in the stillness of the night

Author: angiem, 02 08th, 2012


I try all the tricks I know to make myself fall asleep. But nothing works, not even my favorite daydream, which is a surprise. I simply can’t sleep. So here I am in front of the computer, sipping a hot, moroccan mint tea, and staring at the keyboard. I have nothing to write about. Never mind that it’s been almost a month since my half-hearted attempt at sharing my boring life. I’m a bad, bad blogger. I prefer to read what others have to say and comment on that, than to dig something out of the recesses of my brain.

I started this blog with the zealousness of a preacher. I felt that there were truths which had to be addressed, yet were ignored by the people with the power to do something. I smugly thought of myself as the perfect person to address them. But when I reread what I had written, I didn’t like how much of a know-it-all I appeared, and my fervor cooled off.

I honestly don’t know in which direction to take this blog. I censor myself quite a bit because there are readers who feel offended if I leap out of the box they’ve placed me in. Being true to one’s beliefs isn’t the easiest of things. And so, until I figure out which way to go, my posts will be sporadic and random.

By the way, if any of you have any ideas, I’m listening.

*Photo taken from a travel website about Romania


21 Responses to “in the stillness of the night”

  1. Elisabeth Stewart Says:

    You have never come across as a “know-it-all.” I always enjoy reading your blog.
    I censor myself only due to issues regarding my privacy, not out of fear of offending readers. If they don’t like what I write, they don’t have to read it!
    Blog when the spirit moves you – as you did today. Do not feel any pressure to blog on a regular basis. I no longer do.

    And you are NOT a “bad, bad blogger”!!

  2. Jessica Nelson Says:

    Hey sweet lady, I’ve never, ever thought you sounded like a know-it-all. And you know you could turn off comments if you wrote a post you thought might attract nasty comments.

    A morroccan mint tea…that sounds really exotic! I hope you were able to sleep after posting this. *hugs*

  3. corine @ hidden in france Says:

    Don’t trust anything you think in the middle of the night!!

  4. Jena Says:

    Hey lady whatever you write about just write. Don’t give in to the negativity and censor yourself. Your posts are always interesting and thought provoking.

  5. Mina Says:

    Don’t censor yourself. Even the people who complain read what you write because you say things that are true and they know it.

  6. Susan Tiner Says:

    Angie, it is always a pleasure reading your stories. I wish you would write more of them. xoxo

  7. Ava Says:

    I agree with Susan. Your short stories and memoir pieces are my favorite. I also like when you address women’s issues.

  8. Dale Frounfelter Says:

    …Angie, your words are beautiful and inspirational.
    … the naysayers have their own stories, don’t take them personally.
    Write your heart.

  9. sharon - my french country home Says:

    Angie, I think we all have days of doubt about why we write a blog. You have to be true to yourself which you seem to be. I never felt you came across as a know-it-all, in fact you are very candid about not always having the answers. One thing for sure, you have a real gift for writing, I love your stories linked to your family life and history. I also love the warmth of the comments you leave chez moi! :)

  10. angiem Says:

    Elizabeth, I’m too hard on myself. I feel guilty if I don’t provide regularly scheduled posts.
    Jessica, the moroccan mint tea I drink is made by Stash and found in every grocery store.
    Corine, tell me about it.
    Jena, thank you!
    Mina, some things rub people the wrong way. And some of those people I see in my day to day life.
    Susan, thank you! I love writing stories.
    Ava, thank you! They are fun to write.
    Dale, I will keep telling myself that: write your heart, Angie. Thanks, friend.
    Sharon, thank you! I enjoy writing the stories and the family history. I love visiting you. It’s a home away from home. There’s always yumminess and beauty there.

  11. deb Says:

    I hear you Angie. I do .
    Take a break and just share how you see… share beauty. You have such an eye and I’d love to come and see how you do. Just a photo and a line or two.

  12. Christie B. Says:

    Oops hit enter too fast…
    What I was trying to say:
    I have always love everything you’ve written. I think you should write whatever you are passionate about. You have such an amazing talent with words.

  13. Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita Says:

    You never came across as a know it all! So Leap, Leap out of the box- I can’t wait to see what you share. Be true to yourself, and the rest will fall into place.

  14. Diane Says:

    Do you need melatonin? My husband and daughter NEED this stuff. It’s cheap and works. :O)

  15. meadow Says:

    I like your blog a lot.
    Greetings from romania.

  16. laura Says:

    Well, I think I would like you uncensored :). That’s what I’m talking about. Don’t worry about not having the words. Sometimes they fly. But a girl like you? They never leave for long. Miss you.

  17. Victoria @ Hibiscus Bloem Says:

    Its always lovely to read your blog, so take your time and stop by when it works for you. And we must have a cup of tea soon.

  18. Laura M Says:

    Reading your blog has been so interesting and a lot of times good “food” for thought. I have not once felt like your words want to point out a “know it all” attitude, but rather a person with strong belives and the courage to put them out in beautiful words. “Write your heart Angie!” sounds like a great advice.
    Hope to see more of your stories and posts!

  19. Cindy L Says:

    Angie, I hope you’ll continue writing about the things you need to express!

    Blogging gives each of us the opportunity to pour out what we can’t write about in our newspaper columns, or in other professional outlets. That’s the beauty of it. A blog is not for the purpose of pleasing everyone — or telling people what we think THEY want to read.

    A blog is a place others can choose to visit. If your readers don’t care for a particular topic, they are not forced to read it. A blog is your place, your corner of the world, and a reflection of who you are. You should feel free to share all facets of your beautiful self!

  20. Relyn Says:

    It seems a perfect time to quote my old friend, Dr. Suess.

    “Be Who You Are and Say What You Feel Because Those Who Mind Don’t Matter and Those Who Matter Don’t Mind.”

    Jump out of that box, friend. Fling it to the winds and forget about it.

  21. audrey Says:

    hello there, in my opinion, i think you may be mistaken. when i read your words i never feel all the things that you have written in this post. i feel a love, creativeness and terribly interesting experiences and perspectives. i am being truthful:).

    that said, as you may remember, i have needed and taken breaks and pauses… and it always feels nice afterwards when my heart says… let’s write something.

    i am sending some hugs and holding on to the love you share:).


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