a parisian macaron

Author: angiem, 11 29th, 2011

Nuvrei: Photo courtesy of Elena Wilken Cristurean

Nuvrei: Photo courtesy of Elena Wilken Cristurean

This is what I want to be. A confection. Even if I feel like a slice of whole wheat most days, nutritious, necessary, boring, I want to be dessert. And not just any dessert, I want to be a Parisian macaron.

I don’t know when it was that my profession became my identity. Perhaps a long time ago, and I just hadn’t noticed, or perhaps more recent, but all the frivolity and elegance is gone. I am serious and dependable, which can also translate as anxious and exhausted. And for what? My kids are growing. And the passing years act as though they’re in a race. Before I know it my kids will be in college and I’ll be contemplating a face lift. I don’t want to be staring at myself in the mirror wondering where my life went, not recognizing the lined face staring back.

Can anyone tell me, how do I go about becoming a Parisian macaron? Or at least, how can I find some balance?

(And if you’re in Portland and haven’t stopped by Nuvrei on NW 10th and NW Flanders, what are you waiting for?)


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  1. Elisabeth Stewart Says:

    I think we get caught up in being needed by others when in fact they don’t need us quite as much as we think. Children adapt. Take some time to do what you want – write, art…feed your soul. Once my children were in school, I began to write in earnest.
    And think of yourself as a Parisian macaroon – the power of positive thinking! Sometimes, it works.

  2. Diane Says:

    I would need to be a chocolate eclair. Yummy and layers of deliciousness.

    I guess just forcing yourself to stop, even if it’s for one minute at a time and just be the macaroon (silly, fun, playful, smiling, etc) Eventually, those moments will add up and come back into your life more frequently. Your work is so serious and encompassing, you really need those moments of joy with you and your family. Hugs sweet friend! :O)

  3. Susan Says:

    :) I think you should wait for a few answers, perhaps, but then write a little list of how to become a macaron. I’d definitely link to that everywhere. Go ahead, clever girl! (I’m drinking first cup of coffee & am far from clever this a.m. or lately or I’d leave a pithy one liner…alas..)


  4. Mary Moon Says:

    My only advice- take time occasionally to paint your face and dance.
    Does that make sense?

  5. Jena Says:

    Good question! When you find out let me know. I like what Susan said. When you find out write a list and let all of us know!!!

  6. Susan Tiner Says:

    No easy answers here. I am still shocked when I think of all the years I worked 60+ hours per week. I used to joke that I raised my daughter in the car, on the way to and from school and after school care.

    What was it all for? I don’t know. I saved a bunch of money, raised and educated the kids. Good things.

    I’m enjoying this stage of life, finding meaning outside of the context of work. If I could do it all over again, I’m not sure I’d do things differently, because I wanted a family, and family is all consuming.

  7. Ava Says:

    I’ve never had a Parisian macaroon. It looks delicious!! I’d like to be a Belgian chocolate pirouette crisp and sweet all at once.

  8. Victoria @ Hibiscus Bloem Says:

    Oh to be those macaroons! A little ‘me’ time every now and then does wonders for me. Not long, just a couple of hours, and I feel I can take on the world again. Mani/pedi, sitting at a great bar with a great girl friend slipping on a great cocktail, heels, a pretty dress, dinner with the Huzz in the cool new restaurant. The little things that make me feel glamorous and womanly again, instead of being ‘mama’. And thanks for the tip-off about Nuvrei - I shall add it to my list of must go to places for the new year, after the jetlag and move has worn off!

  9. deb Says:

    I struggle so much with this whole who am I , vs who I should be. Am I who I am?
    Perhaps you need some soul feeding.

  10. Ange Says:

    Learn to say ‘NO’ in moments when there is no urgency or emergency Angie. There is a little Parisian Macaron in you waiting to shine. The more you let it shine through, the more your dependable and trustworthy personality will bring even greater joy. Actually, you didn’t know this but you really are my Parisian Macaron :)

  11. Susan Deborah Says:

    Angie, it takes great effort and time to perfect a Parisian Macaron. So, I guess the key words are time and effort. And when lives life with awareness and thankfulness, one is not very far from becoming the perfect Parisian Macaron which melts in the mouth. Maybe you are already a Parisian Macaron and you don’t know your worth. Well, . . .

    Joy always,

  12. Susan R. Mills Says:

    I know what you mean. I think we all feel this way at times. I hope you find the answers.

  13. Jessica Nelson Says:

    Think happy thoughts and a sprinking of fairy dust? I don’t know…honestly. I try to live in the moment. Sometimes tickling my kids or turning on a fun song helps me lighten up and get sugary.
    I hope you find your balance. Those Parisian thingies are as good to look at as they are to eat. :-)

  14. Vicki Archer Says:

    You are on your way Angie because you are asking the questions… Such a thought provoking post and I am sure we all look at ourselves from time to time and have a great deal of queries… xv

  15. french fancy Says:

    I’ve not been to Paris for a couple of years now and miss it so much. And also the macarons!


  16. corine @ hidden in france Says:

    I’m glad you were not yet a Parisian Macaron when we met. I would have gobbled you up in an instant :)

    Really, can anyone find balance in a busy life with jobs and children? I try to enjoy the best I can (I have trouble when it gets crazy) and tell myself I’ll rest when they grow up. There are seasons in life and this is the season for stress and being overwhelmed.

  17. Julie Says:

    Hi Angie
    Well I understand the need for balance.. and how one’s career can become your identity.. sadly I haven’t found the answer.. dropped out of it all.. but that wasn’t balance either and now about to go back..

    I hope things become a little calmer for you. and that the sweetness and frivolity play a bigger part in your life..

    ciao ciao xxx Julie

  18. Silvia Says:

    I love macaroons. We are all so busy all the time, but I think we enjoy more that way when we have time for ourselves… <3<3

  19. Cindy L Says:

    A worthy goal — and yes, finding that balance between work, home, and family is elusive to many mothers. Sometimes you have periods of utter craziness (especially during the holidays) and sometimes things do calm down. Carve time out for YOU.

  20. laura Says:

    I so wish I was in Portland. Because I have no idea what that is! and this is the first step to becoming a Parisian Macaron…step into the unknown.

    I wish that meant I could come to Portland. Wishing you all things sweet and zany this Advent, Angie. Love to you.

  21. Elizabeth Says:

    I was having similar thoughts tonight as I took out the garbage, if you can believe it. I wasn’t nearly as creative as imagining myself as a French macaroon, but I wondered where my own youth went and how there are places inside that still feel young but rarely find expression. Hmmmmm..

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