summer mornings

Author: angiem, 06 26th, 2010

Walking barefoot through the dew drenched grass is one of my favorite ways to start a summer day.  Years ago when I still lived at home with my parents, and then after, when we had a lawn of our own, I used to love waking up early on summer mornings, sometimes as early as five, to curl my toes in the grass, inhaling the early morning scent of the roses climbing the side of the house, before settling on the doorstep with my steaming mug of hot milk or coffee, and a side of half a loaf of crusty French bread.

Any child can tell you that very few things taste better than bread smeared with butter and honey and dipped in milk, first thing on an empty stomach.  Add a handful of sun ripened raspberries and the melody of chirping bluebirds, and it is blissful heaven.

When I was a kid we had egg laying chickens, and it was my job on summer mornings to go and fetch the still warm eggs.  The chickens terrified me and I used to take a stick with me to swat at them should they come flying my way.  I don’t remember them attacking me, but I do remember having to shove them off the eggs.

If there were enough for all of us, my dad would peel a few potatoes, wash them well and cut them into strips for frying.  He’d fry the eggs too, just enough to be considered cooked, but still soft yellow and runny, and make a fresh cucumber and tomato salad on the side.  We’d eat them hungrily, wiping our plates clean with leftover bread, that last taste of all the flavors soaked into its crust, the most delicious of all.

But my favorite start to a summer day, is when I awaken sandwiched between the bodies of my little loves, their gentle snores singing in my ear.  Perhaps it is the early morning light that wakes them and brings them to our bed.  I hold them close and breath in their sweet scent, wanting the moment to last forever.  Their daddy and I watch them sleep and whisper our love for them, the joy they bring to us, wanting so much to be perfect parents to these two blessings entrusted to us for loving and raising.  Only after we are all awake do we make our way to the kitchen with its many windows and refrigerated bounty for a hearty breakfast only daddies know how to prepare.


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  1. Susan Deborah Says:

    How lovely! Angie, you evoke the images of a nice novel where the writer gives descriptions that make us yearn for them. I got a similar feeling when I read this post. Have you ever written a novel? Maybe you should try. You have the talent to go into detail and also transport the reader into a different world.


    Joy always dear Angie and have an insightful Sunday,

    P. S: Hugs and kisses to your ‘lil ones

  2. Lori Says:

    What a beautiful and vivid tableau you can paint, Angie! You really know how to involve all the senses in your writing, which I find exceptional.

  3. dash Says:

    Lovely Angie, you are a woman after my own heart, walking on the dew drenched lawn, in bare feet first thing in the morning is one of my favourite things.

  4. Cindy L. Says:

    Angie, your beautiful family clearly brings such joy to you — and it’s a joy to read about all of you, too! Sorry I have been so invisible this summer. In addition to working long hours, my father-in-law died, and I’ve been spending a lot of time with family, in a grieving mode. Still posting occasionally — though not as often this summer. Good to “see” you!

  5. Gigi Says:

    What a gorgeous description of the pleasures of breakfast and the care of fathers who cook that breakfast! You have made me hungry–not only for breakfast, but for childhood mornings spent with my father who has long since passed away. Thank you for this beautiful post, Angie. Happy weekend, my friend! xoxo Gigi

  6. Mary Moon Says:

    Angie- first off, congratulations for being in the finalists of that competition. You deserve it and this post shows why.
    Sweet memory blended with this moment and all of it delicious.

  7. Jennifer Says:

    Lovely writing, Angie.

  8. Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita Says:

    Sounds like a perfect summer morning to me! I think I spent all my summers barefoot as a child. And there is nothing like fresh eggs is there? We have a local farm not too far away (they are the only ones that didn’t sell out their land, and are nestled among all these huge Gold Coast homes) that has fresh eggs daily. So whenever we go, that night’s dinner is always eggs and a farm fresh salad with a toasty baguette. Yum!

  9. Diane Says:

    I love all your morning memories. My son still comes into our bed to snuggle. My daughter would happily stay in her bed and read all morning if I let her.

    Now I know who to ask with my chicken questions…. :O)

  10. Bunny Says:

    It is always so wonderful to stop by and visit you. I leave being more grateful, inspired and appreciative of all the things that matter in life. I love the summer months and all the memories they evoke of my childhood. The other night Oliver and I held hands and chased and counted fireflies in the summer darkness. Those are the magical moments, ones filled with our loved ones. I love when the windows are open in our bedroom and I can hear the pool filter humming and the water jetting out, it reminds me of my childhood in upstate ny, those sounds use to lull me to sleep. See you make me think, get a little nostalgic and even teary eyed. I love your blog!

  11. pamela Says:

    Ah. Blissful morning.
    Enjoy your sweet Saturday!!

  12. Corinne Says:

    This was so calming and beautiful to read. I love your words :)

  13. Victoria @ Hibiscus Bloem Says:

    Lovely writing Angie. Wonderful ways to start the day. I love to hear the voices of my two kiddos calling ‘Hello Mama’ first thing (not too early though). And I too love to wipe the plate with a hunk of bread after eggs and bacon - delicious! Enjoy your weekend.

  14. cathi Says:

    Beautiful post, Angie - I think it evoked memories of our childhood for quite a few of us here, thank you for that. There is nothing better than watching your little ones sleep, my kids are grown now but every morning I sneak into my daughters room and just look at her while she is peacefully dreaming - it’s the best! Have a happy weekend! xxoo :)

  15. SJ Says:

    Sounds heavenly -truly :)

    FYI, I will be back in the Northwest in August.

