awards and things that make me crazy

Author: angiem, 02 17th, 2010

The ever lovely, super stylish and beautiful Paris residing Susu of #mce_temp_url#was kind enough to award me with this:


Please stop by and say hello after you’re all done gawking at her gorgeous clothing ensembles, storefront windows, desserts, and photos of Paris.  Make sure you read her messages which are little jewels themselves.

Now, one of my newest blogging gal pals, Jeanne residing in the UK and blogging from #mce_temp_url# awarded me with this little thing:


And it makes me feel all toasty and such to know that I bring sunshine in the lives of people I didn’t give birth to.  Take a moment and visit Jeanne.  Her blog is absolutely lovely.

And now because this is my blog and like to make my own rules, I want to share these awards with all of you.  So leave a comment, grab an award and visit my gal pals.  But first read my list of things I cannot stand.

1.     Women who think they fool others when they act as if their life is perfect and their hubbies would die the day after, because they cannot imagine living without them.  You know who you are.  You aren’t fooling anyone.  Get over it.  You aren’t all that.

2.     Men fixing their genitals in public.  This mostly has to do with years of having no choice but to see the pastor at a childhood church I attended do this every single time he stood up.  Super gross!  For the love of whatever it is you love, leave the boxers at home on Sundays and wear briefs.

3.     Men mouth kissing in public.  Yes, I know it’s a cultural thing, and again this happened untold times at my childhood church too.  There was a visiting pastor once whose dentures fell out in the process and rolled right off the pulpit and onto the floor.  The horror of it was audible.

4.     Pat Robertson.  Joel Osteen.  And the vast majority of the TBN crew who exhibit the entitlement mentality status by preaching a gospel not of the Bible, but rather geared to their own private ambitions and spreading fear and hatred.  As if there isn’t enough of that in the world and more is needed.

5.     People who lick their fingers after they eat.  Okay.  I like most of these people, but cannot stand the finger licking.  It is gross.  And if I do not eat anything when I visit you, this is the reason why.

6.      One-upmanship. I KNOW that not everything that happens to me has happened to you.  Let me tell my story before you interrupt with how yours is soooo much better.

7.     Interrupting.  Low-class.  Bad manners.  Of course you have something extremely important to say, and it just so occurred to you in the middle of my story.

8.     Cleaning noses in public.  Never fails.  I drive down the freeway and there’s always a pretty woman or good looking man in some car going at it.  If you absolutely must, at least wait until it’s dark out and there are no cars around.

9.     Tailgaters.  I am forever tempted to slam on my brakes.  Back off or you’ll pay!

That’s it.  My mood today may or may not have anything to do with hormonal changes, yet it is highly attributed to my friend Corine from #mce_temp_url#whose last post inspired me to tell it like it is.  At least once in a while.


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  1. Anna Says:

    I hate anyone like #1. Also, I agree to the MAX about #7. I’ve totally reformed how John cuts his food (he did the whole full fist stab and cut like he needs to kill it thing….disgusting!) which is always a win.

  2. Jena Says:

    I get you, dear girl. I only like Joyce Meyers on TBN mainly b/c she’s real and has normal hair. And she’s not afraid to laugh at her mistakes.

  3. Diane Says:

    Phew! There’s a whole lot of ugly on your list. I hope you feel better now that you got all that off your chest. Hugs :O)

  4. angiem Says:

    Anna - A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

    Jena - Yes, I love Joyce Meyers.

    Diane - I do! :)

  5. Autumn Says:


    Thanks so much for all of the kind things that you said about me. You are such a sweetie and I am glad that you see me as a friend because I feel that same way about you! :) I am especially glad that you enjoy reading my blog because while my relationship with God is the most important thing in my life, I do want people to know that I am a real human person and that I am not nor will I ever be perfect (even though I wish that I was at times. lol) . It is my hope that my writing will attract anyone and that they will not feel uncomfortable by that fact that I LOVE and talk about God because I am not the one for a soapbox or judging. I just want to be real about who I am and how I live and so the fact that you can see that makes me HAPPY!!!! And of course, I would give you an award as your blog is fabulous, warm, and heartfelt - so you are very welcome, but really there is no thanks necessary dear.

    Now onto this list. Let me just say that right off the bat this made me laugh. I love numbers 1,3,5,6, and 9. You are so so funny. It is so so true too.(1) I don’t like posers (3). I don’t like much of any pda (5). I am not all about the licking fingers, especially if we are sharing something because you may as well claim it as your own. I never thought about the fact that they could be doing that as they cook too. ewww! (6) I don’t like to be competed with unless it is healthy competition (9) I have stopped and went really slow when someone has done this to me. I try not to be guilty of it - although I have been at times.

    Omg this comment is so long. Like a book. lol. Anyhow, THANKS for the awards - I am going to grab the Sunshine Award and also for sharing you other blog friends as their blogs look fab and I will have to check them out! Ok done for today! Have a FABULOUS day! xoxo! :)

  6. pamela Says:

    I agree with you on this list and found it so entertaining to read. I could just imagine you typing sooo fast and nodding your head rapidly as you wrote!!

