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Author: angiem, 04 10th, 2011

My love affair with purses started the summer before first grade.  Upon one of our Sunday afternoon outings in the city center, I was struck by one of the most beautiful sights my young eyes had seen thus far: a red patent leather purse on the shoulder of a little girl my age.  Round in shape (this was the seventies) and with an outside pocket containing a little doll, I just had to have one exactly like it.  For the following weeks, I was an obsessed child imploring my parents nicely, and sometimes not so nicely, about my need to get one.

Eventually my wish came true, and with my red patent leather purse I also received a pair of red patent leather Mary Janes.  Imagine my joy!  I wanted to wear the shoes and the purse everywhere.  I suppose that was the origination of my showing off, although it’s hard to tell as I’ve been a show off as long as I remember.  Yet my mom wouldn’t allow it.  They were only for church and visits to friends and family, where they could be properly appreciated.  And because we lived in a communist country and things were difficult to come by, her reasoning made sense.

Over the years I’ve accumulated a variety of purses that have been objects of intense love at one time or another, but which have lately been gathering dust on the shelves.  Yet, I can’t bear to part with them.  The memories they hold are many and precious.  Girlhood, womanhood, motherhood.  Specific moments and specific contents within, are ingrained in my mind.

I suppose there’s plenty of psychological explanations for my love and need of a beautiful purse, yet who cares about all that?  I’m too busy enjoying and loving.


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  1. Victoria @ Hibiscus Bloem Says:

    A girl can never have too many purses / bags can she! I too have quite a collection. Ruby has started her own with 2 little ones filled with this and that. As we leave the house, she says “I get my bag mama, just in case.” Adorable. I plan on keeping all mine to pass onto the little lady over the coming years. Your childhood red one sounds perfect. We used to have shoes and clothes only for special occasions too. I try not to do that now with the children as they are growing soooo fast they’d only get use of things a few times. Wear them every day and enjoy is what I say. Happy Monday over there. x

  2. Diane Says:

    Just enjoying them for the memories alone is enough. Your daughter has not found them and dressed up with them? :O)

  3. Mary Moon Says:

    Do you also love baskets and bowls? I do and purses are an obsession with me too. I think it is a womb thing for me.
    I have SO many purses. I love them all. I understand this completely.

  4. Ava Says:

    The love you have for purses is one I have for shoes. I have more shoes than I van afford lol.

  5. angiem Says:

    Victoria - Your daughter’s comment made me smile. Too adorable! I hope to pass some of mine along, as well.

    Diane -Yes, she has. But she’s got a few of her own, pink or glittery, so she leaves mine alone.

    Ms. Moon - Oh yes! I have more baskets and bowls than I need! But there’s always room for another. The womb thing makes complete sense.

    Ava - I love shoes too, but in a completely different way.

  6. Susan Tiner Says:

    The way you felt about that red purse is the way I felt about my white go-go boots and black fish net stockings. I loved them!

  7. Jena Says:

    I love this post!!! I love purses and have more than any person should!!

  8. Julie Says:

    beautiful Angie.. your words take us all back to that time in our young lives when we first became fixated on that one ‘thing’ we had to have to make our little world perfect… I can just imagine how lovely that red patent leather would have looked with your dark tresses..

    my object of obsession was a full length dress in mint green with empire style bodice!! I saved my pocket money for weeks and finally bought it.. then proceeded to where it everywhere not quite appropriate hahahaha.. the other was a skateboard… probably both of these in the same year.. some tomboy!!!

    Have a lovely week.. and thanks for your visits my way… xxxx Julie

  9. Francesca Says:

    I’m frugal. Hence, I have “only” 5 purses that I’m currently rotating and using :)

  10. Helen Says:

    I love handbags of every sort, expensive and cheap it doesn’t matter the price. I have many of them and continue buying more. I don’t need them but I sure love them.

  11. lori Says:

    I can see my first bag. It was a pink canvas tube little thing with dark brown fake leather handles and piping. I had dreamt about it for a long time before my mom finally bought it for me. It was my most precious thing for a long time. Oh, there is nothing like bags.

  12. Christina Lindsay Says:

    Dear Angie, I have one bag I use all the time and a couple of others. I have a lot of shoes and a stupid amount of clothes.

    Your purse and shoes sound gorgeous. I am eternally in search of the perfect pair of red shoes but haven’t found them yet xx

  13. Ange Says:

    You need another beautiful red purse to go with your truly exquisite hat. It is nearly time for me to go and curl up in between my own sheets as I reflect on the fact that my own children have never been nappers either, and that I have known many french friends who have quite happily left their children sleeping as they trundled off to the markets of a morning. An idea that has always panicked me I must admit. Maybe that’s because my children always woke up EARLY from a nap…
    Miss you muchly miss Angie of the exquisite red hat!

  14. Jeanne Says:

    It is so funny to read this post Angie. I woke up yesterday and started telling my husband about our ‘Easter outfits’ when we were growing up. Patent leather shoes, little white lace anklets, the matching purse, straw hat and ribbon and a coat to match the dress. I had not thought about it for years. I would have loved your red patent leather purse and been so so envious!

    I have a closet full of purses as well, never used but each one a treasure. :)

    Jeanne xxx

  15. Jeannette StG Says:

    Lost trach of your website somehow! But I joined Facebook a week ago, and saw you as Lorenzo’s friend. So glad I found you back! On Facebook I go by the name Jesh, to give my kids more freedom on FB, :)
    BTW a fabulous hat in your previous post!

  16. Susu Paris Chic Says:

    Do continue to be too busy enjoying and loving… sweet Angie. Do not care about the rest. Just live life listening to your heart and with passions. Just as you seem to be doing.

  17. audrey Says:

    hey Angie, I appreciate your joy, and it’s contagious… it’s such a good feeling to read about your love of that purse and mary jane shoes… there is something about those things that seem to get to us… i just love it.

  18. Anya Says:

    Angie, this is something we have in common I suppose. I love urses and I love Mary Jane shoes if they have 4 inch. heel. I often think of them as an extention of myself. The difference is - I would never be able to express my love for it as beautifully as you can! :-)

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