Corner View: Animals

Author: angiem, 04 27th, 2010

I’m sure I won’t make any friends by confessing this, but I’m not too crazy about animals, as in pets.  Whoever had the idea of domesticating cats did not take into consideration that some people would be grossed out by the interior of cats ears, and that cats need to have their ears cleaned really well as they are prone to ear infections.

Same goes for dogs.  Just the thought that they are out there sniffing the behinds of others of their species and then coming to sniff my food puts me off eating for a week.  Oh, they are cute!  And I am a bit in love with cute, little ones.  But what’s with all the sniffing?

And nothing that resembles a mouse for me either.  The tails are slimy looking, the beady eyes give me nightmares, and every time I see one I am reminded of George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, where Winston was terrorized by rats. When I see a mouse, I scream at the top of my lungs and jump onto the nearest chair.

I don’t like fish of any kind.  They really stink up the place when they die.  I don’t like any sort of snake or lizard.  Nor do I like goats, although I do love goat cheese, and goats are great for using in place of a lawnmower.  But since I don’t have a lawn, I really don’t see a need for one.

Bunnies are cute, but messy.  Chickens are really only for fresh eggs and soup, as they can’t be house trained and they poop wherever they go.

I do like horses.  Maybe I’ll get one.  A gilded, carousel one that I can plant in the living room and let the kids ride.

Oh, I know I’m a horrible mother and must allow my children a pet.  They have been begging for years and years.  There’s only so much longer I can put it off.  Any ideas?

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59 Responses to “Corner View: Animals”

  1. Ötli Says:

    Ha ha ! I can understand !!! May be, the love for animals is often “disproportionate” ;)

    I love the kind of animals I can see on your picture too !

  2. Lori Says:

    My daughter has been asking for a pet for a long time too. But animals are not toys. I think I will wait some more. And your honesty is always very refreshing, Angie.

  3. Kathy Says:

    Maybe a pet rock! Love the picture at first I thought you were talking about your kids being animals! I’m not a big animal lover but do love dogs especially mine. Have a great day!

  4. Joyce Says:

    Would you believe growing up I was afraid of dogs and animals?! Until my grandmom let me in on a secret a very important one, my mom was surprising us with a dog! Needless to say our dog became my dog and the rest is history.
    BTW I don’t think you are a horrible mom in the animal department, I think you are a smart one. Considering bringing a pet into the mix involves a lot of serious thoughts AND you didn’t lose me in the friendship either. Smile… xo

  5. Mary Moon Says:

    Yes- my idea is this- tell them that when they grow up and move out, they can have all the pets they want!

  6. deb @ talk at the table Says:

    First of all, I love love that picture. You are absolved of any pet denial guilt by knowing how to play with your children. And looking smashing at the same time.

    I love animals. I don’t relish them as pets, it’s absurd in a way.

    says she who broke down and got a dog three years ago that I love more than I ever thought possible. And talk to him . And oh my. And since he’s not around other dogs, the sniffing thing isn’t a reality.

  7. Beth Says:

    With the exception of a goat and a cat, we’ve had them all - and then some!
    Based on my experience, I suggest a dog – you get lots of love in return!

  8. Francesca Says:

    Interesting thought about dogs:) I like animals, but outside my house.

  9. willow Says:

    My mother would never allow us pets and so I think I compensated by letting my kids have a whole zoofull! Now that they’re grown and gone, the house seems quite empty and petless.

  10. Jennifer Says:

    A pet rock?? ;)

    Hmmmm. This is a tough one. I have owned many cats over the years and have never cleaned an ear and have never had a kitty with an ear infection, but maybe I’m just lucky. Still, I would rule out cats, because their ears disgust you.

    You didn’t mention frogs or turtles, which might be a possibility, but they aren’t very cuddly. Are guinea pigs too rodent-like for you? They are cute and friendly and can be kept in a cage . . .

