Author: angiem, 03 17th, 2010

crepes with Nutella, strawberries and cream

crepes with Nutella, strawberries and cream

Chocolate. This post has nothing to do with the scientific, lab tested benefits of the consumption of this delicious thing.  First of all, I highly doubt that any dietician in their right mind would advise chocolate for breakfast.  And truth be told, the recommended food pyramid works for me on most days.

Second, there are many books waiting on my nightstand and magazines on my coffee table that are eagerly awaiting their turn in the spotlight of my attention, for me to be so callous as to read a scientific journal.  So, although I hear every once in a while that chocolate is good for the heart (and the brain??), I prefer to believe it without checking the facts.

I really cannot think of a better food than chocolate.  Chocolate for breakfast is good for the soul.  I’m ridden by guilt about most things (I can be a better wife, a better mother, a better daughter, a better sister, a better friend, a better neighbor… you get where this is going), however, I refuse to be ridden by guilt over chocolate.  It’s too perfect for it, and it always treats me so well.  On the days that I eat it, everyone and everything appears more interesting somehow.

I have several friends who do not like chocolate, and this I cannot understand.  There must be some flaw in their taste buds.  That is my only explanation.  I don’t complain.  These are the best kind of friends to go out to breakfast or dessert with.  They may roll their eyes at my chocolate chip pancakes or my chocolate souffle, but they won’t ask for a taste.  More for me.  And that is always the way I like it.

P.S.  I have not gone off my diet.  A girl can dream, can’t she?

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59 Responses to “Breakfast”

  1. French Fancy Says:

    Anyone who does not enjoy chocolate has something missing from their soul. It is food of the gods and if I didn’t have a weight problem I would eat some every day.

  2. Claudia Medeiros Says:

    Well, I’m a chocoholic and I loved this post !
    I think chocolate is the most amazing food in the world :)

    P.S: Have you already watched to CHOCOLAT ?

  3. brian miller Says:

    we tried to convince my mom chocolate was a good breakfast food. it never worked. lol.

    dip it in a bit of peanut butter….mmm…

  4. willow Says:

    I love-love chocolate, but not first thing in the morning. I also love pink Staffordshire dishes!

  5. Kori Says:

    I routinely let my kids eat chocolate for breakfast-Nutella, anyway, on toast. They love it-and while i am not a fan of Nutella so much, I wish we had a good bakery here so I could eat a chocolate croissant; I could happily eat one every day for the rest of my life and not get bored with it.

  6. Mwa Says:

    I started to read this this morning. I think you influenced me, because I just had to have nutella and banana sandwiches for lunch. My children thank you.

  7. Mary Moon Says:

    Whenever someone tells me they don’t like chocolate I always ask the same thing, “Have you seen a doctor about that?”

  8. VE Says:

    My daughter goes through the nutella like it’s chocolate…oh, wait…

  9. PattiKen Says:

    A favorite memory is of a delicious hard roll with a hunk of chocolate inside. My dad would bring these home from the bakery as a special treat. When the roll was heated, the chocolate inside would melt into an gooey glob of deliciousness.

    My entry is up here.

  10. Sabine Says:

    I was a bitr shocked when I saw the picture… What about the wheat free diet?? But it’s only dreaming…. How anyone can not like chocolate is a mystery to my. I need chocolate EVERY DAY, but maybe not for breakfast.

  11. Kristin Says:

    My sister’s not big on chocolate….and I just don’t get it. How could you not like chocolate? Crazy talk!

  12. pamela Says:

    I make tons of Easter baskets every year, which means… of course… I have tons of chocolate eggs and bunnies squirreled away waiting to be distributed. Oh! The temptation!! I try not to get dark chocolate ones however. I simply cannot resist dark chocolate.

  13. jessie Says:

    hello, my name is jessie and i’m a chocoholic. there, i’ve said it. lol

    nutella with strawberry crepes and strawberries and creme…i bet they were to die for!

    seriously, i enjoyed your posts and your pictures from this website and your other blogsite.

    take care,

  14. Laura [What I Like] Says:

    Agreed, there is no need to feel even remotely guilty about such a perfect food! I do find that I don’t always love chocolate desserts however. My feeling is that a dish would have to be really special to justify eating it over a plain old 85% Valrhona chocolate bar…

  15. CaliforniaGirl Says:

    My son just returned from a 6 week backpack through Western Europe & Great Britain. He says he ate Nutella over there ALOT. They advertise it here but I’ve never had it. I’ve heard some say it’s hazelnut & others say it’s a kind of chocolate nut??? Will you enlighten me?

    Welcome to TT!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog today.

  16. Allegra Smith Says:

    The world would be a better place if chocolate was obligatory eating.

