Author: angiem, 03 21st, 2010

Day at the beach.

My dad had given us an enchanted childhood.  Because he had a sweet tooth and was at heart one of us, he believed in making our birthdays and holidays magical; he was, and still is, a wonderful cook and fantastic storyteller.  Imaginative, playful, a prankster.  Dad was a weaver of words, and those he spun around us at bedtime, until we fell asleep and dreamt of floating castles and impish fairies.  I have very vivid memories of family trips to the sea, the mountains and the countryside, where he took us on walks through fields of blood red poppies or ancient forests, and bought us the sweets we craved without much prodding.

I suppose that’s what attracted me to my hubby right from the beginning.  He had that great sense of adventure, that love of life, that playfulness, and that attentiveness that I’ve associated with great dads.  And he turned out to be just as I thought he would.  He’s patient, kind, gentle, loving.  But most of all, he makes each day magical with his stories, his observations, his ideas, and his creations.  I love that he’s a stickler for rituals and traditions, for family time and family meals, for walks in the woods and on the beach, for building sandcastles and flying kites, for kicking the ball and patiently teaching to kick the ball, for watching birds and watching people, and for believing in the potential in all of us.  Daddies are precious!

(This is a re-post. I am working on a new short story post for Tuesday.)


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  1. Stephanie Baffone Says:

    Daddies are magical. Mine is still now at 95 and me at 43. We are lucky girls!

  2. Ange Says:

    Blessed be the family… Messmonsters’ daddy has far more patience than mine did. But I remember my dad for his practical jokes (sometimes embarrassing) and singing me to sleep with his guitar. Now it’s me doing that for mine ;-)

  3. Make Do Style Says:

    Great photo and nice to know!!

  4. julie Says:

    Sweet Angie
    What a lovely post dedicated to both your father and husband..I think encouraging your children to use their imagination is one of the most precious gifts … There are worlds out there to be discovered.. even if only through your own imagination or books… Lovely post as usual.. [thanks for your comment.. it means the world to me coming from you .. you clever girl!!]… have a great week xxx Julie

  5. Susan Says:

    Dear Angie:

    Lovely post about your dad. I don’t have one and the memories of him are quite hazy. But I also remember him telling me stories from the Bible and cooking when ma was away.

    I remember that your dad also did great work on wood.

    Bless your family.

    Joy always,

  6. Mrsbear Says:

    You know, I missed out on the daddy experience. But I’m so grateful that my kids won’t. A good daddy makes a world of difference.

  7. Cindy L. Says:

    It’s often true, what they say about fathers…. Our fathers are often role models (good or bad) for the husbands we eventually choose. Like you, I had a wonderful father who gave me his very best. He died when I was 38, and I miss him every single day. (You’ll find a couple of essays in Writing Home about losing my dad, Angie. “October Memories” is probably my favorite.)

    Sounds like your husband is a wonderful dad, too, setting a very fine example for your kids. What a wonderful family you have!

  8. Mary Moon Says:

    The one thing I truly grieve is that I did not have a daddy. And I am so glad that my children have had such a good one. You know how much that means. And now I do too.

  9. Karen@SurvivingMotherhood Says:

    Good memories are wonderful to have!
    My favorite daddy memory? I heard a crash from downstairs in the middle of the night. Woke me up and terrified me. I vaulted out of bed, ran down the hall toward my parents’ room, threw open the door and jumped right into my dad’s arms.
    Yes. He was perched on the other side of the door, waiting to catch me. I love that memory!

  10. Kathy Says:

    Sounds like you have been lucky enough to have great men in your life.

  11. Becky Ramsey Says:

    Dads are so important. I love discovering new things about my dad–and watching our relationship grow in different ways as we both grow older.

    Your dad and hubby sound like wonderful men!

  12. deb @ talk at the table Says:

    My children are blessed beyond measure . I can say that , even though I am biased because I love my husband. I just know.

    I ‘m so warmed knowing you grew up with this, and were able to find it for yourself, for you children. It is it’s own kind of magical.

  13. Bridgette Says:

    A happy, secure, loving, childhood is the foundation for a good life. For those fortunate enough to have one, being an example to others is a gift that is priceless.
    Bless the sweet Fathers in your life.

  14. belle de ville Says:

    Our fathers enrich our lives in so many ways. Thank you for reminding us.

  15. Elisabelle Says:

    So sweet words for your dad and your husband:)
    And the photo is great too!

  16. cathi Says:

    I, too had the best daddy in the world…Sadly, I lost him 4 years ago, but my memories of him live on! xxoo :)

  17. Susan R. Mills Says:

    Daddies are the best. I’m lucky to have a great one, and so are my kids.

  18. Sabine Says:

    This sounds so lovely. YES, dads are precious and especially for us girls have a big impact on the kind of future partner we’ll look for.

  19. Allegra Smith Says:

    Both my Father and my Grandfather were the most amazing men in my life until I married my husband. Hard acts to follow but he has done a great job at it, even doing some things my Beloved Grandfather used to do for me after he listened to some stories, and surprised me with the same thoughtful and loving gestures.

    We are among the blessed ones and I for one I am truly and humbly thankful for that.

  20. Nancy C Says:

    My Dad is a complicated man, but a good man.

    He loved me, and I know I am loved, and that in itself is a gift.

  21. willow Says:

    You’re a lucky woman to have both a wonderful father and a husband who is, as well!

  22. Jeanne Says:

    Now here is a woman in love…what a lucky man he is!

  23. rob kistner Says:

    This daddy says bravo! What you describe is precisely the joy of fatherhood…
    Image & Verse

  24. Bunny Says:

    Every woman should be so blessed to have both a wonderful father and husband in their lives. You and your children are so fortunate to have a wonderful dad, father/grandfather. I know the reason I married such a sweet man is because of my wonderful father and grandfathers they set the bar so high.

  25. Joyce Says:

    My daddy had a heart of gold and a soft spot for his 3 girls. It will be 2 yrs this September he became an angel that watches over me. My sweet butterfly as I like to call him. If we were bless to have children I know my husband would have been just as special to our children. In so many ways I see my father in the love of my life.
    My heart breaks for the children out there that don’t have as fond memories. A warm and beautiful post my friend. xo

  26. Sarah Laurence Says:

    What a great father and husband! Nice to see a sunny beach image on this cold, rainy day. Good luck with your writing!

  27. Susan Says:

    Ah, very fortunate. Not all daddies are nice at all, to put it lightly. (But my maternal grandfather was a super person.) I’m glad that yours was…& you chose wisely & well.


  28. Holly L Says:

    Daddies are precious and their contributions to their families (other than financial) are so often discounted. They play a major role in the lives of boys and girls.

  29. angiem Says:

    Susan - Very true, and so very tragic. But hooray for those who are. And hooray for your maternal grandfather for being a wonderful person.

  30. Francesca Says:

    What a sweet and loving post.

  31. Ava Says:

    Your dad and your husband are both precious men.

  32. Phoenix Says:

    What a beautiful, sweet tribute to your father and your husband - two good dads!

    I think I’ve met my mischievous match with the guy I’m dating now…and I like to think he’d be a wonderful father one day too.

  33. Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita Says:

    There is nothing like a dad, is there? Yours sounds wonderful!

  34. Bethany Says:

    this is such a sweet tribute to your dad and husband. So wonderful to know such men exist.

  35. Jennifer Says:

    I’m about to visit my father and stepmother. Unfortunately, he wasn’t one of those magical daddies. Oh, well. But my husband is a wonderful father. And for that, I am grateful.

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