Author: angiem, 08 22nd, 2012

me... at almost 40!

me... at almost 40!

Ok, so this post’s all about me. Yes. Sorry about that. But, in less than a month I’m turning 40, and from all accounts I should be just a tad more obsessed with aging than I am. Of course, I already spend a great portion of time staring at myself in any mirror I come across. Or any window. At my face. At my skin. At my breasts and my butt. And all the while I think: do I need Botox, fillers, a nip here, a tuck there? I mean, let’s face it. Skin at 40 grows all sorts of little hairs where little hairs have no business of being, or little skin folds where little skin folds have no business of being. And yes, my roots are grayer than they’ve ever been. And yes also, my breasts are nowhere near perky. Nor is my behind.

But I am 40, not 20. And I’ve been pregnant several times, and gave birth twice.


Should I be more worried than I am?

I had lunch with a friend of mine who also turned 40, and she told me that she’s been getting Botox for the last 6 years. And also another friend who turned 40 said that her dermatologist told her that there’s very little Botox can do to the lines on her forehead as they already are too deep. Too deep? At 40?

Hm. Ok.

I AM vain. And deep down I know that I will do whatever it takes to NOT become invisible. Whatever it takes. But I don’t like the idea of wasting my forties obsessing about every little wrinkle. I’m not that vain. Of course it’s possible I’ll change my mind, but for now, I want to worry about things that make sense: that I won’t die before my children reach adulthood and that I don’t have to work for a living until I’m eighty.

But if you see me dressing too young for my age, or having an impossibly round tush, or tiny waist, or frozen forehead, or lips that stretch to both of my ears, kindly take me aside and tell me how ridiculous I look. But do it gently. Because to resort to such extremes my ego must be very fragile. And it will only respond to gentleness.


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  1. Lori Says:

    Oh, Angie, you seem so well grounded and have such a great attitude! But really, 40 is too late to get Botox? Wonderful. All is lost.
    And an early happy birthday to you!

  2. Diane Says:

    You are lovely inside and out and I hear you on the hairs and sags. We have wisdom which I am appreciative for and our children will always know how much we love them. Hugs and Happy Early Birthday to you. :O)

  3. Ms. Moon Says:

    I swear to you- a woman’s forties are her most beautiful decade. Glory in these years.

  4. Char Says:

    I live in L.A. and let me tell you that Botox and fillers are a constant here. A lot of the women actually look the same. No kidding.

  5. corine @ hidden in france Says:

    I worried about those things when I turned 40 too. I live in L.A. where people are thin and gorgeous. I kept telling myself I would definitely use whatever means at my disposal to stay young. But I’m cheap, so there was always better use of my money. And I’m chicken so I would never want to go under the knife. The result: I’m 47 with little wrinkles (and hairs) everywhere and now I don’t even care. There is that in-between age where we fear the loss of our beauty, but if you push though it you’ll be fine. You have a timeless beauty (I’ve seen it in person) that age will never touch.

  6. angiem Says:

    Lori, too late to start getting Botox. By the forties many of the wrinkles apparently are too deep.

    Thank you, Diane!

    Ms. Moon, I will glory in them. You are right.

    Char, I can’t say I’m surprised.

  7. angiem Says:

    Corine, you are one of the most beautiful women I’ve seen. And with the most gorgeous hair. And you are French! Need I say more? Yes, actually, YOU should be writing a book on beauty.

  8. Ruth Says:

    Angie you are gorgeous and fabulous. Keep writing and you will not become invisible. Happy early birthday.

  9. Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita Says:

    I am just a couple of years older than you, but I hear you loud and clear. Quite a bit of “when did THAT happen?!” going on these days. Fight the good fight, but never to the absurd and you will be fine. Enjoy these days - and darling, you are absolutely gorgeous. GORGEOUS!

  10. Ava Says:

    You are gorgeous the way you are. Know this!!! I agree with Ruth keep writing and you won’t disappear.

  11. bobi Says:

    Angie I agree with all those who commented before me and i’ll add my 2 cents… you are one of the prettiest ladies I know and I would never give you more than early 30’s… so keep on doing what you’re doing it works.