  11. Victoria @ Hibiscus Bloem Says:

    How about a tortoise? They hibernate for a good part of the year so you wouldn’t see it much. The eat lots of leaves, salads etc, so not expensive. They don’t make much noise, and are small. Yes? Are you convinced?

  12. cathi Says:

    I am an animal lover but have mainly had dogs…It is definitely a lifetime commitment when you think about getting an animal. You will get alot of love in return - but only do it if & when you are ready. Have a wonderful day! xxoo :)

  13. pretty far west Says:

    I have no pets either - children alone are enough work. But we look for lizards and ladybirds in the garden as a nod to Wildlife.

  14. Anya Says:

    I smiled all the way through. I am a huge animal lover. I have four cats all of whom were adopted from shelters. All of them were abused, some starved and abandoned …They are wonderful and I can not imagine my home without them. I also have three dogs - each with its own personality. My suggestion: give it a chance. You might change your mind about entre no pet liking policy :-))) . They have ability to love you for who you are without any conditions . It is a rare gift.

  15. izabel Says:

    I am the same as you- I dont like pets. fish wont bother me in the house as long as i dont have to clean the tank. just take the kids to the zoo:)

  16. Allegra Smith Says:

    Oh, I am so sorry! I wish I would have known this. I guess this surely cuts into our hope for more visits…sigh.

  17. Alice: writer, traveller, dreamer Says:

    I think it’s best to be honest… getting a pet isn’t a great idea if you really don’t like them! How about adopting a dog at a home? The children could visit whenever they wanted and have a picture of them in their room!!! (my friend does this for her daughter and it is definitely biding her some time!).

    I have to say, I get what you’re saying about the sniffing thing, but I think I feel worse shaking the hand of a human who probably hasn’t washed their hands than snuggling up with my dog ;-) !!!

  18. Maia Says:

    But who doesn’t love a carousel?

    My daughter wanted a cat, and I had reservations about a two-year-old playing responsibly with a cat. But she has done very well I have to say. For us, the cat is a far better alternative than all the mice that plague our neighborhood.

  19. Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita Says:

    We did cave and get a dog, because my daughter was so deathly afraid, we were told that if she had one from very small, it would help the fear, and it did. We brought her home at one pound and just a few inches long. She was afraid for the first week … and then got closer and closer and now she carries her like her baby. She is a Maltese, and 7 lbs fully grown. Definitely a house dog, she prefers the yard to the street, and has never sniffed another’s rear. And no shedding! Yay! It was the best compromise we could make, the husband was happy because he wanted a dog (although a man dog! but he loves her too), and the kids are crazy about her. I have had rabbits - they poop a lot! Cats - elegant and lovely, but I didn’t want a pet that thought it was smarter than me! Good luck however you decide!

  20. Kristin Says:

    My kitties have never had ear infections…but then again I do clear their ears!

  21. Becky Ramsey Says:

    Angie, I used to feel the same about dogs as you do. I’d visit my brother in law’s house, see the slobber marks on his windows, and be completely disgusted. And when their dog would lick the dirty dishes in the dishwasher, I wanted to wretch. But then we got a puppy and I absolutely fell in love. And now he slobbers on everything and sneaks a lick of my hand whenever he walks by and I think it’s the sweetest thing ever.
    Good luck in your decision!

  22. French Fancy Says:

    When I was about 5 I was very scared of dogs and would have to cross over if there was one on our side of the road. To get me over this my mum got us a sweet little daxie. From the day he arrived to now I am absolutely besotted my dogs. I adore them - I always wanted dogs and never wanted kids. See how different we all are


  23. Autumn Says:

    I never want pets either. Growing up we lived in apts and could only have certain pets and they were cool, but these days I have no desire for pets so you are not alone. I do like bunnies though, but they chew through everything. I am not sure about a pet… I guess a small dog may not be so bad. Can’t you keep it outside? My cousins had dogs when we were young and they lived in the garage. I don’t know Angie, but I feel you pain. Best wishes with whatever you do. xoxo

  24. angiem Says:

    Yes, Jennifer, guinea pigs are way too rodent for me.

