hello lovelies!

Author: angiem, 01 05th, 2011

How I have missed you! It has been a very busy three weeks around here.  I have found two wonderful employees, who are as close to perfect as can be, I have eaten my share of cookies and pastries and cakes and not weighed myself at all, and I have had my fill of winter and am ready for spring.  January is my least favorite month of the year, followed by August. I am ready for vacation and pedicures and open-toed sandals. I have actually painted my toes a color called *naughty red* (it sounds Christmassy, I know, yet, there’s nothing Christmassy about them) and have taken to wearing my flip-flops to work just so I can see them winking up at me.

I am wishing you, my dear friends, a beautiful, blessed 2011.  May all your dreams come true.  Become the best versions of yourselves.  And, if unlike me, you’ve made resolutions, may you keep them. I cannot wait to visit with you! Love and hugs.


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  1. Dash Says:

    Happy New Year to you Angie, good to see you again! January is my least favourite month too but at least we are beyond the shortest day and the evenings will start pulling out, we have spring to look forward to.
    Dash XXX

  2. deb @ talk at the table Says:

    oh! so good to hear from you .
    I was starting to worry.

    love and hugs back.

    and today, I’ll paint my toenails and we’ll dream of beaches together.

  3. Janna Qualman Says:

    What a warm and wonderful post, Angie! All the same back to you. :)

  4. Stephanie Says:

    Happy New Year to you! What a lovely lovely photo - darling, you’re gorgeous! And I’m glad the employee situation has worked out for you. All the best for the new year!

  5. Corinne Says:

    Happy New Year, Angie :) Thank you for the card!! I tried to send you one, but it came back… I must have written the address wrong… but know I was thinking of you!
    Rock those red toes, lady!

  6. Mary Moon Says:

    Angie, you are beautiful. No. Gorgeous.
    It’s good to see your shining face.

  7. Ava Says:

    Happy New Year, pretty lady! I wish you success in all you do. Keep writing your great stories! Love and hugs back to you!

  8. SJ Says:

    Well hello yourself, Lovely woman! So glad you checked in, and I hope you and the family are well.

  9. Jena Says:

    Hello your beautifulness!!! May all your dreams come true this new year! You have an amazing talent with words. I wish to see your books in print.

  10. Lena Says:

    Happy New Year to you, Angie!
    So happy to read you finally found employees… And that you ate your heart away… :)
    I love your photo! You look gorgeous!!

    Love, XXX

  11. Michelle @ The True Book Addict Says:

    Happy New Year, Angie! Hope you had a lovely holiday. I always hated January, February, March when I lived in Michigan because of the long winters, but now winter is my favorite season. Here in Nashville we have short, usually mild winters and too soon it’s scorchingly hot so I enjoy the cold weather while I can.

  12. Kathy Says:

    Happy New Year!

  13. Susan Tiner Says:

    Happy New Year Angie!

    My pink toes are winking at your red ones.

  14. Susan Says:

    Angie - I’m not sure how I missed this…suddenly tons of posts (from lots of people) are appearing in my reader. Eek. Anyway, happy new year & it’s only the 12th day of Christmas as I type this, so…so what. So what? I don’t know. Oh dear, it is a Monday a.m. on a Thursday night here. xoxo

  15. lisahgolden Says:

    Happy New Year, Angie! That photo of you is just so beautiful.

    Wishing you a wonderful 2011.

  16. cathi Says:

    Happy New Year, Angie!! xxoo

  17. angiem Says:

    Thank you, sweet friends, for your lovely compliments.

  18. Jeanne Says:

    Oh Angie…what a stunning photo of you, all smiles, just as I imagined :) Sounds like the perfect three week break to me. I say go ‘naughty red’ all the way!

    Best wishes Angie for a wonderful year ahead!

    Jeanne xx

  19. Bobi Says:

    Hi Angie… I feel with you about January although I’m not sure what’s wrong with August???
    I too have a nice shade of red on my toes except mine is just hanging on by a thread being as it’s been there for… well I don’t want to divulge that info.
    About the bakery I am horrible with names but I can tell you its one block away from Cloud 7 cafe at the end of the board walk. It has large windows that let in a lot of light perfect for getting some great photos. miss you lady. we need to somehow catch up soon.

  20. Susan Deborah Says:

    “best version of yourself” is a lovely line, dear Angie. I wish you everything that needs to complement and complete you in this year 2011.

    Cheers to our friendship.

    Joy always,

  21. Francesca Says:

    Happy 2011 Angie! I’m glad you finally found two good employees. Flip flops are the last item of my summer wardrobe to come out, and I wear boots until may. I should consider naughty red nail varnish:)

  22. Diane Says:

    So glad you finally got those wonderful employees. I would love to wear open toe shoes right now, but am afraid of frostbite…. :O)

    Hugs and missed you.

  23. Mwa (Lost in Translation) Says:

    And a Very Happy New Year to you!

  24. Julie Says:

    Hello dear Angie
    So lovely to have you back.. I know you can’t wait for summer and here i am in the middle of mine and hate the thought of winter coming..

    Thank you so much for the card.. you are such a sweetheart… I hope this year brings you much joy and happiness and thank you so much for all your support and kindness xxx Julie

  25. lauram Says:

    Happy and Healthy New Year to you as well, Angie. I had no resolution for the new year, but your invitation of “becoming the best version of ourselves” sounds tempting, so I’ll try to approach it more seriously this year.

    Sooo good to have you back!

  26. audrey Says:

    happy New Year lovely you!! what a wonderful fun filled post… love it!

  27. laura Says:

    And I am missing you, beautiful lady! So glad it is blessings and not the other keeping you busy with the stuff of life. Sending hugs your way.

  28. sharon -My French Country Home Says:

    Hi Angie, a bit late, but my very best wishes to you and your family for 2011.
    The photo you put up here is stunning, you are very photogenic, your smile seems to reflect exactly the lovely personality we all feel through your blog and your kind comments.
    warm regards to you

  29. Maggie May Says:

    you are gorgeous lady!

  30. Bunny Says:

    You are beyond gorgeous!! Wow..
    Your toenail polish color sounds pretty and cheerful. I hope your 2011 is off to a good start, it sounds like it and good for you…finding new assistants! I am trying to hire a new assistant, its hard.
    I don’t mind January too much, we were away so maybe thats why, but around March I start to feel a little impatient for the start of warm weather.
    Have a great day

  31. Ange Says:

    Oh you Naughtyyyyy girl!!! May your smile shine red and glorious and this new year bring you many open toed sandal events ;-)
    MUch love
    My MY - I made it around to a blog or two this evening. Better go to bed - it is 1.25am…

  32. Anya Says:

    Angie, how wonderful to see you back! And it sounds like 2011 had a great start for you. :-) I have done the same thing cookie-wise and now am very scared to even get close t my scale. :-) I dream of the time when I will be able to eat all I want without much care (which, let’s face it) will never happen! :-)

  33. Ötli Says:

    I like your nice wishes (and full of joy and colors ;)). I wish you a happy and beautiful year.

  34. Jeanne Says:

    Thanking you again Angie for your very sweet comments on my last few posts. Seeing your name come up on my iphone makes me smile the widest smile. You are so thoughtful. Thank you!!
    Wishing you the very very best weekend Angie!

    Jeanne xxx

  35. Cindy L Says:

    What a wonderful photo of you! And good to hear that you’ve got the assistance you need. Happy New Year, wishing you many sweet things.

  36. Autumn Says:

    I did not wish to make many resolutions either. Naughty red sounds fun! I hope that you had a great New Year and the your 2011 is grand and blessed! :)

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