corner view: from where i’m sitting

Author: angiem, 06 01st, 2010

Does life get any better than this? Friends around wishing us the best, our family’s unconditional love, great food, happy memories in the making to sustain us a lifetime.  From where I’m sitting, this moment in time is pure bliss.  All it needs is my grateful heart to acknowledge it.

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42 Responses to “corner view: from where i’m sitting”

  1. Make Do Style Says:

    Gorgeous photo and true words xx

  2. Merel Says:

    Wow!! Thats really great..I didn´t know you was born there! I love it so much..I can´t explane but when I´m in Rom. I´m home. I love being there. This year I can not go sadley but I missed it now so much. Are you going this year?
    When I’m there I only come in the poor familys so I’ve seen so much poverty and dirty in the city’s and village’s. But I love the people and thats all what matters. Its nice to see that I have a Romanian friend in blog world! Thanks!

  3. jane Says:

    so true… and yes- total bliss!

  4. Jennifer Shirk Says:

    Awww… that is the best. :)

    (followed you over from Jessica’s blog)

  5. Lori Says:

    You’re right. I don’t think it gets better than that. And I know, because I can very rarely enjoy such moments, so they are priceless to me.

  6. Lori Says:

    And I forgot to mention how adorable this photo is! And how cutely dressed is your daughter. I so wished I could get mine to wear some colors other than pink.

  7. Englishvers Says:

    This is my kind of bliss - love is scattered around us - we just need to gather it for our hearts. Such sweetness and love in the image above - ah, the picture reminds us of how fragile life is. XX

  8. Kathy Says:

    Ah!! they are so cute!

  9. willow Says:

    No, it doesn’t get any better! Carpe diem!

  10. julie Says:

    Hi Angie
    Beautiful.. it is the true wealth in life!! Love this photo of your kiddies… beautiful smiles!! xxx Julie

  11. Lena M. Says:

    I stopped by to say hi…
    I’m so glad your life is going great, Angie… Enjoy the ride…


  12. Karen@SurvivingMotherhood Says:

    Ahhh, from where I’m sitting, that looks wonderful to me, too!

  13. Mary Moon Says:

    Your heart has a lot to be grateful for. What beauty!

  14. Beth Says:

    Life really doesn’t get any better than that. Those moments are precious. We are blessed to have them.

  15. Francesca Says:

    What a nice, grateful post!

  16. Jessica Says:

    Awwww, :-) I’m in that moment too, sitting on my back porch watching the kids play with the water hose in the pool.

  17. Becky Ramsey Says:

    You’re so right. We often focus on the happiness around the corner, when it’s right there at our feet.

  18. Elisabelle Says:

    so lovely!

  19. pamela Says:

    Ah yes. A bottle of San Pellegrino and a good sweet smiling friend. Nothing better.

  20. rosamaría Says:

    what a beautiful post!! is very great see (and read) happiness in people :)

  21. Bebe Says:

    What a sweet picture!! Happiness is right before our eyes!

  22. Corinne Says:

    How sweet :) You’re so right, it doesn’t get much better than that!

  23. Sabine Says:

    Might it be that we only ever realise how happy we are/were when trouble (illnesses, sorrows, worries) arises?
    This is bliss, Angie. I don’t think it can get any better. xxx

  24. Ava Says:

    Short and sweet! Love the message! Love the photo!

  25. Victoria @ Hibiscus Bloem Says:

    The best things in life are right there to have and to hold. Lovely.

  26. deb @talk at the table Says:

    and so so true.

    I hope you are filling up with this happiness always.

  27. French Fancy Says:

    Oh your beautiful daughter melts my heart. No, it does not get any better than family and love


  28. Mwa Says:

    Good thing to remember.

  29. Kori Says:

    It is pretty good, isn’t it?

  30. Susan Says:

    ‘Tis true. What a pair of pixies. I know you know how fortunate you are (& they have a great mama, too:)

  31. Mama Zen Says:

    The best!

  32. mrsbear Says:

    That is a sweet moment. It really does feel like a privilege sometimes to catch them.

  33. Kristin Says:

    It looks pretty fabulous to me!

  34. She Writes Says:

    VERY SWEET!! Your daughter is beautiful.

  35. Ötli Says:

    A perfect moment !

  36. cathi Says:

    It really doesn’t get better than that…that photo is absolutely adorable! enjoy each moment, angie - it slips by so quickly! :) xxoo

  37. Relyn Says:

    I think gratitude is the best gift we can give ourselves and our loved ones. A grateful heart makes every moment shimmer.

  38. Holly L Says:

    So true…In all of my hurry when I stop and breathe I realize that life is pretty good and friends family and healthy children are such a blessing.

  39. Jena Says:

    I’ve been in meetings all week but, kept thinking about your last post on anxiety and wondering how you are. I am glad to hear you are seeing the blessings in your life. You are blessed and your words bless those who read you. Have a wonderful weekend!!! I hope you enjoy yourself!

  40. Menina Says:

    Aw, how lovely!

  41. corine Says:

    No, it doesn’t get any better than this. We’re supposed to collect experiences rather things on our way to happiness.

  42. Christie Says:

    I’m so glad that you are experiencing so much happiness. Thank you for spreading the joy!

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