  17. Vanessa Says:

    I proudly shout from the mountaintops…”Chocolate is good for the SOUL!” :)
    Crepes with Nutella is my daughter’s favorite breakfast. I can rarely keep Nutella around long enough though. I too have friends who don’t like chocolate…it’s unfathomable to me. Like you, I don’t question it too much…more for me. :)

  18. Ange Says:

    It’s your French Heritage ;-) I hated nutella at first. 13 year’s later I was eating more of it than the kids. Hence the 6kg weight loss diet. The nutella pot gives me a sideways grin for afternoon teas and at weekend breakfasts with crepes and croissants ;-)

  19. Dash Says:

    Not like chocolate? I don’t know anyone that does not like chocolate! Nutella is hugely popular over here, it’s given to children for breakfast, I love it on hot toast. Oh and for California girl’s information it’s hazelnut.

  20. Jessica Says:

    Chocolate never makes me feel guilty. :-)

  21. Jill Says:

    Wow…the Nutella and berries in a crepe sounds divine! Will have to try that.
    Chocolate works for me ANY time of day.

  22. Susan Says:

    Dear Angie:

    I can eat chocolate but not always. It gain depends on the mood.

    But whatever said and done, I liked this wee little post on chocolate.

    And congrats on your diet plan not falling apart.

    Dream on but remember your diet.

    Joy always,
    Susan :)

  23. angiem Says:

    Julie (FF) - I agree. How can someone not like chocolate!?

    Claudia - I love that movie! I have seen it so many times, and the book is a favorite, too.

    Brian - On toast with peanut butter… Heaven!!!

    Willow - Then you and I would be perfect breakfast companions.

    Kori - My son loves chocolate croissants too. As does my husband. As does my daughter. As do I!

    Mwa - Well, you’re welcome. Yum!!!

    Ms. Moon - It’s a good reason to be concerned.

    VE - Hahaha…

    PattiKen - That’s a wonderful memory of your dad.

  24. angiem Says:

    Sabine - Oh no, no. Still dieting. I finally got over the sugar craze, but am still dreaming of chocolate.

    Kristin - Crazy talk, indeed!

    Pamela - You are smart in keeping temptation away.

    Jessie - The sweetest addiction and one I have no issue with. Thanks. :)

    Laura - You do make a valid point.

    CaliforniaGirl - Just as Dash said, it is hazelnut.

    Allegra - Wouldn’t it though?

  25. Karen@SurvivingMotherhood Says:

    “They may roll their eyes…but they won’t ask for a taste.”
    I love you!!! *grin*
    Have you ever seen Bill Cosby’s thing about chocolate cake for breakfast? You MUST watch this. It’s hilarious!

  26. Mmm Says:

    Oh yes, dreaming is good for us guys too. :)
    Nutella crepes? YUM!

    Sadly, much chocolate gives me headaches these days, even migraines if I’m not careful. Not good at all, let me tell you.

    Your breakfast looks and sounds divine.

    BTW, i remember in France that for breakfast it was hot croissants with each plate having its own chocolate bar to unravel. We watched as the Parisians then smeared it on their hot patries. Smart.

  27. Diane Says:

    Glad you’re hanging tough!

    I must heartily agree with you that chocolate is a perfect food.

  28. Corinne Says:

    I cannot tell you how much I love nutella… dark chocolate… milk chocolate… any chocolate… mmmmmmm…

  29. Nanc TWoP Says:

    ”I have several friends who do not like chocolate…”

    Amazing, isn’t it.

    I have one pal who is the -only- person in her family that -likes- chocolate. Very hard on her!

  30. betsy Says:

    Yum….love chocolate for breakfast…and this one is gorgeous, too!

  31. mrsbear Says:

    What can’t be made better with chocolate? We love Nutella here, it is fabulous just spread on toast or a whole grain waffle. See, that’s healthy, isn’t it?

  32. Ani Says:

    I’m one of your friends that doesn’t like chocolate :-) lol… I just had to post! I DO however LOVE crepes! To this day… my best friend Mel doesn’t understand why I don’t like chocolate. It’s too sweet… I love really fruity and creamy stuff.

  33. cathi Says:

    That photo looks like the perfect breakfast…yum!! I am in agreement with you about the chocolate….I LOVE IT…and eat it often…in little bits….:) xxoo :)

  34. Ocean Girl Says:

    Your breakfast and front door are awesome!

  35. jincy Says:

    I dont care what others say… I love chocolate and have it all the time… and thankfully chocolate hasnt made me fat…

  36. Francesca Says:

    I don’t like chocolate, never have. My aunt, who was in charge of making all the Easter chocolate eggs for the children in the family, would make a marzipan one for me. I love marzipan!

  37. Becky Ramsey Says:

    Oh, the joys of Nutella. When we left France, we thought we’d left it behind, but joy of joys, it’s now here at the local Bi-Lo! Of course, my waistline isn’t so happy, but my tastebuds are!

