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Author: angiem, 04 14th, 2010

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary to Jane of #mce_temp_url#on one year of bringing happiness in the form of Corner Views from around the world. I am new at this so I have no favorite to post, but looking through Jane’s I was inspired to post a photo of a beach and tell a story of one of my favorite times there.

Years ago, a friend and I took a few sunny summer days to explore the Pacific Northwest coast. Our main goal was to stay off the beaten path and experience life at a slower pace. Antique shops, flea markets, and art galleries were our destination, as were berry farms, deserted beaches, dusty book shops and coffee houses. We had reserved a couple of nights at bed and breakfast places along the way, provisioned ourselves with a picnic basket overflowing with Belgian chocolates, crusty bread, and the best cheeses we could afford, and set out.

She was to be married that summer, and soon after to move away. I suppose, in a way, we were gifting each other a last memory of our girlhood. Ours was a friendship that had carried us from childhood, through the turbulent, self-conscious adolescence, and into our twenties.

The views were stunning. Rolling pastoral beauty giving way to dense emerald forests. We followed a river that shined like mica and came into a village right out of a nautical painting. The sun was setting, all rose and apricot colored over the bay. We parked our car and strolled the heart of the main street in search of a coffee house. With steaming drinks and chunks of cheese filled bread, we made our way to the beach, content to sit on the sand and soak up the beauty before us.

As darkness was approaching, we didn’t linger too long. Somewhere along those dusty roads, the hostess of a white Victorian house was awaiting our arrival, probably eager to lock up and go to bed. Our bedroom, at the top of three flights of stairs, was under the eaves and decorated with a large-scale lilac print wallpaper right out of a Victoria magazine. The brass, queen-sized bed was piled up with fluffy pillows, and in the bathroom a claw-foot tub occupied most of the space. We loved it.

A misty morning arrived too soon. We took our time over breakfast in the ornate dining room, both decided that the food could be better, yet stuffed ourselves nonetheless, and set off for a day of treasure hunting. It seemed that time stood still. The clouds and morning drizzle cleared away, and our minds emptied of everything but the joy of each other’s company.

That night’s bed and breakfast was a far cry from the first. We took one look at it and turned our car around. It was spooky! Our overactive imaginations had us roaming the dark roads in search of acceptable lodging. Finally, after it seemed as though we drove for hours, we found a newly built hotel, devoid of character, as expected, but with views of the silver ocean lapping at the rocks below.

Before we headed home the following afternoon, we stopped into a local bookshop and sealed our three days together by each purchasing a copy of Jane Eyre. It was a favorite book to both of us, and a talisman to remember our friendship and our last adventure before matrimony.

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  1. Dash Says:

    Angie, that was lovely, I was right there with you and your friend, I can picture that white Victorian house clearly in my mind.
    Jane Eyre is one of my favourite novels.
    I hope you still have the copy.

  2. French Fancy Says:

    A holiday with a special friend, a kindred spirit is such a wonderful experience. Even if you lose touch over the years there are still the shared memories - and the photos to prove it.

  3. Elisabelle Says:

    beautiful picture and sweet story!

  4. Ibb Says:

    Lovely story!
    I also like Jane Eyre a lot.

  5. Lori Says:

    Jane Eyre is one of my favorites also! I love that book. This sounds like an unforgettable adventure.

  6. julie Says:

    Another wonderful story and photo Angie !

    I always feel as if I am part of your journey when I read your thoughtful descriptive words… Sounds like this weekend will remain a warm memory for both of you! I laughed about the second B&B I think we have all had those moments when we need to say.. nope move on .. and you lucked out with a view of the sea!!!

    Well thanks for the giveaway…. and also for you lovely words over my way. You know your stories always linger with me also.. and I find it uncanny how many of your subjects ‘hit home’… sometimes I think you are writing just for me!! hhaha.. thanks for that!! Have a lovely week and hope to see you at my giveaway soon xxx Julie

  7. Jessica Says:

    What a sweet experience! I’ve never done anything like that but my mom has a friend who she gets together with still to hang out.
    Great writing too!

  8. Diane Says:

    What a great memory to share with your friend! :O)

  9. kelleyn Says:

    I know those forest and you are right because at night they can be spooky. I went to college in Portland and when I needed a break from everything I would drive to the coast. I always found peace there.

  10. Francesca Says:

    What a nice trip! I’ve traveled very few times with a girlfriend, and I wish I’d had more opportunities to do so.

