the ephemeral instant

Author: angiem, 07 27th, 2009

I have been spending a lot of time with my children lately, and paying close attention to the little things they do and say.  There’s such growth and change from one day to the next, and I want to catch that moment of transitioning and record it down, so that I can look back and say that I remember it happening.

For the first three years of my son’s life, I made periodic journal entries about his progress, my thoughts on motherhood, and my hopes and dreams for his future, and our future as a family.  Reading through the leather bound journal now, I either cringe in embarrassment at my naivety as a young mother, or am impressed at the insight I had into specific situations (mostly I cringe).    

When my daughter came along, I meant to repeat the process, and bought the perfect journal for it.  Needless to say, the journal gathered dust on my bedside table for a long time.  Then one day I read in a magazine about how a family writes things down as they occur, on pieces of paper, which they then drop into a box to read at the end of the year.  As bits of paper are always fluttering around my house, I decided that this is what we must do. 

The only problem?  None of the boxes I had were worthy of their soon to be contents.  But I knew what just would.  I had been eyeing a collection of gorgeous vintage apothecary jars at a local antique store, hoping to find a justifiable reason for making them mine.  They were five in all, and, of course, could have been individually bought, but I felt they had to be displayed as a group in order to be fully appreciated. The price was a bit steep, but as a house of transitory moments in my daughter’s life, nothing else would do. 

I saved the tallest for my daughter, and filled the remaining four with fleeting objects from nature.  They glint and sparkle, and fill me with joy almost as much as my daughter’s being does.  Occupying a prominent place in the family room, they’re a daily reminder to record what I see and hear, and enjoy my life with my children to the fullest.   


5 Responses to “the ephemeral instant”

  1. Ligia Says:

    Lovely, really lovely… I will try to do the same,
    I did the best I could with my eldest, but then the youngest, has so less written on his journal… reading you reminded me of how valuable will be the effort to keep record of these cherished moments…

  2. Jena Says:

    What a great idea! I will try to incorporate it too.

  3. Vicki Archer Says:

    So, so true - they will grow up so much quicker than you could ever imagine, xv.

  4. elena w Says:

    that is SUCH an awesome idea!
    I’ve been saving little things and scraps of paper too, in a cute box hid away in her closet, that I sometimes forget about.
    The journal did not work really well for me either.

    These are the things that will treasure and pass on to their kids, along with the stories, when they grow up :)

  5. Priscilla Says:

    Ce cute!! For Tristan you have to write how well he plays charades and what a great “rapper” he was. That was priceless!!

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