i’ve been awarded!

Author: angiem, 03 02nd, 2011

I’ve been awarded a lovely little award by a new blog friend, and although I’m ambivalent about awards, I don’t want to be rude and not acknowledge the giver, particularly when she has a beautiful blog that I just love to visit. So I’ll tell you a few things about myself you probably don’t know, and if you’d like, you’re welcome to grab the award for yourselves and participate.

1.  I own a lot of books. And I keep buying books. And I have books that I’ve bought and haven’t yet read. And it’s been years since I’ve been waiting for the right mood to strike so I could open some of them.

2.   Blueberries. I could live on them. Even when I get what feels like horrible indigestion that keeps me up at night, I keep eating them. Oh well.

3.  I’m selfish. I’m constantly thinking of ways to hide that last bit of chocolate from everyone else in the house. It isn’t very nice. I know.

4.  My husband is a better cook than I am. In fact, he is a better cook than 95% of people I know. Sometimes I experience a bit of envy when I see that he just throws things in a pot, without measuring, without consulting a recipe, and the end result is absolutely amazing.

5.  I worry a lot. About every little thing. And some of those little things are important. But most are not.

6.  Ah… Foreign films. I am addicted to them. I have so many favorites. What are yours? I like watching them in bed, propped up on pillows, with a box or two of tissues (or an old soft shirt of my husband’s) by my side.

Well, there you have it. Now go visit Snippets of Thyme. You won’t be disappointed. And if you feel like it, grab the award.


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  1. Lori Says:

    My husband is a good cook too. But he does not have to do it too often, and that’s why he can enjoy it and be creative with it, I think (don’t want to give him any credit!). It’s always so good to find little unknown bits of someone. Feels like I’m getting to know you better. Feels good.

  2. Janna Qualman Says:

    Love your tidbits, Angie! And #1 is so me, too.

    Will go check this blog. Thanks!

  3. Jessica Says:

    Haha, your number one is ME! lol And I hide chocolate too. :-)
    Congrats on the award.

  4. Victoria @ Hibiscus Bloem Says:

    Lovely to hear a little more about you. I hide the last pieces of chocolate, the last chips etc too - terrible isn’t it !! Oh well, gotta have something just for yourself sometimes eh!

  5. Stephanie Says:

    Angie - congratulations on a well deserved award. It is fun getting to know you better. And I love how your honesty always come through. Numbers one and five? yes, those are me too, completely.

  6. snippets of thyme Says:

    Angie, thank you for participating. I love your comment about chocolate because I am the same way. I have even been known to hide it in my room before anyone can get at it! My husband is one of those randomly good cooks as well. We slaved over macarons this weekend. His came out wonderful…first try.

  7. Ava Says:

    I just love it when you decide to tell a little about yourself. Every time I visit your blog I’m left wondering about you.
    Number 6 is so me. I spend my weekends watching foreign films. My favorite is probably a Portuguese movie called A Talking Picture.

  8. Jena Says:

    So fun! Number 5 is so me too. I think it’s part of being a woman.

  9. Lena Says:

    I’m so happy I don’t have to hide chocolate, Angie! I have it everywhere… By the bed, in the TV room, in my studio… *sigh*

    Lots of love! XXX

  10. Susan Tiner Says:

    Congratulations on the award. (I know what you mean about awards.)

    #5, me too!

    I guess Cinema Paradiso is my favorite foreign film.

  11. Ange Says:

    Oh Angie - I just EAT the last bit of chocolate. How disciplined YOU are for trying to scheme ways to hide it . lol

  12. La Belette Rouge Says:

    I love this post and I love YOU. I love books and don’t love blueberries( unless they are the tiny kind). And I too love Foreign FIlms. Favorites? AngelA and Amelie.

  13. Nicolette Says:

    Love the list! Especially #4 ;)



  14. Kary Gonyer Says:

    happy to see you at Farmhouse, my friend

    loved reading the list….

    happy to stop by for a visit today

    ending love,
    kary and teddy

  15. audrey Says:

    hey Angie, books! o i love it!! take your time and simply treasure them. it’s also wonderful that you have so many books, your own library, because unfortunately at the moment libraries and bookstores are closing. it worries me, a nation not having easy access to physical books… so good you have a stash! … so funny about the blueberries… do enjoy!

  16. Bobi Says:

    haha… I am so there with you on the chocolate.
    So selfish with chocolate.
    My favorite movies are usually classics with Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, or Gregory Peck and most of the movies that were filmed between the 30’s and 60’s.
    Both my hubby and I are no good in the kitchen we make do but trust me there won’t be any awards won in our kitchen… hmm maybe it’s time to visit you and your hubby for dinner. ;)

  17. Karen@SurvivingMotherhood Says:

    Oh, Angie!
    I totally get you on the hiding thing! It isn’t always chocolate for me…But I have been known to be selfish. *sheepish grin*

  18. Julie Says:

    oh Angie .. so well deserved.. your posts and stories always prompt thought and evaluation of our priorities

    Now.. i am with you on #1, 5 and 6.. although I recently threw most of my books and only kept a few.. it was tough.. but they have been languishing in a garage that ‘apparently’ was exposed to the elements.. sad but done now..

    and the chocolate thing… well I’m the only one in the house.. and in truth.. I should be hiding it from myself.. I can’t leave it alone and gobble it up like there is not tomorrow.. and then tomorrow does come and I pay for my actions. hahaha

    Have a lovely weekend.. ciao xxxx Julie

  19. Cindy L Says:

    I enjoyed your bits, too … and definitely relate to Number 1. Not only do I review books as part of my work … I BUY way to many for pleasure!

  20. Francesca Says:

    Congratulations on the award. Your list makes me smile: from the “selfishness” (don’t believe you) to the box of tissues on hand :)

  21. Maggie May Says:

    congrats:) i could have made your list!

  22. laura Says:

    Hello, my sweet friend! I have been thinking of you and wanted to stop in to say hello. And I am surprised by this fun list about YOU!

    i have been horribly out of the loop, moping about in my own little world. I’m glad I stopped in to get a little dose of angie (I read the previous post and it has me all swooning for the moon).

    Love to you, girl. Miss you!

  23. Anya Says:

    Dear Angie, it is so wonderful to learn a bit more about you! :-) We shar many common “likes” which desn’t really surprise me because I have always felt that we see many things the same way. I am so happy you are the winner and so sorry I did not have enough time to stop by your blog until now. :-) Lately, it seems like there is not enough time for me even to “breathe”. Your fabulous “La Parisienne” is in production and will be finished with in the next 2-3 days and immediately posted out to you. Sending you many kind wishes from rainy New York. :-)

  24. deb @ talk at the table Says:

    I was having computer issues and wasn’t sure if my comment took or not..
    apparently not.

    Anyway.. I love learning about you.
    And I wonder how you are doing always.
    Life has it’s seasons and them some…
    please take care
    of yourself too!

    love ,


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