Happy Weekend!

Author: angiem, 04 30th, 2010

I am physically and emotionally exhausted.  I’ve been working late, writing even later, sleeping very little, eating way too much chocolate, and been very moody while at it.  I am so glad it’s Friday, although the weekend looks to be more of the same, minus the chocolate eating and the moody bit, I hope, particularly since my husband will be around and I hate picking fights with him.  But I am a woman of faith, and I will believe in the possibility of relaxing and enjoying myself.  Tomorrow morning we will get up early, go to our favorite breakfast place, chat with the familiar faces, sip our coffees, eat our croissants, and I for one, will daydream of having my own cafe/bookstore, before heading back home and tackling the work that awaits me there.

I am wishing you all a relaxing and lovely weekend!


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  1. izabel Says:

    Thank you Angie! you too! and we have those kinds of days!:)

  2. pamela Says:

    I have a daydream of the same sort…. a knitting/bookshop combination, with shelves full of gorgeous yarns, and carefully selected books, a small cafe for coffee, fruit and sweets and a large round table where everyone could sit… and read…and knit…. and eat. Edward could be the shop dog and greet everyone.

    Wishing you a restful, relaxing weekend!!

  3. Jena Says:

    Oh girl…. :( I’m sorry to hear about your week. I hope your weekend really is an awesome one and that you get to relax. HUGS!!

  4. French Fancy Says:

    Oh I am sorry to hear you’ve been out of sorts. I hope the weekend sees you return to your normal happy balanced self.


  5. Ava Says:

    I hope this dream comes true for you, Angie. You are an awesome writer and I would love to go to your cafe/bookstore. It will be as magical as your writing is.

  6. angiem Says:

    Thank you, dear friends. Little daydreams like this get me through my most difficult days.

    Pamela, that sounds like such an enchanting daydream. Do let me know when you open this knitting/bookshop, as I plan to come and sit around that table, knitting and sipping coffee with you and Edward.

  7. Kori Says:

    Ah, my dream is a coffee shop and bookstore, used books mostly and I will get to roam everywhere looking for books and will mostly only stock books that I personally love. I don’t know how much business I would get but I sure would be HAPPY.

    Hope it is a great weekend for you.

  8. Nancy C Says:

    Oh, me too. Me too. I am choosing to believe that things will improve…although croissants would be a great start to help me get there.

  9. Susan Says:

    I hear you, Angie. Loud & clear. xo

  10. SJ Says:

    I’m having THAT kind of day myself…I slept til noon, can you believe it?!?!

  11. Ange Says:

    Angie, I too wish you a peaceful and restful weekend. Never lose sight of that café and bookstore. I can just imagine you running that sort of place (partly because I so love the idea and being in them myself that I wish it on anyone who so desires). Do get some sleep and don’t let yourself be hemmed in by the world.
    There is always a solution

    Much love

    PS - Since I gave up chocolate (and GOOOOOOOOODNESS it was hard), I feel much better. The cravings have gone and I don’t get as moody either. Go figure!! I LOVED chocolate and then went on a diet to lose 6kg. Have gone back to everything else but the chocolate unless it’s dark.
    See! Miracles do happen ;-)

  12. Mary Moon Says:

    Oh honey. Rest and restore. Have a great, quiet, lovely weekend.

  13. Kathy Says:

    Have a wonderful stress free relaxing weekend!!

  14. belledeville Says:

    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Ah yes, the cafe/bookstore was once a dream of mine too!

  15. deb @ talk at the table Says:

    Hope the weekend brings a little less busy, a little more in the moment time.
    I’ve had a week like this, one thing keeps tumbling into the next.

    thanks for the photo and the sentiments,
    and take all the down time you can.

  16. Crystal Says:

    sounds like a great way to relax!
    Have a great weekend, and eat LOTS of chocolate :)

  17. She Writes Says:

    Sometimes the weekend is just what is needed! Enjoy your breakfast :).

  18. Kirie Says:

    Angie, it’s a good talent to know when you are at your limit and how to relax. I hope your weekend is restful and rejuvenating.

    And your dream of having a bookshop/cafe sounds lovely! That’s my kind of dreaming..


  19. Alice: writer, traveller, dreamer Says:

    enjoy enjoy enjoy!!! sounds divine… and I know I’m a hopeless romantic, but I think that dreams can become reality… even if sometimes you think they can’t ;-)

  20. Beth Says:

    Have a peaceful, relaxing, stress-free weekend – don’t give up ALL the chocolate!

  21. Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita Says:

    Hang in there, tomorrow brings a whole fresh start! (And I would come visit your book store!)

  22. Bunny Says:

    Sweet Angie, I hope and pray you can relax and take it a bit easy this weekend. It is both so hard and so wonderful being a woman, no?? Keep writing for us, your words fill our souls with so much emotion and feeling.

  23. Corinne Says:

    Have a wonderful weekend :) Your Saturday morning sounds beautiful and so good for the mind and soul!

