Saturday Mornings

Author: angiem, 06 05th, 2010

Our little family of four has a ritual on Saturday mornings.  Waking up early, the kids crawl in our bed and proceed to wake us with kisses and tickles.  We linger in bed, all of us beneath the sheets, laughing and hugging and talking about what dreams we dreamt.  Without fail, our daughter’s dreams are about Hello Kitty.  Our son’s about some sort of invention, for he wants to grow up and be an inventor.  Hubby’s about things he can’t remember but little snippets of, and mine about all sorts of crazy and unrealistic things (such as gorging on croissants and losing weight instead of gaining).

After much analyzing of what they could mean, and a few more kisses and hugs, we get up and get ourselves ready to head out to a hearty breakfast.  We need fortification for the morning calls for walking and more walking.  We are lucky to be able to live within walking distance to some of the best restaurants and shops in the city.  And so we walk, whenever the weather and little legs permit.  In the Pacific Northwest, sunny summer mornings are the most splendid of all.

Invariably, I end up having either an omelette with sauteed wild mushrooms in butter, or a fantastic oversized waffle with fresh berries and cream.  Sometimes I order both and split the waffle with hubby, who never refuses.  The kids, of course, order the chocolate chip pancakes with vanilla ice cream and cream on the side.  Because it is Saturday, ice cream is allowed with breakfast.

Claiming they are too stuffed to walk, we give in to the kids pleas and take the car to the open-air market in the university blocks.  What a sight greets us!  Baskets of peonies and vibrant dahlias in every color.  Fragrant lavender tied with ribbons.  Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries… berries, berries and more berries.  Cucumbers, radishes, green onions.  And earthy, aromatic wild mushrooms that smell of pines and oaks and damp forest grounds.  All of them tucked between stalls of breads, cakes, cookies, and pastries, and those of cheeses, sausages, and wines.

Despite still digesting our breakfast, we don’t refuse samples of any of them.  The pervasive smell of fresh herbs and root vegetables stir at our appetites, and sooner rather than later we find ourselves starving.  After an hour or two of ambling between stalls, sampling the goods, buying the ingredients for the day’s dinner, petting dogs, and chatting with neighbors we run into, we find a seat, get a coffee and some mouthwatering food from one of the few vendors, and listen in to one of the bands playing, thankful for our little family and our lovely life.  For it is these little things, these little rituals that make us the most grateful and bring us the most happiness.


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  1. Kathy Says:

    Can I come next weekend….sounds like a wonderful way to start a weekend.Hope today is just as fun.

  2. sharon Says:

    Hi Angie

    Difficult to imagine a more delicious way to start a weekend. You are SO right to indulge in these precious moments with your children while they are young. These memories and feelings of warmth and sharing and security will stay with them all their lives.

  3. Lori Says:


  4. Corinne Says:

    That sounds like such a lovely tradition. Thank you for sharing those beautiful moments.

  5. Diane Says:

    That is a beautiful Saturday ritual. Your kids will always remember and treasure these excursions with you. Pancakes and ice cream for breakfast will not soon be forgotten. Love it! :O)

  6. Susan Says:

    Heavenly indeed.

    Julie & I will be in your city next summer, (quite possibly) to visit. While not expecting to jump into bed with the four of you (goodness, I may be a raging liberal but I do have some sense:), I hope we can meet up of a Saturday morning — uh, late morning — for coffee & flower gazing.

    Not having a car–a good thing as I have never been in possession of a driver’s license–I am glad to live in a walkable city, too. (Though not rated as high as yours in walkablity, we’re up there.)

    Now, I must get dressed as you’ve inspired me to go to the farmer’s market…in very hot & humid weather. Hats keep me sane.

    ciao ciao

  7. Becky Ramsey Says:

    What glorious rituals! I love that you share your dreams. It’s one of my favorite things to do with my kids–and with anyone.
    Your breakfast description makes me a little jealous, as I sit and slurp my oatmeal. :)

  8. Mary Moon Says:

    This sounds like a bit of heaven to me. A perfect slice of a week to share with each other. Thank-you for sharing it with us, too.

  9. angiem Says:

    Kathy - Yes, please do!

    Sharon - You are right. The moments will stay with them, and with me too.

    Lori - :)

    Corinne - You are welcome! Had to return the favor, as you never fail to share your beautiful ones.

    Diane - Pancakes and ice cream go so well together, too.

