corner view: miniature worlds

Author: angiem, 03 10th, 2010

I first came across the corner view series through my Italian blog pal Francesca at #mce_temp_url#. I was so fascinated with her corner views and the ones of the other participants, that I asked to be put on the list too.  Jane, the creator of the series and residing in beautiful Spain, kindly obliged. Visit Jane at #mce_temp_url# for more corner views.  This week’s theme was chosen by Cate at #mce_temp_url#.

I was given this paperweight about twenty years ago by a boy that liked me, but one I wasn’t too fond of.  His parents were friends with mine, and there had been some hope that the two of us would unite the families.  There was nothing wrong with the boy other than that he talked a lot, and as I liked being the center of attention his constant jabbering turned me off.  When he gave me the paperweight I told him I didn’t want it, and that I didn’t want to be anything other than friends.  He insisted that I keep it, and so I did and gave it to my mom.

Whenever I visit her I see it in her bookcase, keeping company with my other discards, each with its own story to tell.  Sometimes I look at them and wonder at the person I had been, and how easily a different choice might have propelled me on a different path.  And I start panicking at the mere thought that I could have led a life totally absent of the love of my husband and my children.

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56 Responses to “corner view: miniature worlds”

  1. jane Says:

    :) i have had the same thoughts… thanks for the giveaway! hugs!

  2. kaylovesvintage Says:

    welcome to the corner view

  3. French Fancy Says:

    The choices one makes - yes. I used to think that I was destined to meet Mr FF but - as lovely as he is - I’ve have now begun to think that there is no such things as one’s soulmate. He is the closest thing I have found to one but I reckon that there are lots of people out there that one could have ended up with just as happily.

    Your beauty and goodness, Angie. means that whoever you would have loved and married would have been just as right for you. I realise of course that your children would have been slightly different but they still would have been gorgeous.

  4. Beth Says:

    Knickknacks, things - reminders of our pasts, our choices, paths taken…
    “Time was as I was, but neither that time nor that I are any more.”
    James Baldwin

  5. Mary Moon Says:

    Good morning, Ms. Angie! I love the paperweight, I love tiny time-travel-inducing objects. One can weave entire parallel universes from their presence.

  6. isabelle Says:

    welcome in the corner view team, I am sure you will have fun too !!

  7. Francesca Says:

    Welcome Angie! I like your mom, who keeps your stories and your memories in her bookcase.

  8. Lori Says:

    What a beautiful post, Angie. It’s so honest and simple. And indeed, things have so many stories to tell.

  9. Joyce Says:

    Welcome to CV! I will add you to my list of CV friends. I too wonder at times if Iwould have taken a different route. I’m so happy I took the road that was meant just for me. xo

  10. Amy Says:

    Lovely post. And it is true that these little objects of our past are not only reminders of who we were but also of the choices that we made to make us who we are.

  11. Nicolette Says:

    Life is funny. It’s fun to think “what if”. And appreciate the life you now have. Thanks for the giveaway entry. :)

  12. Jena Says:

    What a cool idea!! I like that you admit enjoying being the center of attention Angie. Your honesty, as always is so refreshing. xo

  13. Susan R. Mills Says:

    I’ve often wondered the same thing. How different my life could be right now if I’d mad different choices. I’m glad I chose the way I did.

  14. krista Says:

    i always think about the different paths i’ve been on at one time or another, before bryan and finn were even a part of my awareness.
    i’m so glad the stubborn part of me didn’t try to follow those roads.

  15. Victoria @ Hibiscus Bloem Says:

    Yes, I’ve been thinking about the past recently, and what bought me to where I am now - and how lucky I am. I think I picked the right path. Sounds like you’re very happy with your choice too.

  16. CrowNology Says:

    I can look back and see choices too…I think it is wonderful that you are where you want to be and that those alternate lives hold nothing better for you.
    What an interesting interpretation of the theme…

  17. Elisabelle Says:

    Dear Angie,

    Many thanks for your so sweet comments!

