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Author: angiem, 10 01st, 2010

After an early, misty morning trek to our favorite bakery for croissants and coffee, we decided that the best way to spend the weekend was at the beach. My husband and I have very opposing views of what constitutes a perfect day at the beach. I tend to be drawn to gloomy, stormy weather, relentless crashing waves and pelting rain. After an invigorating, brisk walk on the water’s edge, I look forward to the coziness of the beach cabin, with its crackling fire, mugs of hot coffee and cocoa, countless board games, and hours of staring at the incessant waves from the comfort of my wing chair, open book ignored in my lap while I daydream of lighthouses, hurricane lamps, and a wind that is howling and knocking at the windows.

My husband, on the other hand, wants meltingly hot days where he doze off to the lively chatter of kids playing in the sand and seagulls calling to each other overhead. Later on, he wants to fly the kite with the kids, go in search of dripping ice cream cones, possibly have a game of beach volleyball, and maybe even go surfing.

Because we know a happy marriage takes a lot of work and compromise, he’s willing to accept stormy evenings, and I suppose I’m willing to have a couple scorching hours late morning.

When we arrived at the beach, there wasn’t a cloud to be seen directly overhead, although the horizon was a steely gray. We both smiled uneasily at each other, he, most likely, wondering how soon the rain would fall, while I was worrying that the clouds would dissipate before the wind would blow them our way. No sooner did we spread out our blanket, than the northwest wind began to roll in off the ocean, cooling the air immensely and sweeping sand into our faces. Yet the clouds were still a distance away, and the azure of the sky lingered on.

And then the rain came. First one plop and then another. The mountain whose road we had meandered on, had donned a cap of foggy gray descending in waves, it seemed, down the side. We quickly sought shelter and listened from our cozy spots at the rain tap-tapping on the window panes, snuggling deeper within our blankets, and sipping our hot drinks, content for the moment, to watch the last summer storm push through.

This is a true Magpie Tale!


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  1. Susan Deborah Says:

    Lovely reflections on life and marriage. Compromise is the key but as time rolls by we cease to think it as compromise.

    But the lamp . . . what does it signify.

    Tight read again, Angie.

    Joy always,

  2. Evalinn Says:

    What a great weekend!

  3. brian Says:

    marriage does take effort and intentionality…yet the rewards are days like that…under the covers watching the storm…smiles.

  4. Ange Says:

    Oh Angie that is soooooo precious. I believe I am half you, half your husband. I will take the beach in all seasons and weathers. It is the home of my soul…
    As the wind blows the leaves off the trees here, I will make my self a chocolat chaud and think of you.

  5. Susan Says:

    Something for everyone!

  6. Lyn Says:

    This is for #34…looks like a perfect day to me,either way. I’ll take a half dozen of your days, a dozen of hubby’s…love your descpriptions!

  7. Corinne Says:

    I like your kind of a beach day, with my whole being :)

  8. Ana Says:

    Weekend at the beach sounds perfect - either version!

  9. deb @ talk at the table Says:

    thrilled to see true…..
    I like to read about you, I’m selfish that way.

    and I think this compromised day sounds perfect.
    so good to hear from you , on both counts, on my blog, and hear. I could picture you , being content, and I like that.

  10. Joyce Says:

    Raindrops or sun is romantic at the beach spending it with your husband. Enjoy! xo

  11. Victoria Says:

    Were you at Cannon Beach or somewhere nearby? I LOVE that area. So many wonderful memories of walking on blustering winter days wrapped up in think jackets and scarves. And other times basking in the sunshine. Great memories for us.

  12. Susan Tiner Says:

    I am also “drawn to gloomy, stormy weather, relentless crashing waves and pelting rain.” You are wise to seek compromises. The snuggling sounds nice.

  13. Elisa_Croatia Says:

    I can just hear the rain drops falling.

    sounds like a wonderful time at the beach.

    (Ps. I never found you on facebook?)

  14. La Belette Rouge Says:

    I like your version of the beach MUCH better than husband’s.

  15. Rene Foran Says:

    Clever metaphor for a marriage :)

    I’m with you, I love a moody sea


  16. Mary Moon Says:

    The best thing about our little shack on a barrier island in North Florida is that the weather comes and it goes. We all get our wishes unless the weather comes to stay for awhile.
    Beautiful one, Ms. Angie M.
    I feel it.

  17. ms pie Says:

    a lovely experience of compromise in its truest form… happiness blooms

  18. Reflections Says:

    Sounds like a lovely beach day, filled with a little bit for each of you.

    Such is the compromise, bringing joy to both.