    And Victoria, do you remember the movie with Uma Thurman a few years back where she had to stick her finger in the turtle’s rear to get his head out of the shell? I DO NOT want to even think of having to do that.

    Allegra, this only applies to pets in my own home, not the pets of others. So, we’ll be there , no worries.

    Alice, that’s a great idea! I just might.

    I like the Maltese, they are adorable, Stephanie.

    FF, true, but the two of us get along so well. That’s all that matters.

  25. Corinne Says:

    I completely agree. Honestly - on all accounts. I didn’t grow up having pets, but my husband did, and he’s chomping at the bit to get a dog… and knowing I would end up being the main caretaker gives me hives, so we have yet to go there :)

  26. Elizabeth Says:

    How refreshing to hear this! I have to admit that if it weren’t for my children’s love for our dog, I wouldn’t be thrilled about owning one, either. I’m always hesitant to admit that I’m not much of an animal person because you know what they say about people like us, right?

  27. Stephanie Faris Says:

    Fish…pretty, but not too nasty. They are a lot of work though.

    I never cared for dogs until I had one. Now I love them…although I still get easily grossed out by other people’s dogs!

  28. Susan Says:

    Ah. Having grown up with all sorts of animals (& bringing home birds with broken wings, etc.) makes it difficult for me to understand. Whenever a boyfriend has freaked out about animals, I have to say, bye bye (unless they’re willing to change). I wouldn’t have survived without pets as a child & an adult at various times. Seriously. That does not mean you have to get your kids any pet, although they can learn many lessons from animals, particularly mammals. (Julie cleans her own ears, so what the heck is that about Angie? :)

    I bet many people don’t think about how gross (in the hygiene sense) it is having babies & little children around…let’s face it, sometimes, ugh. But those cute round lil faces. So it’s the same with moi & mammals. (But no ferrets, puhleeze. However, if someone likes them, cool.)

    You will end up taking care of any pet so be firm if it’s not what you want. Another sister & I have had to spend far too much of our free time volunteering at shelters & finding homes for animals who were adopted for the wrong reasons. You wouldn’t do that but resentment builds. I’ve seen it. And I’ve seen animals suffer because of it, too. Two of my sisters got dogs because they thought “we have dogs”…I’ve felt for those two dogs ever since. They’re not abused, of course, but they are not treated as they should be. They remind me of orphaned kids…it’s very sad. Desperate for affection, etc. (They were not like that when adopted.)

    If you have a shred of doubt, don’t do it. I’m tellin’ ya. When I went to university, I got a kitten as a bday gift from a boyfriend (which I wanted) & that was fine. So the kids can wait.

    Aren’t I a meanie?


  29. Make Do Style Says:

    Ha, I’m the same!

  30. Mwa Says:

    My idea is don’t get a pet. Go to a petting zoo. Let it stay “special.” That’s what I do with sandpits - park only. If only I had done that with pets as well. I’m telling you - you’re heading for some serious regret. Unless you go for a small beetle in a jar or something. Even they make me sad.

  31. Ange Says:

    Hmmm - I have a hubby who refused pets for the kids under any circumstances. We live in the middle of the country. The kids are small. It’s now or never! So Azzura got a ‘rabbit’ for her 8th birthday who was followed by a border collie for Moi ( after checking someone close would look after him for me while on holidays far far away…
    Doggers lives mostly outside and accompanies me on my numerous runs through the country. Hubby fell in LOVE with him and often I don’t even get a look in anymore.
    We had a cat too and the vet never told me we had to clean its ears out! Cat was very useful for getting rid of rodents - not my favourite pet either ;-)
    Cats look after themselves and you can even buy hairless ones (sphinxes) who, I’m sure, don’t need their ears cleaned either!
    Don’t US stores have lots of robot pets with fake fur for kids?
    Can your wee one babysit someone else’s pet for a while every now and again?
    What ever you do - don’t do the bird thing. Those moments of silence will be LOST FOREVER ;-)

  32. Rosamaría Says:

    hahahaha! love your post! i love dogs very much but you are so right about the sniffing and other things too :S… but i think if you are not 100% sure about having a pet, maybe is not time yet… pets are sooo cute and a great companion but they are a lot of work too!

