the spell

Author: angiem, 04 23rd, 2010

The witch lived a few houses down the street.  She had red hair, a loud laugh, and her eyes commanded to be looked into.  As a little girl, my mom warned me against her.  I was never to speak to her, let alone meet her eyes.  The woman had placed a cursed hair in the walls of our house. That was why my parents argued far into the night.  That was why mom cried and cried.  That was why no baby boys were born.

When I was five we moved to a blessed house.  A house on the opposite side of town, on a pretty cobblestoned street, with a private courtyard no one could peer into.  It had a well in the middle of the back yard, with a pail attached to a chain, a pail my dad lowered twice a day to get our drinking water.  There were also rows upon rows of vines my grandfather had planted when my mom was a little girl, and they produced the sweetest grapes.

The awaited baby boys were born there, one after the other, and my dad was proud that he had the heirs needed to carry the family name.  The arguing between the adults diminished.  My mom came out one day and watched us at play and she was smiling from ear to ear, and although I was only six, I stopped in my tracks and stared at her surprised.  I had not seen my mom smile before.

The cursed house continued to curse its inhabitants with sickness and poverty for many years.  One early morning it caught on fire and a group of party goers on their way home from a night out, rushed in and saved the family before the roof collapsed.

Slowly the house was rebuilt. It was blessed and its walls prayed over, and the family within it who had lived for so long without so much, suddenly found themselves wealthier than they ever imagined. They bought luxury cars, and even an airplane.  They grew and they prospered.  The spell had been broken.


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  1. Mwa Says:

    Were you actually born in a fairy tale?

  2. Joyce Says:

    Angie, really? This post had me sitting on my seat. I want more… whatever happened to the lady down the street? How did the family find their wealth? Did your parents know about the curse before they moved it? I love happy endings! xo

  3. Susu Paris Chic Says:

    As for me, I do not believe in spells… maybe I’m wrong in not doing so, but… I believe in God and there are no such things in the world that the Bible talks about. just the all-powerful Creator and Father. Your story is captivating though.

    Sweet weekend times!

  4. Beth Says:

    Witches, spells, hauntings, curses – they all take us out of the realm of the ordinary – out of our oh-so-structured “reality.”
    Well done.

  5. Kori Says:

    This is a magical post, Angie.

  6. Mary Moon Says:

    Where was this?

  7. French Fancy Says:

    Oh Angie - this is such good writing. I never know where the line with fact and fiction is.

  8. Sabine Says:

    OR… the witch got tired of her spell and lifted it, noticing that she actually preferred being a nice witch, including red hair and loud laugh.
    Love your story, Angie. Wishing you a great weekend. xx

  9. rochambeau Says:

    Hello Angie,
    What a great story to read!
    You are a blessed storyteller.
    Hope you will consider compiling your work and get different artist to illustrate each one. I would love to be part of your venture!

    Hugs and Happy Weekend,

    We had our house blessed.

  10. juanita de la vega Says:

    Beautiful tale, Angie, and I love your writing!
    When I was a little girl, in northern Argentina, we had a neighbor we children were afraid of; he was brazilian and the first and only negro person we ever saw. It was a misterious person, since he didn’t speak Spanish, neither got out of her house for any reason, (everything were delivered at home)
    We used to talk about him and immagining a milion of possibilities about him: a spy? a wizard? a fugitive? We never knew…

  11. audrey Says:

    Angie, the experiences you share really do transport me to another time and place… i’m all in, and curious. i do love it.

    i really have been thinking of place, and its effect on us and our lives. your words speak to this question of mine.

    i love the moment when you stopped and took in your mother’s smile… wonderful!

    have a lovely weekend, and thanks so much for your thoughts of me.


  12. Ava Says:

    Wow!!! Girlfriend, you are a master storyteller! I can’t get enough of it!

  13. Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita Says:

    You do have a way with words - I enjoy each glimmer more than the last. And as to the comment you left - your mom may have been right - my daughter did break her nose on a “softball”!

  14. Jeanne Says:

    What I want to know Angie is when you are going to write a book? Seriously, I would be thrilled to get stuck into a book that included this in it’s story. My mind is already spinning with the possibilities. Someday…it will come, just a sixth sense :)


  15. corine Says:

    Wonderful tale of a méchante sorcière.

  16. Becky Ramsey Says:

    This is fascinating reading, Angie. You had me spellbound!

  17. Karen@SurvivingMotherhood Says:

    I’m with French Fancy - never know where the line is between fact and fiction. You draw me in to your stories, and I feel like I’m right there with you.
    Wonderful writing!