  11. Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita Says:

    You write so beautifully Angie! Lovely story and well told!

  12. Kathy Says:

    I have loved the corner views!

  13. Beth Says:

    What a wonderful memory to share with your friend.
    Once went to a lovely (looking) B&B with a friend of mine – there were rats (!) and the owner’s dead dog was stuffed and on display in the sitting room! Made for some laughs and great memories. Friendships thrive on these sort of adventures.

  14. jane Says:

    what a beautiful memory. your descriptions are wonderful. thanks for sharing this.

  15. Laura [What I Like] Says:

    What a gorgeous, evocative story. There is something incredibly special about a relationship you have with someone that spans those particular stages of life…there is so much change that it is somehow comforting when someone changes along with you in a compatible way. And I LOVE Jane Eyre. Perfect ending.

  16. soisses Says:

    beautiful pics. i like your holiday-story…

  17. Kori Says:

    I think I must be the only one who has never read Jane Eyre; am I really missing something?

    I spent a similar weekend with a friend many years ago, although not in a B&B or hotel, but in her grandparents beach house; I can still remember every minute of it.

  18. Allegra Smith Says:

    Memories of good friends, and shared by good friends are the most precious jewels with which to adorn the passing of time. Yours is a lovely memory.


  19. Jennifer Says:

    Angie — Crystal clear descriptions that brought me right there. And I’ve read Jane Eyre many many times (probably the most recent was a few years ago).

    I’m sorry that I haven’t been by much (well, I have made a couple of visits without commenting). I’ve been writing and reading and not doing too much blog visiting. But here I am!

  20. Mary Moon Says:

    Once my friend Lis gave me a copy of a book entitled something like “Romantic Get-Aways In Florida” and she made it quite clear that it was for OUR getaways together. I love how women together can be so romantic in a way that a man and a woman cannot be. And I mean this in a strictly platonic (and very lovely) way.
    Sounds like a perfect time for you and your girlfriend.
    Love it.

  21. Ötli Says:

    A perfect friendship story for a special CV !

  22. Jena Says:

    Happy 1st Anniversary to everyone atCornerView!!! I love the series Angie!
    This story of friendship remunded me of one from my childhood. I wonder how that friend is doing now. We had alot of good times together. Ah the memories…..

  23. Susan R. Mills Says:

    I love that picture! And the story was very sweet.

  24. pamela Says:

    Oh Angie, I’ve missed reading you whilst I’ve been away! Such a joy to catch up on all your wonderful postings this morning. Truly a delight! Thank you.

  25. Joyce Says:

    Beautiful my friend! Happy Anniversary too. xo

  26. Merel Says:

    Wow what a story wish a was there with you. It sounds like a perfect trip! And Jane Eyre is also one of my favourite’s. I can watch the movie again and again. I never read the book!

  27. Nancy C Says:

    “With steaming drinks and chunks of cheese filled bread, we made our way to the beach, content to sit on the sand and soak up the beauty before us.”

    That is perfection. Your words are perfection.

  28. CrowNology Says:

    Happy Anniversary!

  29. daan Says:

    what a sweet adventure and so well written!

    and hieperdepiephoera for the first year CV!

  30. Sabine Says:

    Lovely story - sounds like a perfect time with your friend… (not only for unmarried women). I’ve got a weak spot for Jane Eyre, too. Such a romantic story.

  31. Sarah Laurence Says:

    It is a lovely photo and story. How nice to share the moment with a good friend and special book.

  32. Ava Says:

    You are the perfect storyteller Angie. I wish that ond day we can meet in person. I hope I didn’t creep you out by saying that but, I love your stories!

  33. Susan Says:

    I hope you’re still friends, yes? What a wonderful trip. I do miss them. Thanks for taking me along…(I love the photograph, too. Of course:)

  34. janis Says:

    Wonderful story of two friends on a special journey, on the road and in life…

  35. anna Says:

    This was so much fun to read, thank you for taking us with you on this adventure!

    Happy 1 year CV :)

  36. Ani Says:

    What a fun story… ofcourse… like always… great writing… But you know what? If makes me wanna pack my Ford with my close friends and head out for the coast… Wouldn’t that be fun? Let’s do it! :-) .. PS (the Ford because it has three rows of seats to fit all the “girls”) :-)

  37. christina Says:

    a friendship between girls, how breathtaking.

