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Author: angiem, 01 09th, 2009

A few years ago, probably before my son started school, I came across a book in the bargain aisle at Barnes and Nobles.  Now, I normally don’t like bargain aisles because I’m a bit of a condescending snob towards the books that get placed there.  I can’t help but believe they must be worthless compared to the ones sold at full price.  I know that’s total bullshit, of course. I have learned some amazing things from books purchased from the bargain aisle.

Anyway, Because I Said So, edited by Camille Peri and Kate Moses, is a collection of essays written by various famous and not so famous mothers on - what else? - children, faith, aging, sex and the relationships we have with those around us.  I have read it once or twice - okay, three times - cause it’s funny as heck, and also filled with the mommy kind of wisdom I don’t always possess.

This entry is not about the book though.  Nor is it about my criteria for friendships - yup, I have a criteria for friendship and so should YOU! - the book is rather about the power struggles between mother and son and mother and daughter. Apparently these power struggles go on in every house, but the truth is, until my daughter was born, I had it easy.  My son and I were so attuned to each other, that I’d mentally scorn every friend I had who complained about not understanding their kids, vowing I’d never end up like them. They yelled and yelled, whereas I just had to give my son a look. (So yeah, I have this obsession of persistently comparing myself to others, determining my place on some obscure hierarchy of motherhood. All mothers do it. Truly.)  Well, then I had a daughter and it was like God said: “Time to pay up for that pompous, conceited, superior attitude, girl.  And maybe a little for all the heartache you caused your own sweet mom.”

Because with my daughter every request is met with: “No! I don’t want to do it! Okay?!” followed by a wide eyed stare that could probably freeze running water. In the beginning she was really cute being sassy and all, and my husband and I would try our best to keep straight faces, happy that she was an early talker. Super proud that she was smart.  But at the moment, we’re both wondering if maybe she isn’t a little too smart.  Let me clarify that, we’re wondering if she isn’t too much of a smart mouth.

Because gosh! Resistance on every issue, disregard for her brother’s toys - or her mother’s shoes, - always a quick comeback.  The list goes on and on.  My husband likes to remind me that I wanted a girl and I got a girl, so I should quit complaining. He’s right about the girl part, but wrong about the complaining part. I am not complaining. I am trying to raise a loved, happy, brave, strong, AND considerate daughter. I’m sure the Because I Said So mommies will agree with me.


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  1. Irina Says:

    Me and a few girlfriends from church plan on starting a bible study/book club this weekend. Since you are an avid reader, are there any christian books you would recommend for us to read. Also, I know that in the past you ran a bible study from your house. Are there any curriculums you would recommend for us to follow? Muchas Gracias, Irina

  2. angiem Says:

    Wish I could take credit for running a Bible study from my house, but I didn’t. I think you should speak with someone at a christian retail and see what they recommend.
    One interesting way to do it, and I know it isn’t a Bible study as much as a book group, is to get a selection of books, secular and christian alike, and bring your christian perspective into the discussions. Keep me posted. :)

  3. Priscilla Says:

    Oh Isabelle Isabelle…Tata esti mama ta. I miss you guys so much Angie. Kiss that stubborn cutie for me.

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