  7. Ava Says:

    Haha this is funny! I love how you go from deep and serious to funny and light.

  8. angiem Says:

    Autumn, love you dear friend. Keep being yourself.

    Pamela - I did! I nodded and typed away, misspelling things in the process.

    Ava - :)

  9. Beth Says:

    Congratulations on the awards!
    As for your list? It’s fun to see that side of you! We should all tell it like it is once in awhile – even if only on our blogs…

  10. deb @ talk at the table Says:


    Love the authentic post. I have quite an extended things I hate list.

    like that burnt cleavage on the photo you liked of me today :)

  11. Kary Gonyer Says:

    Loved all of it…but number 6 the one upper…and number 7…interrupting….amen, sister,amen….

    i’ll visit the other blogs tomorrow..congrats on the award…wanted to stop by and ask you how you like your burger cooked :-)

    good to see you today at Farmhouse, my friend


  12. Kary Gonyer Says:

    oh..almost forgot…LOVE number one LOVE IT…I have a friend who has a blog…calls it 100% poseur free…i can’t stand poseurs….

    more later


  13. Bridgette Says:

    I agree, but I have a habit of interrupting…I’ll try to do better.
    #1- Oh for the love of Mike, GET OVER YOURSELVES!

  14. Jessica Says:

    Yikes! You are on a roll today! LOL

    So, um, pastors fixing themselves in public??? YUCK!

  15. Ligia Says:

    Angie… man fixing their genitals in public and those that interrupt are really the worse… love to read you… I have been abroad and kind of frustrated (I spent almost 10 days in DC… suffering the snow storms…) but reading you is like seeing a friend again… loved this one… nobody writes about this stuff and is really great…

  16. julie Says:

    OH MY GOODNESS Angie!!!
    this is why I love you!! haha your honestly always cracks me up!! I have to agree on most things [except now I wonder if I actually do lick my fingers when eating.. thinking]

    Well lately my insomnia has revealed that we have all these american church programs on our tv in the wee hours of the morning… i watched bits of it at times through pure shock? amazement? bewilderment? not quite sure what words to use… there is not a single person on these programs that is not coiffed and ‘painted’ within an inch of their life [men included] and there is one particular women whom I swear is going to pop her eyeballs right out of her head one of these days with her emphatic facial gestures! not really sure what is all about.. but it is scary!!!

    Now .. here is a tip for you! One I use often on my trips to work… works well in tunnels.. When someone is tailgating you and you fear slowing down may result in them sitting your lap … just flick on your headlights… they mistake the backlights as brakelights and voila slow down.. Of course they then get all huffy that you have braked for no reason.. and clear off from the crazy driver… works like a charm!!

    I have to admit I do occasionally interrupt… i always feel terrible when i do.. it’s like an excited child thing!! must work on that!!

    Great post as usual xx Julie

  17. Lori Says:

    You are brave. Tailgating is the one killing me too. But then, I am a new and bad driver, so I take it as my fault.

  18. Bebe Says:

    Ewww. Nasty stuff that mouth kissing, I can just imagine the false teeth falling out of the guy’s mouth.

  19. Michelle @ The True Book Addict Says:

    I totally agree with your entire list! I think # 2 and 4 are my top ones on your list. My mom, sister and I have a saying for # 2 “pinch, push, pull”…disgusting!

    Congrats on your awards too! :)

  20. French Fancy Says:

    I totally agree with you about everything you’ve listed. As for interrupting - my mother would constantly tell me off for butting in before the other person had finished. It cured me of the habit and now I am particularly aware when others do it to me - it is a very bad trait.

  21. Bunny Says:

    Congrats on your awards you write one of the smartest thought provoking blogs that I read. You make me think and feel when I’m over here. Today you are also making me laugh with your list. I don’t like finger lickers either, it is just gross!

  22. Susu Paris Chic Says:

    Oh Angie… Your words are so kind. Thank you for spreading such joy to my life! Over and over again. You’re so precious!

  23. Dawn Says:

    Ha. Love your list and I am not a fan of many of the same things! It sounds like you went to quite the church… :)

    And I need to email you. I keep wanting to respond to your comments so I think I’ll do it that way!

  24. Cindy L. Says:

    I love your honesty too, Angie. I always tell my writing students that writing our honesty gives others permission to be honest with us, too. And your list of peeves is delicious — many of mine are there too, especially this one:

    “preaching a gospel not of the Bible, but rather geared to their own private ambitions and spreading fear and hatred. As if there isn’t enough of that in the world and more is needed.”

    Right on, my friend! Thanks for your list and the smiles!

  25. corine Says:

    Hey, I’m glad i brought out the worst in you :-)

    I could not agree more on #1. One of my friend did this for ten years even as the rest of us moaned about our relationships. And of course she is the one of us who filed for divorce. I’m thinking she should have vented more and worried less about appearances.

  26. mrsbear Says:

    All I can offer is an enthusiastic (maybe over-enthusiastic) YES!

    To most of those anyway.