    I can see how life could be different if I had taken different path, but i feel deeply that I always knew the path. That somehow there is no real choice but obvious decision. I do not believe in fate but in intimate conviction.

    Well…. that was a long comment for a first visit ;)

  18. Vanessa Says:

    I often think about the roads not taken too. It’s nice that you can look at little pieces of your past and appreciate the wonderful things that the path you did take brought you. I think we need those little reminders sometimes.

  19. la ninja Says:

    ciao, welcome and… no panicking. without that past you wouldn’t have this present, right? :)

  20. Ange Says:

    Ahah! I was going to say a good housefire comes in handy for objects like that - but I wouldn’t wish it on your mum ;-) There is no reason to panic. YOu made the right choice already. So it can just remind you now of the girl you once were; strong enough to stand up for who she was already at the time…

  21. Maia Says:

    My husband and I often marvel at the odd set of choices, turns in the road, lessons learned, that brought us together as a family. It is an amazing thing. Some of us are very, very fortunate - but to think that a single skipped step, a single choice made differently and we might never have found one another.

  22. audrey Says:

    what a lovely idea, the corner view. … what a blessing it is that you had the insight you needed to make good choices for yourself. life is sweeter because of it…

  23. Kirie Says:

    I love this notion of the corner view, too. It is like a view into the past, and one into a future, too, right? I know you said you felt that rush of panic about what might not have been (I can really relate to that!) But at the same time, when you see that paperweight, you can see proof that you knew how to make good decisions for your wellbeing, even when you were much younger, with only your good instincts to guide you. You knew that it better for you to find a partner that suited you and your needs. You also knew that that accepting his gift and his friendship was kind, but that keeping it in your own house wouldn’t have been kind to yourself. When you see that paperweight, you can feel confident that you knew how to be wise about your life then, and that you have honed that skill even more as a grownup. No panic needed. Give yourself a good hug instead!


  24. rochambeau Says:

    Dear Angie,
    Glad you gave the paperweight to your mom!

    Also, it’s nice to know that you listen to your heart!

    You have so much to say that is important.

    So glad life turned out THIS way, or we would not have met!


  25. Sarah Laurence Says:

    It is interesting all the choices we take in life and where they lead. Have you read The Post Birthday World by Lionel Shriver? It’s a story in parallel chapters about what happens when she kisses the other guy or not.

  26. Kari Says:

    I love how you say your mum keeps all your “discards - each with it’s own story to tell”.
    I guess she has them there for you and herself.
    Welcome to corner view!!
    I’m enjoying your blog.

  27. Jill Kemerer Says:

    Interesting. It is scary to think of the path not chosen, isn’t it?

  28. christina Says:

    i love that you kept this, for all this time.

  29. Kathy Says:

    I wonder the same thing and shake the thoughts from my mind I can’t imagine my life any different. Have a wonderful day, I really like your blog.

  30. Gabriela Abalo Says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and therefore leading me to yours.
    Sometimes I also like to look back and imagine how my life could have been if I have made different choices. But then I embrace my choices, since thanks to them I’m who I’m today.


  31. soisses Says:


    i really like your story and i understand what you are thinking about… ;-)

    have a nice day.

  32. She Writes Says:

    Isn’t it odd how things remind us of what might have been?

  33. Theresa Says:

    It’s very pretty!

  34. Ötli Says:

    I share the same thoughts… and the people I care remind me I certainly made the ridght choice ;)

    Nice blog !

  35. Cindy L. Says:

    I love how this post makes me think. Sometimes, too, I wonder about a person who was once in my life but has gone his or her own way. And “corner views” are wonderful! Being a person who loves detail and beauty in the ordinary, the photos spoke to me.

  36. rick Says:

    Ang-isn’t it weird how simple objects in a simple moment can forever hold a link? ~rick

  37. Ian Says:

    You write well. Now you’ve got me wondering what happened to him.