  18. Jena Says:

    I agree with Karen and French Fancy and Mwa. I never know, but you must have been born into a fairy tale, your writing is magical and amazing. Love it!!!

  19. Bridgette Says:

    You had an enchanting childhood, and you retell it so beautifully.

    My grandfather killed himself in the home where I grew up, and I believe it was cursed as well.

  20. Cindy L. Says:

    I love the fairy tale quality of your stories too … but I always wonder why witches have red hair like mine :-)

  21. Jennifer Says:

    Yes, a fairy tale — and one that really worked out for all in the end. There is a dreamlike quality to your work.

  22. Francesca Says:

    Poor unborn children, so much depends on their gender.

  23. julie Says:

    Dear Angie
    I never know how much of your stories is real and how much fantasy.. yet I suspect it doesn’t matter as your writing brings it alive for us and it is real to me… I’m sure you are right about the cursed house too… I once rented a house and backed out 2 days into the agreement.. cost me a small fortune till they found another renter.. but there was something truly not right about the home… I found out later an elderly gentleman had died there and had remained unfound for a week… and not long before I had signed the contract… eeekk… amazing what we know without knowing… Thanks for another fascinating story.. xxx Julie

  24. Dash Says:

    Angie, that was bewitching! What a magical imagination you have.

  25. Ange Says:

    Could this be the reason my house burnt down? I certainly saw a ghost just before we left on holidays…
    The upstairs always left me with goose bumps and shivers. That was where the fire started.
    Next to my boy’s bedroom…
    The house has been rebuilt. But the luck has never returned. Hmm - good though that the sun is shining your way!

  26. Bunny Says:

    Angie, you have me on the edge of my seat, please write more!! I’m so happy the spell was broken.

  27. Anya Says:

    Lord, I did not breath until the very end of this story…And what a story it is! I actually was able to imagine every single detail.THank you for this beatiful post!

  28. Lena M. Says:

    Fairytale… what a nice way to wake up on a Saturday…

    I really enjoy reading you, Angie…

    Warm hugs!!! XXX

  29. She Writes Says:

    Ah the myth of boys being more of a blessing than girls…

  30. Carol Says:

    Hi Angie~~~~ I’m not sure if I was reading truth or fiction but I loved it and want to read more of the same!!!! XOXO

  31. Relyn Says:

    I can’t tell you how sad it made me to think that you had never seen your mother smile - in six years. Fiction or non, it nearly broke my heart.

  32. All This Trouble Says:

    My kind of bedtime story.

    I enjoyed this very much.

  33. krista Says:

    did i comment on this already? i meant to.
    this story has stuck with me.
    and how certain walls speak so much and bleed into everything.
    that is something.

  34. laura Says:

    I love your stories, Angie. They are so vivid…smart and picturesque. I’m like Relyn, the part about your mom’s smile, it just broke my heart. But then I was happy that she could smile.

    Totally taken in by this one!

  35. Merel Says:

    Incredible! Its really good to say such things! Because its true I believe it! But I believe also :That he who is in me is bigger than he who is in the world. Thanks to Jesus! He give’s Live! Thanks for posting!

  36. Make Do Style Says:

    Great story and of course I believe it xx

  37. deb @ talk at the table Says:

    Because I have red hair , my reaction was similar to Cindy’s . I’m sure my husband or kids have had similar thoughts at times :)

    great writing, and with the photo, it’s perfect.

  38. Elisa Says:

    I agree with many of your readers. Great writing and you had me sitting on the edge of my seat, and I smiled at the end. Good story and we too have something similar in my culture about the *evil eye*!
    Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

  39. Ruth Says:

    I agree, great story by a great storyteller. Seems some of the fam is blessed with this trait. I remember your mom telling stories…and Ani used to put us to bed with stories. Some of my bros and sisters are, too. Great memories. Thanks for reminding me of them :)

  40. Phoenix Says:

    Love this story… the ways that we see blessings and curses… I wonder if everything was fine until there were no boys? And why exactly that’s considered a curse in the first place…

  41. izabel Says:

    enjoyed the reading!

  42. mrsbear Says:

    These memories / stories always have such a dreamy fairytale feel to them. They’re enchanting. The image of a cursed hair in the house is unsettling. Beautifully told and a happy ending.

  43. Menina Says:

    So enchanting! I’d love to put myself in this as a real life scene and wander around the cobbled streets finding out more!

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