  24. julie Says:

    Dear Angie
    I can just imagine how you feel… so hope this weekend brings much joy and lighthearted moments to put the spring back in your step.. Happy May Day…
    Oh.. the coffee shop.bookstore idea is one I have coveted for many years… I do hope you do it…then I can visit and sit in your shop all day drinking coffee and expanding my mind.. hehehe.. xxx Julie

  25. Francesca Says:

    Hope this weekend is really relaxing for you. Starting it with a coffee and croissant out sounds good. I’m having my saturday morning coffee right now, and I wish someone had brought it to me already made … and with a croissant to go with! Happy weekend Angie!

  26. Holly L Says:

    I have felt exactly the same way…I have not had enough chocolate though! I hope your weekend brings some peace and beauty to you.

  27. Anya Says:

    Wishing you beautiful and relaxing weekend. It is very hard at times to be reasonable when you have so much work to do and no time to do it. I know exactly how it feels and I am wishing you a beautiful rest, Angie. :-)))

  28. Jeanne Says:

    Angie…by now you would have had your morning out and I hope it was a good one! I read your post last night on my iphone before going to sleep and it left me thinking….as your posts always do.
    Two things, yes, I love chocolate too but it can wreak havoc with my moods. I stay as dark as possible now but even then the naughty chocolate monster comes out in me saying, ‘eat more, eat more’. So…agree with need to stay away.

    As for your bookshop, why not? Maybe not today or tomorrow but if you can hold onto that dream you may be pleasantly surprised. Did you say you were looking to see one hospice? If so, there is the first thread to hold onto. The next may the a kindred spirit who shares the same dream and you will be a little bit closer to your dream. Think “Angie’s” and start a file….I can see you now, with your two lovelies there to pop in with friends to say hi and your husband beaming proudly. I for one, say, hold onto it! It is a good one:)

    Jeanne xo

  29. miss cavendish Says:

    You know, since I eliminated chocolate and caffeine from my diet (about 2 months) I have been a more even-tempered person! But a croissant (picking up on some earlier comments) sounds delicious and not moodiness-inducing at all . . .

  30. Sarah Laurence Says:

    I’m sorry to hear that you are so stressed, but I hope it comes from good exertions. I often don’t sleep well (and eat more chocolate!) when I’m writing well. Weekends are good for fun and recovery. Have a lovely time at the café.

    I’m going to ask my son when he wakes up (close to noon?) how old he was when he read Life of Pi.

  31. Claudia Medeiros Says:

    I need some time for relaxing, too. Just a few time only for me.
    I hope you can relax during the weekend and recharge your energies :)

  32. Jessica Says:

    Oh, I feel for you. I hope today was better for you. Get some sleep. It may be that some of these things tiring you out can wait for another day?

  33. Mwa Says:

    I like your optimism. I shall try some of that.

  34. Mama Zen Says:

    Too much chocolate? There ain’t no such thing!

    Have a great weekend!

  35. Ligia Says:

    Angie, what is going on?
    Is there something else besides work?
    You have the right to feel tired, blue and sad… but is not your usual self… that is why I ask…
    dear friend, I am here if you need anything…
    hope the coffee and croissant (I just think you and I are so alike) hubby and familiar faces… make your heart a little lighter…

  36. Ligia Says:

    If you can not rest or sleep, go for meds… Is for the best…

  37. Se'lah Says:

    Sending lots of positive vibes your way. May peace accompany your every step.

    one love.

  38. Sabine Says:

    This sounds like lovely weekend plans (although a day without chocolate… TOUGH). I hope you did find time to relax to start the week perky and refreshed. x

  39. Karen@SurvivingMotherhood Says:

    Ah, Angie, I hope your weekend has been a big improvement over the week you just had!
    And, uh, if you have too much chocolate laying around, feel free to send it over to me. *grin*

  40. Christie Says:

    I hear you. Crazy-busy lately. I did get a chance to relax a bit and catch up on a few of my favorite blogs - you’re included!
    I hope that you had a chance to rest for a bit!

  41. La Belette Rouge Says:

    I hope your weekend surprised you and ended up being totally relaxing and filed with unexpected chocolates and moments filled with peace.

  42. Lori Says:

    Make it a cafe bookstore with healthy food and a nice playplace, please! I hope you had a good weekend.

  43. Cindy L. Says:

    You know, I really can visualize you owning that bookstore/cafe you mention! Don’t lose sight of that dream …

  44. Susu Paris Chic Says:

    Keep dreaming of that café of yours sweet Angie! Reveries will relax you. You give a lot to all, to life, so it is normal to be exhausted at times. But you are strong. You survive and you delight all around you. Thanks for being just the wonderful You!

  45. audrey Says:

    hey Angie, i’ve been out of it a bit myself lately too. hope you are feeling better and the weekend was refreshing… weekends are good that way. we have permission to relax and really enjoy that cup of coffee…


  46. Make Do Style Says:

    Hope you had a good weekend and a nice breakfast xx

  47. Bunny Says:

    Hi Angie, you won our April Cornell tea towel giveaway! Let me know where you would like me to send it.

  48. Jill Kemerer Says:

    Coffee shop? Croissants? I’m in!

  49. Amy Says:

    Sorry your week sucked but if your weekend happened anything like your description, I think you must be feeling a little better now!

  50. Joyce Says:

    Your dance card was full for sure! I hope this week slows down a bit for you. xo

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