  33. Susan Deborah Says:


    I would agree with you but have a slightly different perception. By domesticating animals, one changes their life entirely. Animals are meant to be in the wild hunting and having fun. And not in houses eating and sleeping!!

    I liked this post for it extended into a different dimension and gave another insight into your self.

    Your picture in the post looks lovely!

    Joy and love,

  34. Evangeline Says:

    This made me laugh! :) I have a sister who is the exact same way, and she is a lovely person…all kindness and generosity to the core, so not liking pets is definitely not the poor reflection on your character that some people would have you believe. Each to their own etc. etc.

    We are in the opposite boat. We love critters of most any description, but no mammals due to allergies, and herps aren’t the best idea due to compromised immunity/salmonella concerns. Very sad.

    I highly recommend betta fish. They are probably the simplest and cleanest pets possible. Plus they are beautiful and have quite a bit of personality…for a fish. ;)

  35. Ava Says:

    Awwww…. I have a cat and a dog and I can’t imagine not having them. Always had pets. Always. Had. Pets.
    I get your point though. They’re so much work and you already have your hands full. Good luck deciding!!! :D

  36. pamela Says:

    Ah, but you haven’t met Edward.

  37. Ruth Says:

    I have a toy poodle. I just get her groomed every few weeks and give her a bath once a week. The groomer does all the messy work. They don’t shed, are very playful, you can get cute cuts on them, no beady eyes (well, unless you get her groomed really short on the face, I guess). She’s white. And she loves to sniff, and she’s the boss, but she loves us. She rings this bell garland I hung on the door when she needs to go potty. We’ll get a doggy door eventually. I think dogs and cats are cute, but I understand about the indoor hair and stuff. That’s why I got the poodle (she was a bday present, actually). One of my peeves with them is that their eyes “cry” so I have to wipe them every day. I like that I have a doggy to walk so I don’t walk alone. And she’s a little alarm whenever there’s an unfamiliar noise.

  38. Ruth Says:

    Oh, and another peeve is the clean up the potty in the yard, but you can train them to go in one area by placing their poo in one spot. If I keep it up, she remembers and goes there, but when I don’t she gets confused and goes anywhere on the lawn. But with a toy, the poo is tiny. Smaller than babies’ even!

  39. Ruth Says:

    Now that I read the funny comments, what about those electronic “giga” pets? I remember they were popular when I was in high school!

  40. carmie Says:

    Yep, I more or less have the same. I do like pets, but they just shouldn’t be mine - lol.

  41. mrsbear Says:

    Haha. You know strangely enough I am not an animal person and we are up to SIX pets. I’m not easily grossed out, honestly, by the snake or its…diet…it is disgusting, given, but bearable for the most part. The snake is also very low maintenance, barely comes out, is shy, and needs minimal cleaning. The guinea pigs? Are cute enough, but need a lot of attention, daily cleaning, feeding, and play. They are my daughter’s responsibility. She’s almost 12 and perfectly capable of doing all the work. The dogs have more personality but they are smell and constantly shedding hair. Buckets of hair. So, yes, some day you can get your children a pet, but wait until they are old enough to be responsible for one themselves. Really the reptile is the easiest pet we’ve ever had, but I know I am not going to sell ANYONE on that idea. lol.

  42. Sabine Says:

    This made me laugh, Angie. I totally agree that pets are not for everyone, and some pets are not for some people (personally I love cats although I do know they can give you some nasty illnesses, but I would never want a dog. And mice/rats just freak me out…) Concerning your kids my advise would be stick to your guns, they can have pets when they move out - or get a horse. xx

  43. kari Says:

    Love your honesty. I love dogs but they almost require the same amount of attention that my 1 year old does so for right now NO pets in our house.

