a birthday prayer

Author: angiem, 02 21st, 2010

It was my daughter’s 4th birthday this weekend.  Amidst all the celebrating, the husband and I recounted those early days of hope and wonder at the little life making her presence known from the start.  When I found out I was pregnant I didn’t dare tell anyone about it.  For years I had tried to get pregnant, only to experience miscarriage and shattered dreams.  There were also girlfriends of mine, who LOVED pointing out that they had no issue with fertility nor pregnancies, and callously reminded me of how blessed they were while I was pouring my heart out in the grief only known to those who have failed and lost.

Yet here she is.  The sunshine that warms my heart.  In her four year old glory of intelligence, curiosity, selfishness, and tenacity.  With her love of pink, ballerinas, working in the garden with her daddy, and fashions.  How beautiful, extraordinarily beautiful she is! I offer up prayers of thanks and pleas for a lifetime of happiness, love and good health to her.  May she always be assured of my love and understanding, of my undying loyalty and unwavering support.

As for me, I pray that I will guide her in wisdom, in love and in truth. And that I will be able to afford all those fashions she has her eye on. Happy birthday darling girl!  I love you to the end of the universe and back.


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  1. julie Says:

    HI Angie
    How beautiful she is.. and obviously you were meant to wait for this special package to arrive… I wish happiness for both of you!! xxx Julie

  2. Mwa Says:

    Those big blue eyes! So gorgeous!

  3. Karen@SurvivingMotherhood Says:

    Angie, she is a beauty. Indeed!
    I am truly sorry for the pain and losses you experienced before this little sunshine came into your life. I am one of those who had an easy time getting pregnant, and have often felt uncomfortable around friends like you who have had trouble. It doesn’t seem “fair” that one has it “easy” and another doesn’t. And many times I simply didn’t know what to say to my friends in their loss.
    It’s hard.
    But I join you in giving thanks for your sweet little girl. And I pray, too, that God will lead you as you guide her in wisdom and truth.

    Much love,

  4. Corinne Says:

    Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl!!

  5. She Writes Says:

    She is lovely! You and I each have a daughter who is 4 :).

  6. Jena Says:

    She is so pretty! Happy birthday to your beautiful girl.

  7. Susu Paris Chic Says:

    She is so beautiful! Très, très jolie petite mademoiselle!

    I feel some warmth towards her even though of course I don’t really know her. She just seems so cute and genuine. Please tell her that Susu wanted to wish her Happy Birthday!

  8. Janna Qualman Says:

    Precious! What a gorgeous and filling blessing she is. As moms, don’t you think, our hearts couldn’t encompass any more?

    I’m so sorry for those missing pieces of you, and for the lack of support it seems some gave you. *hugs*

  9. Ruth Says:

    What a little angel. I pray for both of you.

  10. Mary Moon Says:

    Oh, Angie! She IS beautiful. She is everything a four-year old should be and then more. She is so lucky to have you for her mother and I know how lucky you are to have her for a daughter.

  11. Beth Says:

    A belated Happy Birthday to your oh-so-sweet and darling daughter!

  12. Vicki Archer Says:

    Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl, xv.

  13. krista Says:

    what a beauty. i feel like whispering in the face of such light.

  14. willow Says:

    What a treasure. She’s beautiful.

  15. Karen Says:

    God bless your beautiful daughter and her special day! May she continue to grow in love and grace.

  16. angiem Says:

    Thank you, sweet friends. She is indeed a blessing and delight. :)

  17. Ligia Says:

    thanks for sharing this…

    my boy Diego turned 6 yesterday…

  18. pamela Says:

    What a winsome little face. I do hope she had a delightful birthday.

  19. French Fancy Says:

    Don’t make it the last, Angie. I could look at photos of your beautiful chilldren for a long long time. She really has the most lovely face - hmm, I wonder where she gets it from.


  20. Allegra Smith Says:

    Just look at that face! She is as bright as she is beautiful. May she be blessed with kindness and laughter, with wisdom and tenderness, may she be her own person all the days of her life. Happy B-day, sunshine!

  21. Ava Says:

    And may God shine His face down upon her and grant her happiness and good health! She’s such a graceful beauty! Happy Birthday angel!

  22. Laura [What I Like] Says:

    Those blue eyes of hers are just stunning. You can tell she’s going to grow up to be one of those beautiful and startlingly intelligent women. Just like her mother I’m sure!

  23. Deb Says:

    Your girl has amazing eyes, shining with light and intelligence. Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter!

  24. Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita Says:

    Happy Birthday to your little sweetheart! She is beautiful. And those gorgeous eyes! May she always be happy and blessed!

  25. angiem Says:

    Thank you, lovely friends! You are the most wonderful friends in all of the blogosphere. Your beautiful wishes have made our day.

  26. Diane Says:

    Beautiful girl and so wonderful. She is a treasure to your family. :O)

  27. bethany Says:

    oh my gosh what a darling!
    Here are some old links to bunny videos on my blog.