  38. Anya Says:

    Well, the wonderful trut is: even on the diet you can enjoy a small piece of dark chocolate! I absolutely do, not every day, of course, but once in a while when my cravings become impossible to stand. :-)
    Thank you do very much for the lovely comment in my Blog. I will be very happy to see you as my guest in my new Atelier and have a cup of coffee too. :-) I am wishing you wonderful weekend!

  39. Jill Kemerer Says:

    Nothing better than chocolate. I can’t imagine a day without it!

  40. Susu Paris Chic Says:

    Champagne is that luxury item for me… I used to swear under the name of chocolate, but somehow I’ve lost the taste.

    Little pleasures here and there, in moderation - where could be the harm? Good luck with the diet though… I’m sure you’ll be proud of yourself if you manage to carry it through.

  41. Maia Says:

    First of all, I ALWAYS eat chocolate for breakfast. Always. I have a bar of 70% dark chocolate in the drawer next to my drawing table (and a stack of backups in the cupboard), and I always eat a few bites as soon as I stumble out of bed and into the studio. I have done this for years…probably decades. I don’t consider dark chocolate a threat to any diet, either. It’s lifeblood to me.

  42. Janice Says:

    I rather like the idea of chocolate for breakfast. I thought your picture was delicious, and I covet your dishes.

  43. Lydia, Clueless Crafter Says:

    Dearly glad to be frolicking through your thoughts again! This trip, however, was the most magical time spent with my husband and in proximity to some of the finest Bolivian textiles (sold for a song!) and inventive craftspeople. I was reminded how sweet life can be.

    As in Europe, Argentinians begin their day with a delicate pastry. The confiterias brim with sweet churros and chocolate croissants. The morning meal is not huge, yet was more satisfying than any breakfast I’ve taken at home. Indeed, it’s because fat and calories matter not. Unscrupulous amounts of fresh butter and caramelized sugar satisfy the hungriest of souls, even in small doses.

    I like Maia’s mentality. Chocolate sheets!

  44. Jennifer Says:

    You know, chocolate (especially dark chocolate) has health benefits — which someone may have mentioned above.

    Take a look at

    See? It’s good for you!

  45. laura Says:

    funny i’m catching up with you on this post–i’ve been popping hershey’s kisses all day. and i don’t usually do that. but for some reason, i NEED them today! and i refuse to feel guilty. must be some kind of hormonal thing.

    your crepes look delish!

  46. Blog Princess G Says:

    I’m crazy for chocolate too, but have given it up successfully for Lent. Dark chocolate of course is good for you in small doses. Mmmmmm… such a comforting thought.

  47. lettuce Says:

    oh yes - no guilt about chocolate.

    and chocolates go SO well with strawberries
    (i have a fabulous chocolate strawberry brulee recipe…)

  48. julie Says:

    Here I sit guiltily eating chocolate biscuits.. the guilt though is not for the chocolate but the wheat allergy.. oh well… can’t help myself.. Have a great weekend Angie.. xx Julie

  49. Gigi Says:

    I’m with you, Angie! I’m always flabbergasted when someone tells me they don’t like chocolate. Oh, and your photo of crepes with nutella and strawberries is exactly what I’m craving right this moment. I also love this combo with bananas. I might need to make a run to the store . . .

    Happy Weekend, lovely, Angie! xo Gigi

  50. Cindy L. Says:

    Nothing wrong with chocolate! A little of what we love is always good for us. Lovely thoughts, Angie!

  51. rochambeau Says:

    Hey Angie,
    Great post.
    Looks like A LOT of people get where you’re coming from.
    Adore chocolate very much AND I go well with caffeine. Think this may be one reason that some don’t like it.

    Without coffee and wine my life would not be as happy.
    Like you, don’t care about others opinions. NOR feel guild. I like how it feels in my body. It works well with my chemistry.

    Happy Weekend!
    May you have the perfect chocolates of your dreams today.


  52. Ida Says:

    I totally agree: chocolate is too good to feel guilty about! Yum!

  53. Gillian en route for Petra in two days!!!! Says:

    Angie I’m trying the nutella thing TOMORROW!! :)
    Tonight Olivia dipped strawberries in chocolate for our dessert. It was heavenly!
    I never worry about it, if you nickel & dime your caloric intake you end up not living!!! xoxo

  54. cabrizette Says:

    oh my God !!! i’m too sick today… maybe tomorrow !!!

  55. krista Says:

    mmm. chocolate.
    i think i came here to thank you or something like that but i got sidetracked by chocolate.

  56. audrey Says:

    Angie, i’ve always been a ’salt’ kind of girl. i like my potato chips. but i popped into a chocolate shop around christmastime and bought some chocolate for the holidays… i feel as if life has a whole new meaning :)!! delicious!!


  57. Holly L Says:

    You had me at crepe with nutella. Nutella is pure heaven! My kids would eat it on everything (almost) if I let them.

  58. Phoenix Says:

    Chocolate = gift from the gods, I swear. :)

  59. Bethany Says:

    love your additude and love affair with chocolate!

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