the other purpose of flour

Author: angiem, 02 08th, 2010

this is a photo of the stuff I don't want ruined. the priceless artwork is made by my son.

priceless art created by son

The microwave caught on fire soon after dinner.  My son placed two sugar cookies on a napkin and set the heat on for 45 seconds.  I heard him yell fire, fire, fire and I looked up from my book to see grey smoke fill the kitchen.  The fire extinguisher was down the hall, but the flour container was handy. I opened it and threw it all over the microwave, causing even more dark smoke.  Somehow I yanked the cord out of the outlet, picked up the microwave and ran with it outside.  I was afraid it would explode and kill us all, or at least ruin my furniture and books.

I took it to the curb, thinking that in the morning I would call the appliance recycling people to come and pick it up.  Yet when I checked a while back, it was gone.  Who would want a flour drenched and smoke smelling microwave?  Whoever it was, I hope they don’t bring it back.  My son was worried they might come and throw it through the window in protest that it doesn’t work. He’s got me worrying now, although I didn’t sell it, nor did I claim it reliable.

Well that’s about all the excitement that occurred this Monday.  I’ve been really wanting to stop using a microwave.  This could be a blessing in disguise.


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  1. Mwa Says:

    What a bizarre and surreal story!

  2. French Fancy Says:

    Wow, what a lovely unit and mirror - and art by son. In fact the whole look is excellent.

    Oh yes - your microwave…why did you want to stop using it? I must say I hardly use ours. I put the bichons’ home-cooked food from the fridge in it , just to get it less than cold; apart from that I am not really sure what else we use it for.


  3. French Fancy Says:

    I should of course have mentioned ‘the incident’. I’m impressed with your presence of mind to actually get the machine outside. How daft that someone took it though.

  4. Francesca Says:

    That is some freakish and scary accident! My husband always tells me that salt has uses beyond the ordinary culinary ones, and it can even extinguish a small fire. He remembers this from his summers as a pioneer boy somewhere in the wilderness near the Canadian border. Now that I know that fires can indeed start in the kitchen, I’ll keep my salt handy!
    PS Hope you never see that microwave again:)

  5. Mary Moon Says:

    Beautiful living room.
    Next time- baking soda for flames.
    But it sounds as if you did a fine job with the flour.

  6. Jessica Says:

    Wow, I’m glad you all are okay! People love free stuff. *grin*

  7. Michelle @ The True Book Addict Says:

    Two cookies at 45 seconds and it caught on fire?! That’s weird. My sons once burned a piece of pizza in the micro to the point of flames. They were pretty young and we were asleep. They got up before us and were up to no good, as usual. Luckily, our microwave was still usable. But the smoke in the house was awful.

    I’ll have to remember the flour thing if I ever have a kitchen fire!

  8. She Writes Says:

    Well, that is one way to stop using the microwave!
    Your place is beautiful!

  9. Deb Says:

    That was quick thinking! And it must have been a terrifiying run to the curb if you were afraid it might blow up!

    Last time we moved we left a working microwave behind. I don’t miss it and now I don’t have to worry about using one.

  10. deb @ talk at the table Says:

    Are you still a little shaken up? Because I don’t want to snicker over the image of you running to sidewalk with the microwave if it’s still a little close to the trauma.

    I do think microwaves are overrated, they are good for popcorn, and reheating .

    Love your wall unit and all of the decor is so stunning, including the artwork by your son. How wonderful that have it displayed like that.

  11. Cindy La Ferle Says:

    Holy smoke! What a way to start the week, Angie! I am glad everyone was safe. It’s amazing, yes, what people will take from the curb! All that aside, the photo of your living room is gorgeous. What a beautiful home you have — and I am glad you didn’t burn it down :-)

  12. Ava Says:

    Omgoodness! I had the toaster catch om fire once. Learned to unplug it every time after I use it. You have such a peaceful and beautiful living room. How do you keep it so clean?

  13. krista Says:

    oh, man, i love my microwave. i think it comes from working in restaurants for so many years.
    the quickest way to melt butter or chocolate, the fastest way to defrost something (if it has a defrost setting, of course.)
    i would say the microwave and the toaster oven get the most use.
    we cook so much in the toaster oven…it’s faster and doesn’t heat up the house in the summer.