  12. Jena Says:

    Happy early birthday!!! 40 is still so young!!! Don’t worry about Botox, injections, or plastic surgery. You don’t need any of that stuff. You are beautiful!!!

  13. Cami Says:

    If I look half as good as you do when I turn 40, I’d be pretty ecstatic! And to think you’ve never had anything ‘done’.. You should be celebrating.

  14. angiem Says:

    Ruth, thank you! You are sweet. And I will keep on writing.

    Stephanie, I’m more worried of ending up looking like a freak, than I am of wrinkles. Thank you!

    Thanks, Ava!

    Bobi, no, you are one of the prettiest! Washing my face daily and applying moisturizer is about all I do, but soon it won’t be enough.

    Aw, Jena. Thanks!

    Cami, you are funny! Thanks, my darling sister.

  15. Cathi Says:

    Angie you have nothing to worry about -you are stunning just the way you are. Like Corine, I too live in LA where everyone seems to be desperate to stay young at all costs and they look ridiculous. I am 55 and don’t have many wrinkles, but I am going to just age naturally as I feel like I earned it. Smiling, laughing, loving and enjoying your family and friends are the true tonic of a life well lived. Happy weekend! xxoo

  16. Susan Deborah Says:

    What is within always shows on the outside and gauging by the picture in this post, you are lovely to behold.

    And every age has its charm and beauty. Imagine if everyone looked young and sprightly, our children would have no grandmothers and aunts because everyone would be so young-looking. We should live every age to the fullest and look accordingly, I reckon. It’s great to be energetic and lively but not always with perky breasts and tiny waists. We had it once so why again.

    Take care Angie.

    It has been a very long time since I came over here. Hope all is well with you.

    Joy always,

  17. krista Says:

    i always thought 40 was supposed to feel like something. instead, it feels shockingly not like something. and i suppose that’s reassuring but i’m with you on the question: should i be more concerned than i am?
    welcome to 40, gorgeous. it’s pretty here.

  18. Christie Says:

    I can totally relate. But, I have to say…YOU are one gorgeous woman! And 40? You don’t look anywhere near.
    I’m only a few years shy of 40 myself. To be honest, I still feel 25. Do you still feel young, yet appreciate the wisdom of your years? I sure do.

  19. Jenny Says:

    I love how real you are - nothing to hide. What you see is what you get. And what I see is lovely. :)

    P.S. Finally got my blog up! It took over a year to finally bite the bullet, but here I am! :) Thanks for being the first to encourage me to start down this path. :) Blessings!

  20. angiem Says:

    Cathi, thank you. Maybe not yet, but I’m getting there, unfortunately. Still, I saw a photo of Naomi Watts on French Essence, and she looks so gorgeous, wrinkles and all. You, by the way, are such a classic beauty, that you really have nothing to worry about.

    Susan, thanks for the visit. I’ve been thinking about you the past several months. Wondering how marriage is, and your studies. Hope you are doing well and are happy.

    Krista, you are really sweet. And always know how to say the right thing in the coolest way possible. I want to be more like you!

    Christie, I feel no older than 22, and sometimes I don’t act older than 12. I feel somewhat wise, but I’m nowhere near as wise as my mother was when she was 40.

    Jenny, thank you! :) And welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! I’m so glad you decided to become one of us.

  21. Relyn Says:

    Happy birthday, friend. Happy birthday. Do you want the honest-hand-to-God-truth? I’d say you look about 31. So - no worries.

    No worries anyway. Beauty is far more an attitude, a feeling, an energy than a number. And you have those things in abundance, friend. Happy, happy birthday!

  22. Francesca Says:

    Happy (belated? early?) birthday Angie! I live in a place where all beauty treatments and options aren’t available - so I don’t worry, because I can’t!

  23. Susan deborah Says:

    Dear Angie:

    I am doing well and recently relocated to another place filled with beaches and sunshine - Goa. Miss your posts which have become quite few now. Very busy, I reckon.

    Take good care and enjoy the cheer of this season.

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