    Susan - I really hope you do visit. I cannot wait! Stay cool today.

    Becky - Oatmeal is good too, just much better on a weekday.

    Ms. Moon - Saturday mornings are my favorite time of the week.

  10. pamela Says:

    You are so right, my friend. It’s all the simple pleasures that make a happy life.
    Dahlias, strawberries, ice cream and dreams of weight-losing croissants!!
    Happy weekend to you!

  11. Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita Says:

    sounds like heaven to me. OK - how about this - one weekend in NY, and one out by you. Deal?

  12. cathi Says:

    That sounds like such a wonderful day! :)

  13. Jena Says:

    Sweet memories in the making. What wonderful treasures you’re giving your kids to take with them through life :).

  14. Francesca Says:

    That is one of the things I miss most about living in the city: the weekend leisurely strolls! Wonderful Saturday ritual!

  15. Gigi Says:

    Now that sounds like a perfect Saturday to me–especially the parts that focus on food!!!

    We have similar weekend rituals, usually going to a flea market and then out to breakfast. There’s something about the combination of the market’s bustle and hum along with a leisurely breakfast–the fast and the slow–that makes it deeply satisfying!

    This is such a lovely post, Angie! xoxo Gigi

  16. Alice: writer, traveller, dreamer Says:

    Hi Angie… wow, what a beautiful post.

    Sorry I haven’t been around recently - I am still on the come down from our recent wonderful trip… and internet on the boat is *painful* lol… but I’ve just caught up on your last few posts and wow! I absolutely relate to your anxiety posting - some of what you wrote I thought - it’s me!!!! and the corner of your world is just wonderful and certainly your Saturday mornings are a joy…

    It’s hard to live in the moment and enjoy and appreciate what we have and not get caught up with this, that and ‘anxiety!’ but when we do stop and take notice, how fabulous life truly is.

    Glad to have caught up with your beautiful postings xx

  17. Ava Says:

    Wow! Adopt me please! I make a great babysitter and family member. :)

  18. christina Says:

    can i come spend saturday, with you? pretty please? lol

  19. Ruth Says:

    Lovely…hope I have that too one day :)

  20. Lena M. Says:

    Can I please come next week?? I love having ice cream for breakfast…

    Your Saturday morning ritual brought back tons of childhood memories!!! :)

    Have a great week, Angie!!! XXX

  21. krista Says:

    your saturday sounds quite a bit like heaven.

  22. Mwa Says:

    I love a good ritual.

  23. Englishvers Says:

    What a delightful way to be woken up by one’s very own children - you are blessed! Wild Mushrooms in butter? Sounds divine to me…. and I so enjoy the sap of strawberries, too. Your life must be joyous with family, sunshine, fruits and love.
    Happy Monday to you!;-)

  24. French Fancy Says:

    Oh I’d be looking forward to Saturday all week long if I were you, Ang. You are so lucky not to put on weight easily


  25. deb @ talk at the table Says:

    truly incredible.
    what a grateful and blessed family you are.
    our Saturday’s are usually quite hectic, but we’ve had the odd slow ones here and there and usually lounge in the back yard taking turns making omelets, smoothies, long into the afternoon.

    and I wish I lived closer to a downtown area sometimes, how fabulous really.

    but still, it takes a person who sees as well as you to make the most of any situation.

  26. audrey Says:

    there is always something incredibly special about saturday mornings and saturdays in general. maybe it is the freedom to do just what we love to do without the demands of all that needs to get down during the week…

    i totally enjoy your famiy’s saturday tradition… and chocolate chip pancakes and ice cream sounds like a dream!! deelishous!!

  27. Sabine Says:

    Ah, weekend in the city… It’s the best! Sounds lovely.

  28. Kori Says:

    that sounds like the perfect way to spend a saturday; just lovely.

  29. Rinkly Report Says:

    What an idyllic life you lead! Idon’t think you need to dream dreams…’re living one!

  30. jane Says:

    i can picture everything… how perfect!

  31. Kirie Says:

    Angie, it makes me glad to see you get these moments to share with your family. You are all so beautiful, and you have a great take on how to enjoy the little things (and big things) in life. Here’s to having many more quiet and delicious Saturdays!

  32. Jill Kemerer Says:

    Your weekends sound amazing. I want to tag along!

  33. susan deborah Says:

    Wow! The strawberries look so inviting. Your Saturdays are indeed worth drooling. I can imagine you and your wee family doing all this. Lots of lovely Saturdays to you and your family.

