Corner View: Vending Machines

Author: angiem, 04 06th, 2010

Unfortunately, I haven’t been in any places with vending machines in the last several days, so this photo will have to do. Upon closer inspection, it is a highly appropriate photo as it invites one to choose between a selection of delicious yummies, just as a vending machine would.

I am reminded of the love story of one of my numerous uncles’ girlfriends of years past.  This girlfriend kept a running tally of all the young men she had dated.  My uncle was number 34, if I remember correctly.  It wasn’t that she was a great beauty, she was just seventeen and lacking sophistication, yet already an expert in the art of seduction as some women are taught from an early age.  The young men wanted to marry her, anticipating all that her body offered. She got engaged to one man, and on her wedding night snuck out to run off with another.

Choices, choices.  And that’s how it is with vending machines.  One’s forever second guessing the choices made.

For more on REAL vending machines visit Jane’s sidebar at: #mce_temp_url#.


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  1. Holly L Says:

    I love how you equate the dating list to picking from a vending machine. It is hilarious and yet told like it is so much more. Love your way with words (I cannot say that enough).

  2. French Fancy Says:

    Fancy already being in double digits by the age of 17. I was still pure as the snow at that age. Made up for it a bit since then though :)


  3. Make Do Style Says:

    A very good analogy - I steer clear of vending machines!

  4. Lena M. Says:

    Choices indeed, Angie…

    Today a friend of mine told me: I will always have a Go rather then a Pass…

    One does have to take risks, right?

    Hope you are feeling better now!!!


  5. Lori Says:

    Lovely. How very true about second guessing yourself.

  6. Ötli Says:

    I prefer this “choice” !! and I like this love vending story !

  7. Kori Says:

    This made me smile-even though I hate vending machines simply because to be confronted with that many choices makes me panic a little. Must be why I am so conservative in love?

  8. Susan Says:

    Oh yes.

  9. la ninja Says:

    it must be stressful not being able to make a choice and being true to yourself. youth and education, ei?

    those treats look yummy indeed. which one did you go for? ;)

  10. soisses Says:

    lovely post…

  11. cate Says:

    wow. she was just 17. yikes. well, sex is power, and she was wielding hers.

    i like your selections better than most vending machines. so much more yummy looking. xoxo

  12. Susu Paris Chic Says:

    For me the most important is to try and stand behind my choices. Maybe they were not the best ones, maybe they were. But no matter, I have to stay contented. Giving up

  13. Susu Paris Chic Says:

    …some things, and gaining others. As I moved to Paris, I gave up family close by, but I have obtained so much in return. I try not to think about what I don’t have. I don’t want to be saddened by that, but to look on the sunny side.

  14. Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita Says:

    17 and 34 boyfriends! Someone’s mama had their hands full - lol! As always, a charming story. No worries on the e-mail, sweets - it was a holiday weekend, and there was certainly nothing in there that could not keep. 4 is a wonderful age - enjoy these days!

  15. Beth Says:

    Life and choices…reminds me of the line, “Not to decide is to decide.”
    (I forget the author of this quotation.)

  16. Joyce Says:

    A great story to share in comparison. I’m glad your uncle was only 34 and not the one she was engaged to or married. xo

  17. angiem Says:

    Holly - Well, that’s the only thing that came to mind… Haha.

    FF - You crack me up!

    MDS - Good thing!

    Lena - Somethings are worth risking for.

    Lori - Pleased I’m not the only one it made sense to.

    Otli - Thank you!

    Kori - Hmm… It could be.

    Susan - Exactly!

    La Ninja- the cafe eclair. I have no problem with choices. Lots of temptation, but I always know what I want.

    Soisses - Thank you!

    Cate - Yes, she sure was.

    Susu - That’s a great approach.

    Stephanie@LDV - Girls started young, and some were even married by that age.

    Beth - That is a great line.

  18. Susan R. Mills Says:

    Too many choices can sometimes be a dangerous thing.

  19. daan Says:

    Great story ;-)

    and mjum, after a Ninja kroket ;-)

  20. joanne Says:

    such a fun perspective, and story:)
    funny thing too, a vending machine I posted is called “Seventeen”!
    (flavors of ice cream..whatever the connection to your 17?!)

  21. Mary Moon Says:

    What I am thinking of is the power of youth and how that gives you all the change you need for the vending machine of life. Well, one sort of life, anyway.

  22. anna Says:

    That looks so yummie!
    Yes its al about choices, so funny we had the same thought!

  23. Sabine Says:

    Given the choice between men and vending machines I think I’d go for the lovely bakery thingies. Yum!

  24. mlle paradis Says:

    too funny! i’ve never thought of either “romance” or “vending machines” in that way!

    now restaurant menus - ask my husband what a minefield of buyers’ remorse that is for me! and what i try to go through to avoid the choices and the regrets!

  25. Kary Gonyer Says:

    loved this post, angie

    so good to see you at Farmhouse, my friend….


  26. Ma life à moi Says:

    I love your post Angie!

  27. Nancy C Says:

    I guess I’m taking away that you can build a lovely life with different people. I love my husband dearly, but I don’t know if I believe in the concept of “the one.”