  44. Vicki Archer Says:

    Don’t give in Angie….unless you want a pet. They are a great deal of work and it will be you who does it! xv

  45. janis Says:

    I am just the opposite. I love animals, all animals, though not all as pets of course :^)

  46. Kori Says:

    At one point we had two dogs, two cats, and a rabbit-so I am no person to ask. They are a lot of work, but I too have never had to clean out my kitties’ ears and they have never had an infection. The dogs are another story, both having long ears, but well worth it most of the time. However, I certainly think that you will NOT be scarring your kids for life if they don’t get a pet. No more so than me not letting my kids watch TV for nine years scarred them, right? Let them visit other people’s animals and then make their own decision when they move out. Believe me, if you are a “normal” parent (as opposed to one of those perfect ones that I really try hard to avoid), you will have given them lots of other reasons to seek therapy than the whole pet/no pet issue. :)

  47. angiem Says:

    I read that somewhere, Susan. Or maybe I believe I read that somewhere because I’m grossed out by the insides of cat ears. And, no you aren’t a meanie.

    Ange, what??? Robots with fake fur? Hahahahahaha! You’re such a nut! :D No, that wouldn’t work. :D My kids can tell the difference.

    Pamela, you’re right. I’d love to meet Edward. I’m already a bit in love with him, you know?

    Ruth, you’re a nut too! No ‘giga’ pets. That will certainly make my kids hate me.

  48. Jena Says:

    I’m having so much fun with this post. I was under the impression that you had a pet or two. The comments are to funny!!!!

  49. SJ Says:

    I’ve never cleaned out my kitty’s ears in his life :) Funny though, I’ve never heard that. I loooove dogs and cats unless they are mean (my same philosophy with kids, ha ha) so I cant entirely relate. BUT if I had a household with kids to run, I might think differently about having them in the house. But I’m kind of a pushover so I love the little cuddly things.

  50. Bebe Says:

    Your such a funny girl!!! Even if you don’t have pets I think your a fun mom. How about hermit crabs? Easy to care for. Kids love em!!

  51. She Writes Says:

    Learn to love animals :).

  52. mlle paradis Says:

    good heavens! 49 comments, how could i add anything more! except to say, it’s always fun to read what you have to say angie. so much heart and attitude and you capture so well time and place. it’s always a little depaysant in all the best ways to stop by here!

  53. Susu Paris Chic Says:

    Your picture is so cute. You and your sweet daughter having fun… with the kinds of animals you like. That is what matters my dear!

  54. Sabine Says:

    Hi Angie, I’m back, just to say that I gave you a little award. If you want to come and have a look. Wishing you a lovely weekend. xx

  55. Holly L Says:

    I pretty much agree with you..but I do love my dog…unconditional love and they are so intuitive. I will not have any other pet…although when Ranger goes…we are taking a break. I do hae dog hair.

  56. Theresa Says:

    Since we travel every summer for a couple of months and there are allergies we have no pets. My kids would die for one. So they adopt snails, frogs, lizards, slugs, once Skylar kept an eggplant for a pet until it started to mold! I am also very afraid of mice for some reason, but no other animals.

  57. joanne Says:

    I like your honesty and your carousel horses:)
    happy week to you!

  58. Chuck Duffy (Lyn's husband) Says:

    I like your blog and your writing is interesting.
    As for pets and which to get….follow Winston Churchill’s advice and get a pig.

    Churchill said, “When it comes to pets, I prefer a pig. Cats look down on you. Dogs look up to you. But a pig treats you as an equal.”

  59. angiem Says:

    Hi Chuck! Thanks! Hahaha. That’s all we need. Churchill had a point, but can you imagine a pig running around our crowded home?

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