    Joy always,

  34. Michelle @ The True Book Addict Says:

    Hey Angie, it’s been awhile since I’ve been by. Been sick on and off for a month and looking for a new job (found an online writing job I can do from home…woot!) so pretty busy. Getting ready to go out of town on Thursday. My niece is graduating high school from my alma mater…so proud!

    This just sounds…yum! Wish I lived near you so I could come over for breakfast…LOL!

    Take care,
    Michelle :)

  35. kelleyn Says:

    I agree that does sound like a wonderful tradition and those strawberrie look devine. Something more appealing with strawberries in paper carton instead of plastic!

  36. Christie Says:

    What a lovely vivid post! What a beautiful little family you have!
    Makes me appreciate time I have with my little family.

    You’re such an amazing writer!

  37. Deborah Says:

    De-Lovey! Keep enjoying life abundantly. **blows kisses** Deb

  38. Elisa Says:

    I can just hear those giggles from your kids as they get tickled! What wonderful memories they will have when one day they tell their own kids, “on saturday mornings we had this routine….”

    Our family routine since we lived in Mexico and we still continue it is this (depending who is in town,sometimes it’s only Mom and Dad, )
    Sunday morning we all help in the kitchen to cook breakfast: RED enchiladas topped with sour cream, mexican rice and refried beans..Dad cuts the onions (he is good at this) Mom cooks the chile, Older sister grates the cheese, younger sister makes the rice, I fry the tortillas and prepare the refried beans,…what is fun is that the preparation of this meal takes a couple of hours so it gives us time to bond and talk about our week, our plans the following week…After breakfast we gather the kids (now 6 grandchildren) and head to the park.

    I want to continue that memory with my daughter….

  39. Victoria @ Hibiscus Bloem Says:

    What a great start to a weekend. I so miss the Portland restaurants, cafes, bars etc etc. And the gelatto at Mio Gelatto too! The farmers markets, the wine… I could go on forever. Great to live it again through you. Enjoy.

  40. Anya Says:

    I love your morning rituals, they sound so peacefull and full of joy! I am seriously inspred to create my very own rituals because rigt now I barely have time to sit with a cup of coffee. I know, it’s a shame….life is passing by.
    So sorry for being absent for a while and being such a terrible Blog friend. Past few weeks were simply crazy between racing to Texas to get fabrics for upcoming collection, renovation of my house and day to day things in Atelier. It feels so wonderful to have a moment to visit my favorite Blogs and read fabulous posts just like this one. Have a very beautiful the rest of the week. :-)

  41. Nicolette Says:

    I just love your writing Angie! And what a great photo :)

  42. Susu Paris Chic Says:

    How lovely to be back home and to have time to read my dear blog friends again! My U.S. trip was amazing. Next time I’ll have to make it closer to you so we can meet!

    Your Saturdays sound just like good life does. You enchant us with such a lovely picture that you paint. True Angie! This is why I love your blog… you are just so sincere and talented. Have a great day my dear friend!

  43. Sarah Laurence Says:

    I love that image of strawberries, a perfect capture of June. Your Saturdays sound delightful, and your descriptions are tasty. Enjoy!

  44. Miss Cavendish Says:

    Ahhh–I am taking my children to pick strawberries this afternoon. . . .

  45. Holly L Says:

    That sounds like one of the most wonderful mornings a person could have. It is my absolute favorite when the kiddos crawl into bed with us in the morning and we snuggle and hug and tickle. Such sweet times as a family.

  46. Evangeline Says:

    This is the good stuff! La dolce vita. Saturday mornings and Friday nights are my favourites! When the boys were little they would crawl in bed with us, much as you described. Now we have different rituals, but equally as wonderful.
    I loved this post. I love the celebration of family life! Makes me happy for you and for us, and for all the other families out there sharing these deeply sweet times. :)

  47. Kristin Says:

    Sounds very familiar. I tried to let the hubs sleep on Sunday but the dude had to have his Daddy snuggles!

  48. brian miller Says:

    that truly sounds like a wonderful morning ritual…

  49. Ange Says:

    Sounds like heaven! If I come over I will definitely visit you on a Saturday ;-) I could share half your waffle!!

  50. Ani Says:

    Family times are the best times no matter what the activity… but breakfast on Saturdays, followed by the Saturday market is always absolutely wonderful… even in Lake Oswego… :-)

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