  28. Ava Says:

    But you didn’t say if she’s still with the man she ran off with.
    Great analogy Angie!

  29. deb @ talk at the table Says:


    2 of my daughters would be married by now.
    the vending machine in this house is out of order

  30. Francesca Says:

    Are women taught the art of seduction? I don’t know for sure.

  31. rosamaría Says:

    i choice your vending machine… all in there looks soooo yummy!!!

  32. Melissa Says:

    All life’s choices really boil down to whether you want the reeses or the snickers, right?

    Loved the post!

  33. kelleyn Says:

    Much better than a vending machine. Yummy!

  34. Ange Says:

    How did your Uncle feel? Bet he needed the choice of pastries after that news ;-) LOVELY egg story too…

  35. She Writes Says:

    Great take on the theme! If only there was a vending machine of tasty men :)!

  36. Ocean Girl Says:

    Yes I was thinking if only there is a vending machine for men that we could return if he does not taste good.

    Your vending machine, as your other Corner Views is perfect. I must say, I have failed for the second week to post my Corner View. I hope I can do better next week.

  37. robin Says:

    Wow she was very busy….I like how you said “unsophisticated”..Lol…and the analogy is great….Have a Wonderful evening..!

  38. Corinne Says:

    I love the analogy! You’ve got a way with words :) And that picture… oh my heavens I didn’t need to see that after all the Easter candy in our place is almost all gone!

  39. Mama Zen Says:

    34 boyfriends by 17? Yikes!

  40. Bunny Says:

    Vending machines and dating lots of men, both are so tempting and yet so bad for you. well I guess that depends, if I were single and younger I could just buy the somewhat healthy wheat thins that seem to be in a lot of V,M’s and date lots of cute 19 year olds, how bad can that be?!! :)
    Great writing Angie

  41. mlle paradis Says:

    p.s. angie - thanks for coming to stay at passage paradis! nice to have you!

    loved the easter post and i saw those red eggs once somewhere and have been trying to find a recipe ever since for how to make them!

    hope you’re feeling better!

  42. jacqueline Says:

    very interesting analogy with the vending machines. have a good week.

  43. Gigi Says:

    Wow, 34 men at 17. She was a busy girl. I’m desperately trying to stay away from vending machines these days. Men are easier to avoid or maybe I just don’t find most of them as tempting anymore (except my husband, of course!).

    A great analogy, Angie! xo

  44. Nicola@Which Name? Says:


  45. angiem Says:

    Joyce - Me too. :)

    Susan R Mills - I agree.

    Daan - Thank you. :)

    Joanne - Funny indeed!

    Ms. Moon - It does give you all the change you need. But sooner or later you run out. What then?

    Anna - What do they say about great minds? ;)

    Sabine - At least with the yummies one can’t go wrong.

    Mlle Paradis - Neither have I, come to think of it, but it made sense at 10:30 last night.

    Kary -I LOVE the Farmhouse!!!

    Ma life a moi - Thanks!

    Nancy - Yes! You got it!

    Ava - She is. Thanks.

    Deb - Always love your responses.

    Francesca - Some mothers see to it.

    Rosamaria - Thanks :)

    Kelleyn - Oh. They are.

    Ange - My uncle got himself a girl that fit him perfectly. She is a lovely woman.

    Amy (She Writes) - Hahaha. Good one.

  46. jane Says:

    so true… and those cakes look heavenly… hugs!

  47. Ian Says:

    Yes, some places just don’t have them.

  48. Valerie Says:

    yep :) I guess in this case one could say : too many cakes on the table !

    I was too busy this week to participate/ go to town & shoot, but enjoy other participants’ photos ( and stories !)

  49. Jeannette Says:

    I have been reading your vending machine ´moral´ with a big grin!
    It is like a modern fairytale. ;))

  50. Diane Says:

    Good one. Some choices are definitely healthier than others…. :O)

  51. Cindy L. Says:

    I’ve been saying for a long time that it’s hard having too many choices. I always feel less satisfied with the choice I make, large or small, when there is a huge banquet of stuff and options set out before me. Too much is too much.

  52. christina Says:

    this blew me away! your writing is the real deal!
    i dig that.

  53. Stephanie Faris Says:

    Interesting! Buyer’s remorse…but with dating instead of merchandise. I think I tasted every nasty thing in the vending machine before finding my Mr. Right. (By ‘tasted,’ I mean briefly dated…not slept with!)

  54. Rick Says:

    I know that woman.
    Man I miss her.

  55. laura Says:

    You just have the best stories. All true too. That’s the amazing thing.

    I’ve been away from internet for a few days…catching up with my favorite peeps! That’s you!

  56. Ani Says:

    This was a funny little story… but the poor girl… so undecided… I kindda feel sorry for her.

  57. Jena Says:

    LOL!!! Sorry about the girl’s husband. Too funny!!!

  58. Beb Says:

    I am praying Angie. You are a good friend and a blessing.

  59. Kari Says:

    oh what a story.
    choices, choices but there are always consequences!!

  60. Dawn Says:

    I hope she found her happily ever after…

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