umm… mr. beckham?

Author: angiem, 08 04th, 2011

I know! I never write about celebrities. That’s mostly because I never think about them. Or see them in real life. But lately I seem to run into them on a regular basis. A couple of weeks ago on a family picnic we sat just feet away from Timothy Hutton. But since he was with his family and we were with ours, we didn’t disturb, not even by staring, which I so badly wanted to, because how else will I not miss details?

And now, David Beckham! There we are walking down the street, and there I am telling my husband about this restaurant atop one of the most chic hotels in the city, insisting that we must go, when my husband rudely interrupts to tell me that the people exiting the hotel are none others than the LA Galaxy players. Before I go on, I must say that my husband plays soccer about 6 times per week, every week, in every kind of weather.

Anyway, my husband’s in heaven! Well, you can just imagine. And he tells me that he wants a picture with David Beckham, and I tell him that David must want his privacy, as I’m sure everywhere he goes everyone wants to take a photo with him. But there’s no dissuading my husband. And all the Galaxy players come out and they are all staring at us because we are rudely staring at them while pretending we are not. And then David Beckham comes out, and my husband calls, “David? A picture?” And David Beckham stops and smiles and says, “Sure.” He was very nice. Posed for one photo with my husband, and then another one because I couldn’t get the light right, and then shook my husband’s hand and disappeared into the van.

Being a celebrity must be a whole lot of work. Always smiling, shaking hands, posing for the camera, giving autographs. Even when one feels all sorts of crappy and not in the mood. And dangerous too. I don’t even want to imagine the weirdos out there. Because I did see a guy with his hand in his back pocket, clutching something, or maybe just scratching, but for one crazy moment I feared he would pull out a gun.

Following is a picture of me. I am only a celebrity to myself, but darn it, it is my blog!


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  1. Susan Says:

    You look gorgeous, Angie! Beckham is so lucky to have met you & your husband (who is also darling). I always like Timothy Hutton, too. That’s fun. And yes, it would be a lot of work. A long-time boyfriend’s aunt was very good friend & stand-in for Marilyn Monroe when she lived in NYC. The stories. Oof. She always had to be on guard. But was always lovely to all, acc. to his aunt & I always heard the same from my mother (who also knew her slightly). That’s my leetle bit of of nuttin’ for today:)

  2. sharon -My French Country Home Says:

    How lovely to see a picture of you Angie, and what a handsome couple you make with your husband - the Beckhams will be jealous !!


  3. Ava Says:

    OMG!!!! David Beckham is like the ultimate pretty boy! I read somewhere that he never poses with anyone for pictures and rarely gives autographs. LUCKY you!!!!

  4. pamela Says:

    You look beautiful, Angie… and I just love that big grin on your husband’s face! I say frame both photos!

  5. Jena Says:

    So cool that you saw Timothy Hutton. He is one of my favorites. I loved his role in Beautiful Girls opposite Uma Thurman. One if my favorite movies!
    I don’t know much about soccer but even I know who David Beckham and his wife Victoria Beckham are.
    Must say that you are so pretty Angie!
    Have a beautiful weekend!

  6. Susan Tiner Says:

    Angie, to me you are the best kind of celebrity.

  7. Victoria @ Hibiscus Bloem Says:

    Looking great Angie. My Huzz and I are often referred to as The Beckhams - I’m Victoria and he is David. That’s where the similarities end. My David doesn’t pose in his underwear (well, not often anyhow!), and I’m a good few pounds heavier than her! Oh yeah, and our bank balance is a little smaller!!

  8. Ange Says:

    Darn it! You’re a star to ME too! Love the photos … You stalker you ;-) Fabuleux? Just fabuleux!!

  9. Mary Moon Says:

    Your husband is as handsome if not more so than Beckham and it goes without saying that you are much more beautiful than his wife.

  10. Ruth L. Says:

    Cool! Guess we should come to Portland to see the stars since we don’t see any in LA! I went to Paris and that’s where I saw celebraties: Kristen Dunst and her Spiderman co-stars at their movie premiere .

