one lucky boy to have such good parents!

    Deb, I love reading you and have missed your posts these few last days. Kept checking and checking…

    Thanks Miss C.!! It was tremendous fun!

    Audrey, yes they will. They love Christmas and our yearly traditions.

    Susu, thank you. Leaving the comfort of family is never easy. But gorgeous Paris awaits with its beautiful buildings, fashions and delicious foods. What a blessing you’ve been given!

    Ruth, I saw your pics!! I can’t believe how the years have changed everyone. Gone are the babies and kiddos! Replaced by beautiful young men and young women.

    Thank you Holly! Art it is!

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