  38. Rosamaría Says:

    what a lovely trip!! thanks for sharing your story!!! and happy anniversary!

  39. kim andersen Says:

    I live up here in the Pacific Northwest :) I LOVE it here …. I’m glad for your adventure and special trip :)

  40. She Writes Says:

    I love Jane Eyre. And I love spending time like this with my friends. Did a lot of it before Jane and plan to do more this coming year, now that she is 4.

  41. aimee Says:

    what a terrific story! felt like i was right along for the ride!

  42. juanita de la vega Says:

    Oh Angie, such a lovely story and sweet picture! You write in a way that makes me feel as if I were with you there… As yourself, I choose a friendship story as my favorite, because I think that memories shared with a friend are forever!
    Have a wonderful day!

  43. Theresa Says:

    Hi Angie, I am pleased to know you via CV, and always like your stories. A blessed friendship for sure.

  44. Sharon Says:

    i’ve never read it! :)

  45. Cindy L. Says:

    Gorgeous memories — happy anniversary!

  46. Anya Says:

    Such a wonderful story…There is nothing more special than beautiful memories. They stay with us forever and at the end they are all we can take with us. Happy Anniversary!

  47. Bunny Says:

    Angie, Thank you for sharing this lovely story with us. Having a friend like that is such a blessing.

  48. Kary Gonyer Says:

    angie…that was lovely..felt like i was right there with you…i wish…

    i just heard about ‘corner view’ this morning…how timely

    i will check it out today…i am wondering where you live?

    i’ll search your blog and see if i can find out..

    less than a week till TEDDY….

    sending love to you, my friend


  49. Liz Says:

    That story brought me back to many places and those long time friendships that have seen us through so much… so beautiful, thank you

  50. deb @ talk at the table Says:

    Thanks for the little step outside a normal day. If we can’t live it , we can read it from writers such as yourself.

    must join the CV one of these days.

  51. Elizabeth Says:

    Welcome to Corner View! That photo and post are lovely — you are an inspiration in so many ways –

  52. Make Do Style Says:

    You have such great stories and tell them so well. you made me hungry for cheese and bread xxx

  53. la ninja Says:

    jane eyre. haven’t read that one in ages but it was a fave too.

    (which one is you in the pic?)

  54. audrey Says:

    Angie, just wonderful. i love this story. i love the details and the way you are able to whisk us away with you on this sublime adventure. i like very much the prettiness of it all as well, two friends in the company of one another, bed and breakfasts, more peaceful hotels, shops and books… i just love it!

  55. mrsbear Says:

    What a lovely memory to share. A quiet beach sounds fantastic right now.

  56. Ange Says:

    Mmm - I’d love to hear more about the spoooooky place. Angie, when you write, I feel like it’s happening to me. I’m the one living the story in your place. Hmm - waking up to the waves lapping below is my idea of paradise, specially if it’s followed by flea markets ;-)


  57. Grey Lemon Says:

    Beautiful picture! I love this friendship story ! Happy CV Anniversary

  58. Crystal Says:

    That was beautiful! You are such an amazing writer! I loved going back in time with you and imagining what that time with your friend was like. Thank you for sharing that!

  59. Christie Says:

    I love to read your posts. You’re such a fabulous writer…it makes me feel as though I’m reading the pages of a favorite book. Lovely memory, thank you for sharing it.

  60. Jeannette Says:

    This little story might become my favorite of your Corner Views. ;)
    The spooky hotel and Jane Eyre….just the perfect book to end your trip. Love the book!
    Was the hotel like the Bates motel? I would have run too!
    Have a wonderful weekend, Jeannette

  61. Holly L Says:

    What a wonderful tale. I long to spend some time like that with a girlfriend…actually hoping to get to do that soon with two of my best ones. Sweet and precious memories.

  62. lollipop Says:

    I love this story!

  63. Karen@SurvivingMotherhood Says:

    Angie, I simply love the way you write. Everything is so colorful, and I can always feel like I am expereincing the moment with you.
    You are a gifted woman. *grin*

  64. Bethany Says:

    lovely photo and what a charming story. Much better way to start my day then reading people’s Facebook statuses. Thank you. I hope your friend is happy and still has the book.

  65. Kari Says:

    lovely story. reminds me of the times I spent with a close friend/cousin.

  66. Relyn Says:

    What a lovely memory of time with your friend. Are you two still in touch?

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