  38. Kary Gonyer Says:

    Angie..just stopping by to say thank you for thinking of me and praying for me…..

    it means the world to me….

    still pretty sad here…

    i have a new puppy but he won’t be able to leave his mommy till about April 20th….

    very lonely here….

    sending love to you, my friend


  39. Susu Paris Chic Says:

    Aren’t we all sometimes tempted to ponder ‘what ifs’…? I sometimes wonder what my life could have been if I hadn’t taken the leap (of faith - so it seemed at the beginning to many…) and moved to Paris!

    But here I am, having given up being close to family, but also having gained enormously…

    I have decided never to regret. Ever.

  40. Christie Says:

    It’s amazing the direction that life leads us…I am always baffled at the choices I made, even the bad ones led me to where I am now and I am so grateful for the path that has led me to the happiness I feel everyday with my husband and children.

    Thank you for reminding me how important life is now.

  41. Nancy C Says:

    I think about those crossroads all the time…if I had gone to the my first choice college, or if I had said yes to boys that my inner voice denied.

    I love the statement about the stories of objects. Many a writing prompt from that line alone.

  42. existentialwaitress Says:

    This is such a lovely post. It’s funny how an object like a paper-weight can take us back in time like that. You have such a beautiful blog - I’m really enjoying reading it! :)

  43. mrsbear Says:

    I look back sometimes too and see those forks in my path and wonder how different I would have been had I opted for anything other than what I did. It doesn’t make me sad, just because I look at it as more of a fiction, an opportunity to just wonder. Because where I am now is exactly where I should be. It’s always the future decisions I find troublesome.

    Love the story that goes with this. That knick-knack will always remind you of that boy.

  44. debbie Says:

    I have that thought about my life from time to time and it makes me shudder! I so understand.

  45. Bunny Says:

    Hi Angie, I love how your mother keeps a lot of your memories on her bookcase, they tell a story. My mom does the same thing. I think that one little ’slip-up’ or bad choice could have possibly kept me from this life I am leading with my husband and children. I am glad I was so driven, focused and never settled. I wish all women would do that, whenever possible. We all deserve happiness!
    Nice paperweight!

  46. Deb Says:

    It’s amazing to think that our destinies can be altered so drastically by choices we make.

  47. Claudia Medeiros Says:

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog today :)

    I love making friends all over the world and every friend is a blessing !

    Have a wonderful day !

    God bless your family :)


  48. Ava Says:

    So what happened to the family relations between the two families? The paperweight is really pretty.

  49. SJ Says:

    Yeah–it scares the hell out of me sometimes that I’ve taken a wrong path. But I know I just keep walking down it! It is interesting to ponder the what-if’s sometimes though, and scary too.

  50. Juniper Says:

    Isn’t in funny how a trip to our childhood home can hold all kinds of memories we had forgotten about. I am taken with your header photo, it looks very much like the inside of the old castle that we used to live down the road from in Winchester. Where was your picture taken?
    Welcome to Cornerview, (have only joined myself a month or so ago). Such a fun weekly challenge!

  51. Juliette Says:

    ooh, cool thought there! yes, I’ve had the same thought. I think the saddest cast-off was a red rose my sister once received. She didn’t want it, so my mom put it in a tall vase in the kitchen. I remember being so glad when that rose was gone b/c I always felt so bad every time I walked by it, ha!

  52. julie Says:

    Dear Angie
    I am so glad that your looking back to the past confirms your present was the right choice.. what a wonderful way to live!!!!! xx julie

  53. Holly L Says:

    As I progress on my journey of…hmmm…what do I want to call it…rethinking, rediscovery…getting my act together. I have stopped to occasionally think about what could have been…it makes me even more thankful for where I am and what I have.


  54. Ocean Girl Says:

    Miniature but huge in meanings and memories.

  55. Bethany Says:

    great post.
    i think it’s so funny that you knew right off you didn’t like him because he talked too much. Smart girl!

  56. Relyn Says:

    I, too, sometimes think of old boyfriends with near panic. Life would never be as good without my Jeffrey.

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