  11. Diane Says:

    You look just as much of a celebrity as the best of them Miss Loveliness. Your hubby is looking mighty handsome too and holding his own even next to David. Hugs and hope all is well over on the West Coast! :O)

  12. angiem Says:

    Oh, Ms. Moon you are too sweet! Thank you for that.

  13. angiem Says:

    Ange, that is so funny! Can you imagine? Me… A stalker! ;)

    Victoria, I’m sure you aren’t even an oz. heavier.

    Susan, thank you. That is such a nice thing to say. :)

    Jena, oh, I love that movie. I have it and it’s one of my favorites, as well.

    Thanks, Pamela! I should definitely frame the one of my hubby and David Beckham.

    Ava, you are right, he is a pretty boy!

    Aww, Sharon! :) You are sweet.

    Susan, how cool is that? Wow! I’m impressed.

  14. Ani Says:

    Angie you look great! I’m a fan of yours!! lol…. Oh my goodness… as soon as my husband found out that Danny got a picture with Beckham, he’s been jealously running around down town trying to get a sighting of Bekcham himself… but no luck!! Next time Danny should invite Beckham out to a “Romanian” party lol… to meet his fans lol…

  15. Susan Deborah Says:

    Ah, Angie I like the last bit of this post. Quite true. You are a celebrity!! And for a second, I was wondering who was Beckham in the picture. Your husband bears a similarity to him. They almost look alike.

    Great pictures and post.

    Joy always,

    P. S: I knew there was someone called Hutton only after this post. General knowledge.

  16. kary gonyer Says:

    cute story…

    angie…you are so beautiful..loved seeing the picture of you…and i always have wondered where you live ?

    happy to stop by today, my friend


  17. Elizabeth Says:

    I’m with Ms. Moon — you and your husband are better looking than any celebrity!

  18. Francesca Says:

    I want a picture with you Angie! :)

  19. Vicki Archer Says:

    You look like a fabulous celebrity Angie…..xv

  20. Susu Paris Chic Says:

    You are my hero Angie… my celebrity! And so cute in the pic!

    So is the Becks;) Good to hear that he was nice. Must not always be easy though. So many are wanting so many things. Hugs from Finland!

  21. Susan R. Mills Says:

    Hey there! I bet your husband was so excited. And, you are a celebrity in more than just your own head. :)

  22. Mwa (Lost in Translation) Says:

    You’re gorgeous! I do like David Beckham, but I clicked on your picture first!

  23. Bridgette Says:

    Hi Angie! Lady Luck was certainly smiling on you :)

  24. Cindy L Says:

    Let me add my congrats and three cheers — lucky you! Great photos, too.

  25. Christie Says:

    How fun! I’ve always wondered how I would react if I saw one of my favorite actors/celebrities in person. Your husband is adorable. And so are you!!!!

  26. rochambeau Says:

    I don’t know the who the other guys are, but you’re a major celeb to me!! Really Angie!! It’s because of your kind spirit and the incredible talent for writing and your imagination!!!


  27. audrey Says:

    oh Angie what a beutiful picture! & so much fun hearing about your celebrity sitings… hugs dear You!

  28. Jeanne @ Collage of Life Says: daughter is a HUGE DB fan and will be thrilled to read this post! Saying that…I am a HUGE fans of the photo of you!

    Jeanne xxx

  29. Anya Says:

    Angie, you and your hubby make one beautiful couple!:-) This is such a strange thing - the power of celebrity. I aften think that it riggers something in all of us, something very unexpected. I, for example, turn into complete idiot and afterwads feel absolutely terrible. :-) The picture of your hubby with Mr.B looks great and you are such a beautiful girl but I, of course, already new that. :-) It feels so wonderful to be back after my crazy Summer. I almost do not believe it is over. I am looking froward to spending my time reading everything that I have missed. :-) I am wishing you wonderful weekend and sending many kind wishes from New York!

  30. beth Says:

    What a charming blog you have here! I thoroughly enjoyed reading your writings. You are a gifted wordsmith!

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