  19. Fireblossom Says:

    Oh, you are woman after my own heart, Angie! And I see my friend la Belette Rouge is “one of us” as well! I just love coming here and reading your magpies, they are always so vivid and soulful

    And…thanks for you wonderful comment at my blog!

  20. kathe w. Says:

    great perspective on the give and take of marriage….we share the same polar opposites of beaches; my sweetie loves the heat of Mexico and it’s beaches and I love the Oregon beaches…so we go to both! Cheers!

  21. rick Says:

    how cool!
    nature compromised. but I totally agree with you on how time at the water should be.

  22. cathi Says:

    Sounds perfect!!! I am longing for cooler weather here.. xxoo :)

  23. Tumblewords Says:

    A well written look at the give and take of a couple. Enjoyed this!

  24. Mwa Says:

    This post made me feel cold! Isn’t it funny that writing can do that? Your writing!

  25. willow Says:

    Waiting out the storm can be a thing of beauty.

  26. Becky Ramsey Says:

    Ooh, I love this!
    I’m with you. I like the beach best in the fall or winter, never in the blazing heat of summer.
    This is a beautiful description of a loving committed marriage too!

  27. audrey Says:

    Angie your story reminds me that we as individuals have our own tastes, and when we can find a meeting place and enjoy one another… it’s a kind of bliss. very nice writing!

  28. One Prayer Girl Says:

    What a perfectly beautiful description of the kinds of compromise and sharing that allows a marriage to survive and thrive.
    Loved this Magpie.

    Mine is up.

  29. Julie Says:

    And I love your true tales as much as your fiction.. You are a woman after my own heart.. storms and thrashing waves sounds perfect to me.. although I don’t mind the sunshiny days also..

    Thanks for your lovely comments Angie.. sorry for my absence.. I’ve had no internet.. ciao xxx Julie

  30. Francesca Says:

    This is beautiful, Angie. But I don’t think I’d want to go to the beach with you:)

  31. Jennifer Says:

    I love how the weather on the beach parallels the “strategy” of your marriage.

    PS - I’m with you on loving the wild weather down there! :0)

  32. Bunny Says:

    Dearest Angie, I felt as if I were on the beach experiencing both the heat and intense sunshine as well as the pelting rain coming down on my skin. Your writing makes us feel it and believe we are there!

  33. Jena Says:

    I can’t believe I missed this post! Anywho, I am with your husband on this Angie. Rain and cold aren’t my idea of a blissful day at the beach. ~ Jena

  34. Susan R. Mills Says:

    This is beautiful! I have to apologize because your posts aren’t showing up in my reader any more. That’s why I haven’t been by lately. I’ll look into it tomorrow. I missed you!

  35. Ötli Says:

    I like the way you see a “happy marriage”! Have a nice day.

  36. kelleyn Says:

    I like the beach either way. Each way brings with it it’s own set of gifts.

  37. Diane Says:

    I’m with your husband on this one. Love the hot beach weather.

    If you need help with making a button, let me know. :O)

  38. French Fancy Says:

    I’m with you on the stormy days at the beach being best - on those hot floaty days the sand gets into everything.

    Do you really have a beach house or is this a ‘magpie tale’?


  39. Lena Says:

    Compromise… not an easy word, is it?

    I so missed reading you… this one is just the read I needed this morning…

    Warmest hugs!!

  40. angiem Says:

    FF - I don’t own one, but I have one I borrow whenever I need to.

  41. Ava Says:

    Hey sweetie I love this post! I loove the beach in any kind of weather. You seem to have a healthy attitude about marriage.

  42. Ava Says:

    AND…. Missed you!!! Don’t take so long between posts anymore!

  43. helen Says:

    Your beach description matches my favorite way to spend time on a coast … especially Northern CA, Northern OR.

  44. Mary-Laure Says:

    This post reflects what a wonderful family you have.
    And there’s nothing like being by the ocean!

  45. Stephanie Says:

    Darling, I’ve missed you, your sweet comments and wonderful stories. I have to say, I like both sides of the beach. In any season. I would love a beach house, and my husband wants a house in the country. In the meantime, we live in between the two with access to both. No complaints, here. Best, stephanie

  46. joanny Says:


    A clever and romantic read, you captured the allure of the two opposites — warm languid days and a sudden thunder shower that brings a couple together snuggling and warm, by the soft light, with raging storm and matching passion…
    Sensual and passionate a perfect combination for the marriage.


  47. krista Says:

    i love both types of beach weather you describe. more than that, i love that space in the middle where the two meet. where people like you live.

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