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Author: angiem, 05 29th, 2009

So here’s my thought on Twitter self-promotion: it makes me feel contradictory, cynical and manipulative. Because they are expressions of my life, my work, and my passions, my blog, Facebook and Linked In, are wonderful tools that I have no issue exploiting. However, when it comes to Twitter, I honestly do not see any purpose to it, other than that it places me and countless other peoples in need of attention, in the inferior position of selling ourselves for a mere 2 seconds of fame.

And not even that. I’ve been on it for about a week now, and have arrived at this meaningless conclusion: most people on there don’t have a thought they want to express as much as a need to attract followers. In a way, it’s kind of like infantilizing ourselves because of a need to be popular. I find it difficult to maintain my dignity while I post and try to attract followers interested in what I have to say. I feel conspicuous, ridiculous and desperate.

I’ve been told to give it time, that it will grow on me, that I’ll see it’s benefits soon enough. I know I don’t have the patience and the time to waste in making meaningless connections with people who keep re-tweeting breaking news. I’m interested in thoughts, stories, ideas. Originality. Something that stops my racing mind in its tracks in order to explore something new, something it hadn’t considered. Quotes by dead, white men do not count.


4 Responses to “tweet… tweet…”

  1. Bobi Says:

    If you’re not interested in quotes by dead white men, are you interested in quotes by dead black men???

  2. angiem Says:

    Hmm… Oh dear… I should have made myself clear. Not interested in quotes by dead, white, black, women, men etcetera on Twitter. On Twitter I prefer a reference to a personal thought, a story, or idea. Overall, I love quotes!

  3. Ani Says:

    I have not had the time to check out or explore Twitter. I remember trying to get on it quickly and I had to actually open an account or something like that before I could really find out what’s going on in the Tweet world :-)… For those that enjoy it… more power to them. I’m glad you’re on LinkedIn. I’ll have to get on facebook because I’ve heard only good things.

  4. Laura Says:

    I like this perspective on it:

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