    Particularly number six and seven. I always end up getting steamrolled in conversation. After umpteen interruptions, I kind of lose my desire to share my story at all. Their loss.

    Congrats on the awards. :)

  27. Francesca Says:

    So many awards! I’d hate to end up in your can’t stand list:)! I’m with you on #6, and sometimes I wonder whether expressing one’s opinions in blogland - ie via the written word - isn’t perceived a bit like interrupting (or preaching).

  28. angiem Says:

    Beth - Oh, I so agree!

    No, no Deb. That photo of you is so lovely.

    Kary - I like my burger on the rare side. Thanks. ;) And I’ve got to visit that friend of yours.

    Bridgette - Exactly!

    Jessica - I was having so much fun with this list.

    Ligia - Thanks. I was wondering if you were stuck in D.C. Glad that you’re back in beautiful Costa Rica.

    Julie, that’s a great tip! Had no idea. Will definitely use it. Already told hubby about it.

    Lori, as long as you don’t tailgate yourself, it’s all right. Just stay on the right side of the road.

    Yes, Bebe, rolling teeth. Eww is right.

    Thanks, Michelle.

    It is a horrible thing to do. I’m trying to cure my children of it, Julie.

  29. Laura [What I Like] Says:

    Oh we are very much on the same wavelength here…although I’m afraid I do lick my fingers on occasion!

  30. jane Says:

    hi angie! haha! great list! thanks for stopping by. i´m loving your blog! kisses-jane

  31. Crystal Says:

    haha, that is seriously SO funny! I love it. I agree with the first one. I’ve had friends or colleague’s like this in the past, not so much bragging about their husbands, but just always acting like everything is EASY to them, and making me feel like there is something wrong with me because I struggle sometimes. I love when people are open about what they are dealing with. I helps me to know that I’m not crazy :)

  32. Phoenix Says:

    Tailgaters drive me nuts. I.Just.Don’t.Get.It. It’s so unsafe - if you want to go a faster speed, go around me! And if it’s a one lane street, calm the hell down! You will get there when you get there! Arghh. I also hate people who pick their nose or teeth in public… and to think about it, licking your fingers is a little bit gross. Ew. LOL

  33. rick Says:

    Dude! that junk moves around. I see a lot of bra swaddlin happenin too. I don’t do awards but this is a lovely one. I needed to see a flower today. Thanks~rick

  34. She Writes Says:

    Angie, hate men adjusting thier bits and pieces too!

  35. christina Says:

    Oh, congrats on the awards! Glad to read your list.
    : )

  36. Says:

    LOL This cracked me up. Sometimes we just gotta vent.


  37. Vicki Archer Says:

    Angie, I am loving the telling it ike it is …congrats on your awards, xv.

  38. Gigi Says:

    Wow, I could hear the dentures dropping from here. The horror!

    I’m up late writing tonight, and thought I’d pop over for a visit. So glad I did because your list gave me just the laughs I needed. Thanks for telling it like it is, Angie! xo

  39. angiem Says:

    Bunny - Thank you. You are an inspiration to me with your beautiful put together self and lovely home.

    Susa - It is truly my joy to know you.

    Dawn - Indeed I did. Scary place.

    Cindy - First of all, I feel so honored that you read me. And, secondly, I really cannot stand bigotry and self righteousness.

    Corine - Thank you so much. This is cathartic.

    Mrsbear - I agree. It IS their loss. You have very interesting things to say, and I love hearing them.

    Francesca - It certainly is interrupting someone’s life. And I can see where you get the preaching bit. Sometimes I find myself all but shaking my finger in someone’s face.

  40. angiem Says:

    Well, I’ll forgive you Laura, If you whip me up one of your delicious dishes.

    Jane - Thank you!

    Crystal - No, you aren’t crazy.

    Phoenix - YES!

    Rick - Gross!

    Amy - Really, why must they in public?

    Christina - Thank you. :)

    Nell - Venting feels SO good!

    Vicki - Thank you.

    Gigi - You’re welcome. That sound and that image I will remember until I’m an old woman.

  41. audrey Says:

    Angie this is so funny. I know for me it feels good when stuff makes me crazy to let it out.

    i tend to be calm. when a friend asked me last week how i was doing and what was going on. i replied calmly not much, and then i surprised her and myself by going off about this older pretentious guy in a restaurant clearly trying to win over a young sweet girl. i’m old enough to know it when i see it. i wanted to say to her he’s a pretentious jerk and she should run far now! when you’ve had the experience you know it when you see it.

    see, here i go again…

    great post!

  42. Holly L Says:

    Your list is awesome and spot on!

  43. bethany Says:

    Oh my gosh Angie, this is hilarious and right on! So true. Love the way you worded everything. I’m cracking up.

  44. Vanessa Says:

    Congrats on all of your awards! You deserve each and every one of them!

    In regards to your list, check, check and check! I’d like to add, personally; 1) Public nail clipping and 2) People waiting for my parking space while I load the groceries into my vehicle! I’ve been known to sit in my car for an extraordinarily long time waiting for them to move on then promptly backing out as soon as they have passed. Oh, yeah! I’m bad like that. Ha!

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