    Happy Birthday to sweet, beautiful daughter and amazing parents!

  28. bethany Says:

    So glad she liked the silly videos. She can have him as long as she knows how to give hair cuts. He needs his fur clipped and it’s quite a chore. He also likes to eat couches. And wires. He’s a menace really! But she’s right, he is super cute. Here’s a photo of Maury in a birthday hat:

  29. Kary Gonyer Says:

    look at her…she is so beautiful…look at those eyes…

    she is a gift….

    Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl….

    Angie…always love seeing you at Farmhouse , my f riend

    sending love to all your family,

  30. Jessica Says:

    What a cutie! I feel the same about my kids and wanting them to know how much they mean to me. I’m so glad you have your sweet little girl. :-)

  31. Jill Kemerer Says:

    Your tribute to this little sweetheart brought a tear to my eye!

  32. Joanne Says:

    That’s what life’s all about, that love, that sharing of lives. You have a beautiful daughter!

  33. La Belette Rouge Says:

    What a GORGEOUS girl(just like her mommy). I hope all your dreams for her come true.

  34. Holly L Says:

    What a lovely daughter you have and I am sure she is as bright as she is gorgeous! I hope you had a wonderful birthday weekend!

  35. Lydia, Clueless Crafter Says:

    I had a wonderful conversation with my mother last night and, as a grown daughter, I feel exactly what you hope your daughter will of you as she grows. My mother too had many miscarriages. I fear the same fate sometimes!

  36. Bunny Says:

    Angie, Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter and I wish her many many years of health, love and happiness.

  37. deb @ talk at the table Says:

    She is, truly.

    I feel so terribly that you had to suffer before you got her. Life is so hard sometimes.

    But this joy. Isn’t it heaven.
    Happy Belated Birthday to daughter and mom.

  38. Anya Says:

    Angie, this is such a beautiful post. I teared up a little bit…She is absolutely perfect and oh, so lucky to have you as her Mother!!! Happy Birthday to both of you.:-)))

  39. isabelle Says:

    thanks for your visit to our place and your sweet comment … you have a lovely place too (and an adorable little girl !!)

  40. audrey Says:

    Angie, this is a beautiful post and prayer for your daughter. I do remember when you wrote about how your grandmother prayed for you and the beautiful wishes she had for you. Prayer works!

    Happy birthday to your gorgeous little girl, she’s lovely!

  41. jane Says:

    she´s beautiful! happy birthday to your angel!

  42. Stephanie Faris Says:

    Beautiful!!! And hope for those of us who have struggled with fertility that it IS possible.

  43. Maggie May Says:

    Congratulations from my heart! I’m so happy you had your child, and she glows with intelligence and love.

  44. jacqueline Says:

    she is truly beautiful! …and she has such a wonderful mother who loves her.

  45. rochambeau Says:

    Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter. Four and terrific! What a beautiful age. She who is and was and always will be SO wanted and cherished. May God surround her with light and love each day of her long and healthy life!!

    And to you Angie,
    Congratulations to you and your husband! That your dream came true four years ago today!


  46. Jennifer Says:

    A beautiful little girl, a beautiful family. Happy (belated) birthday to her!

  47. angiem Says:

    Thank you for all your compliments and all your lovely wishes. You are the dearest friends!

  48. Vanessa Says:

    What a wonderful blessing both of your children are. I always love reading about them and your time with them. I remember, early in my discovery of my blog, reading about your date night with your son. You had me then and there, hook, line and sinker.
    I’m truly sorry that you had to experience the pain of miscarriage. I can only empathize. Maybe it is just my way of dealing with things or reasoning the workings of this life, but I truly believe that everything happens just as it should. I do not mean it to sound harsh or callous but sometimes growth and appreciation comes from the hardest times in our lives. At least that has been my personal experience. Many, many blessings to your daughter…and to your whole family.

  49. Bridgette Says:

    There is just a different bond when a child has been so hard to come by.
    My 2 are 10 years apart and came after years of fertility treatment and surgeries.
    Love her, hold her close, she will be your best friend for life.

  50. GingerB Says:

    She is lovely! I bet she delights you every day. Thanks for stopping by my blog and inviting me here, and I will come back.

  51. mrsbear Says:

    Happy belated to your lovely girl.

  52. cate Says:

    oh, good things come to those who wait. she is a beauty. love to hear the joy that she’s brought to your life. so sweet!

  53. Evangeline Says:

    What a beautiful little girl! Happy belated b-day to her.

  54. Francesca Says:

    Happy belated birthday to your little girl! I’m puzzled by your choice of word about pregnancy loss. I had no idea that in English you could refer to it as “failure”, which to (foreign) me has almost an undertone of being at fault.

  55. angiem Says:

    Francesca, I believe there are implications of fault there. Even if no one says it right out.

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