  16. Mama Zen Says:

    You describe it all so beautifully!

  17. Holly L Says:

    The scenes you describe are magical. I love waking up with my little people snuggled up next to me and a hint of sunlight (however rare that may be) shining through the blinds.

  18. julie Says:

    Oh Angie Angie
    This is the best yet.. I just feel like a child who has woken on a summer’s day… You must have had the most idyllic childhood.. I’m sure your kids will have .. your such a good mum!!

    You know you really spoke to my heart with this one.. just to have a patch of grass.. which I will have soon.. and to sit on the step in the morning sun!!! will have that too!! The simple things that bring so much joy!!!

    Have a lovely Sunday my friend… xxx Julie

  19. Jeanne Says:

    A perfect morning Angie…I love the way you write about things like this..I feel like I am there!

    B-well and have a lovely day!


  20. La Belette Rouge Says:

    I want to eat breakfast at your house. Since I can’t I am delighted that I can eat up your delicious words.

  21. Maggie May Says:

    oh goodness now i am starving!

  22. mrsbear Says:

    That sounds just lovely. You have a wonderful way with descriptions. I could feel the grass beneath my toes. I can’t say there have been any of those breakfasts in my own experience, but those mornings with the small bodies wedged in unknowingly, curled up beside me are delicious in themselves. And so temporary!

  23. Francesca Says:

    I love summer mornings, waking up to a bright day, the house filled with sunlight. A hearty breakfast sounds good too, pity the daddy here can’t (won’t?) cook!

  24. krista Says:

    um, your summer morning is sort of the way i want to live the rest of my life.
    i’ll have you know i ate crusty bread with butter this morning in honor of you.

  25. Pheonix Says:

    Well, this made me cry… it also made my stomach rumble :)

    I know I haven’t visited in some time… life has been busy and has kept me away from my blogger friends. But I think of you often because I love reading your posts and your kind, wise words and thoughts. Even if sometimes they do make me hungry :)

  26. Merel Says:

    I love to walk barefoot in the grass! It gives me a princess feeling. Its so pure! Enjoy youre summer!

  27. Becky Ramsey Says:

    My mouth is watering over that breakfast.
    One of the very best things about having little ones is finding them in bed with you in the morning. I don’t know how I used to complain about it. It is beautiful, and now I miss their pointy elbows and knees! I still like it when they all pile in, even as big as they are!

  28. Bridgette Says:

    Idealic…and the daddy at this house doesn’t even make a sandwich! I guess I have job security:)

  29. Ida Says:

    You’re an amazing writer. Now I have a craving for milk and bread…yum :-)

  30. Ange Says:

    Oh Ange, having spent lots of time recently getting my feet wet in the early morning grass, and having just left a bed still warm with the sleeping body of my little Libellule who has broken her arm … I’m now achingly hungry for fresh eggs and warm milky coffee. My job as a little one in NZ was to go and fetch the fresh bread from the dairy on a Sunday morning. Needless to say it came back with a very patchy warm crust left ;-)
    What a delight to read your tales again. They always warm my heart
    much love

  31. Englishvers Says:

    Ah, you are such a sensuous and creative being. To walk barefoot in grass is such an exquisite pleasure, especially when the world is waking from a long rest; mornings before 7.A.M.

    That’s the best time to embrace the solitude of mornings, summer mornings; breathe in fresh air, watch the world and one’s thoughts dance on trees like birds.

    Magical post, dear Lady!;-)

  32. Sabine Says:

    Oh, this all sounds so lovely and like the perfect summer morning. I feel a little bad that the only thing I do - summer or winter - is slurp down to the espresso machine, hoping no one will talk to me for at least an hour. I do love drinking my coffee and having a buttered croissant on the terrace though (silently ;-). xoxo

  33. audrey Says:

    Angie the details of your story are exquisite. i want to savor each morsel of what you describe, your words, the food you enjoyed, and the dreamy delight of the presence of your children… let’s add summer mornings too! beautiful… do enjoy…

    hugs my dear!

  34. Elisa Says:

    I was trying to ‘think’ how those raspberries would taste. yummy i bet. And I could picture you fetching the eggs. When I was a kid my grandma also had these chickens and when we would hear a loud screach from them we knew they had ‘laid’ the eggs. Childhood memories at its best.

  35. cathi Says:

    P.S. I wanted to thank you for your kind words the other day - that meant alot to me! xxoo :)

  36. kelleyn Says:

    You had me with bread and honey, but not dipped in milk. What lovely childhood memories.

  37. Theresa Says:

    This is a great image

  38. She Writes Says:

    That meal looks delicious! I hope summer is going well. We missed each other in June and I am back in school. August?

  39. Relyn Says:

    Oh, these beautiful, sensual memories have made me feel full - replete.

  40. Christie Says:

    What beautiful memories, old and new.
    Thank you for sharing your stories, they always touch my heart and make me appreciate life more.

  41. Ruth Says:

    Oh the sweet memories! I love summer just as much, and waking early to enjoy the cool sunshine before the heat takes over the day. I can only do that on weekends now, as there is no more empty summer school days to fill! But thanks for the reminder. I cherish the weekends. Here, in Southern California where I live, I can enjoy prolonged summer-like days year round, mild warmth and sunlight, and I am so thankful. It does wonders for feeling well through the day!

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