  14. Holly L Says:

    That is quite a Monday! Bummer on the microwave…BUT very glad no one got hurt. Our microwave “died” after a power outage and although we have bought a new one…I really do not like the microwave!

    Maybe these are the same people who took my burnt out toaster oven!

  15. Make Do Style Says:

    I did that with a jacket potato! I would have thrown flour had I known xx

  16. TERI REES WANG Says:

    How very exciting!

    Microwaves can be scary.

    The one thing they are good for is heating up left overs. They kill any parasites that have begun to make a little home. So that’s good.

    Baked goods if you must: 15 sec-max.
    Softening a stick of butter with out melting it internally: level 3/30 sec.
    A cup of coffee/water/tea: 40 sec-max.
    Killing parasites: 1 minute and priceless.

  17. Phoenix Says:

    Yikes - I laughed out loud at this but was quickly sobered by how much this could have gotten out of hand. Good to know that flour can put out fires - I had no idea.

    I live and die by my microwave, so I’m curious as to how you plan on existing without one?

  18. Beth Says:

    Boys and kitchen disasters - if one could only anticipate their logic & issue warnings. My eldest once boiled milk in the kettle – a faster way to make hot chocolate! Burnt milk, ruined kettle…
    Glad your fire disaster didn’t spread.

  19. Jeanne Says:

    Well, that solves that problem! So glad to hear that your son is ok and Mom made it thru the excitement in one piece. Quick thinking on Mom’s part…what else would you expect for us superwomen? your sons artwork…perfect location :) Jeanne

  20. Se'lah Says:

    i don’t like microwaves…they can be so misleadingly dangerous. glad everyone is ok. i’d panic.

    your space is so serene…love children’s art.

  21. Annie Says:

    Definitely a blessing in disquise. Microwaves are the work of the devil :) - ok, maybe not, but something that genetically alters the molecular level of food CANNOT be good. Thank the cookies!

    Smiles - Annie

  22. Karen@SurvivingMotherhood Says:

    Oh, Angie, now how are you going to make microwave popcorn??? I don’t think I could survive without it. LOL!
    Seriously, I am glad you’re all OK. And I think it’s kinda funny that your son thinks the new owners might return their stash. Now, THAT would be rude!

  23. angiem Says:

    Mwa - It was instinct that took over.

    Thank you, Julie (French Fancy). We use it to warm up things too, mainly cookies and milk.

    Francesca - Indeed! I had no idea of the uses of salt. Good thing there’s always plenty of that in my kitchen too. And no one has returned it. Hurray!

    Ms. Moon - Thank you about the baking soda tip. I have to add it to my supplies and get them right next to my cooking appliances.

    Jessica - Yes, people do! :)

    Michelle - I think it was the paper in there that overheated.

    Amy - It certainly is! Thank you.

    Deb - I overly dramatize things. I have nightmares of fires, so when I see them in real life, I do whatever I can to get them away from my person, my kids, or my belongings.

    Thank you, Deb @Talk at the Table. Snicker away. The trauma was short lived. Now I’m just hoping the neighbors weren’t looking out their windows.

  24. Diane Says:

    And I thought flour was for making pies…..

    Actually, the same exact thing happened to my sister and she used the flour too and it stopped the flames. :O)

  25. existentialwaitress Says:

    Thanks for visting my blog - I’m so glad you did b/c now I’ve discovered your’s and I love it!

  26. Susu Paris Chic Says:

    Here in Paris they’d say “que d’aventures”… purely adventurous!

    I wanted to thank you for your last comment on my blog about personal style. It really was interesting to read. As have been all the comments that the post has inspired so far. I love pondering all kinds of societal issues… big and small.

    Have a sweet day!

  27. Bunny Says:

    Angie, Your sons art, the fireplace mantel, the spectacular mirror, bookshelves, gorgeous I just keep staring, hope you don’t mind :)
    I’m glad you are all OK, I’m not too fond of microwaves either, but do use it on occasion. Who took your microwave??!!..and WHY!?
    I had no idea about using flour, great tip.

  28. angiem Says:

    Thank you, Cindy. I too am glad nothing burned down. As if Mondays aren’t crazy enough as it is!

    Ava - A toaster? I read something in the Martha Stewart magazine once about toasters catching on fire. As far as cleaning, I never let it get too messy. A little each day does the trick.

    Krista - I don’t blame you. It is a very convenient appliance.

    Holly - They very well could be the same people. :)

    Make Do Style - From now on have your flower handy.

    Teri - I’ll say! Thanks for the chart on re-heating.

    Tracy (Phoenix)- We’ll see. Probably prepare more fresh food.

    Beth - Oh dear. We want them to become independent in the kitchen, don’t we?

    Jeanne - Thank you. I have no idea how I got it out so quickly.

    Se’lah - Thank you. I never imagined that happening with one.

  29. claire Says:

    Hi Angie! Thanks for visiting my blog & linking me to your lovely blog :) I really love how you displayed your son’s artwork & glad that after the microwave mishap, everything’s okay. Take care!

  30. rick Says:

    Ang- the best way to get rid of something is to put it outside with a sign saying for sale. They’ll grab and run everytime. Are sugar cookies supposed to be flammable? Can see Bin Laden now looking online for your recipe. No more sugar cookies on planes! ~rick

  31. audrey Says:

    oh Angie, so glad you and your family are safe. this is all that matters.

    i’ve heard about how quickly homes go up in flames and loved ones lost. i’m just so happy you all are well.

    hope at some point, if not the next day, you could get back to your reading and savor every word;)!!

  32. Vanessa Says:

    Oh my goodness! Thankful for your quick thinking! Isn’t it funny? The things we can do when we must!

    My father once had to put out a candle fire in my oven once with salt. (It’s a LONG story!) Before then I’d had no idea that it could be used in such a way!

    What a warm, inviting home!

  33. Jill Kemerer Says:

    How scary! Good thing you have a smart boy!

  34. Crystal Says:

    omg, CRAZY!
    I agree about not using microwave’s they are so bad in every way! I was just watching this DVD last night (can’t remember what it’s called, I think Food Inc. or something like that), anyway, they show you how bad our food is getting. Is SO scary. It made me not want to eat ANYTHING, when I see where it all comes from.

  35. Susan R. Mills Says:

    I’m glad no one was hurt. Microwaves can do some creepy things.

  36. angiem Says:

    Annie - I have the same ideas about microwaves. Not healthy.

    Karen - We’ll make it the old fashioned way… In a skillet. :)

    Diane - In your case flour is about making pies.

    Susa - Life is all about adventures.

    Bunny - I think it was Jessica who commented that people love free stuff. Thank you.

    Claire - I’m glad too.

    Rick - If they have a ton of butter, yes.

    Audrey - I may have been overly dramatizing this situation. But thanks. It’s true, flames spread quickly.

    Vanessa - Thank you. I’ll have the salt handy, too. I know what you mean though. When we have too, we can be superwomen (not that I was, of course, but still…).

    Jill - He’s the best boy! Thank you!

    Crystal - I’ve seen that too. I can barely bring myself to eating meat since then. Yucky gross!

    Susan - They sure can. Thank you.

  37. pamela Says:

    I love it that you have “Owl Babies” in your bookcase!! Isn’t it great?!

  38. Ruth Says:

    This is funny and scary at the same time! We want to switch to a toaster oven instead. G

  39. jeannette stgermain Says:

    Wow, you have quite a lot of comments on this.
    I had to smile about your son -he’s quite a worrier!

  40. Relyn Says:

    Oh, I am snorting with laughter just imagining all the scenarios that could have occurred to the new owner of your flour-soaked microwave.

    So, here it is Valentine’s Day and I had to stop by and wish you a great one.

    a wish from me:

    On this day, may you know, really know how much you are loved. May you recognize love in all it’s forms. May you be grateful for the love of children and pets, old friendships and new. May your heart swell with all the beauty this life brings. Happy Valentine’s Day, my friend.

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