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Author: angiem, 08 04th, 2009

side table arranged for a cookies and tea party

side table arranged for a cookies and tea party

In the last month, I have been to more weddings, parties, showers, birthday celebrations, family barbeques, dinners, and lunches than I have the entire year. With the exception of the winter holiday season, the months of July and August are spent hopping from one place to the next. Rarely a day goes by that we don’t go somewhere or see someone. And while it is tiring (and we are the only neighborhood family carrying our sleeping children from the car into the house at midnight), it is also great fun. Both hubby and I are sociable people who love to be around other sociable people every chance we get.

Yet I am reminded that my turn is coming. One way or another, I have to reciprocate. Today I spent a good portion of my free time looking over easy summer recipes for a dinner with family and friends that I’m to give in the next two weeks. I say easy, because I usually go for the complicated, only to find out halfway through that either the meal will never be ready in time for the guests’ arrival, or judging by how dry it is, it was ready a while back, and the only thing it’s good for now, is the garbage can.

Because hubby is a fabulous cook (who really should do all the cooking in our family), and I am good at delegating, I’ll give him the job of preparing the meal. I’ll do what I do best: selecting and arranging the flowers, staging various surfaces throughout the rooms for exquisite presentations of food, donning my favorite embroidered apron from my mother-in-law, arranging the sofas and chairs in a conducive conversation provoking sitting area, and so on.

With the crowd coming, I don’t need to stress in the least. Because they love us, they believe everything we do is spectacular (and I am not giving away the menu, after all, some of you readers will be there). Still, we aim to impress, if not our guests then at least each other. That’s just how it is when one’s married, I suppose.


3 Responses to “summer entertaining”

  1. Jena Says:

    What are pretty setup for your cookies and tea party. I am the same way, would much prefer to set everything out and let somebody else do the cooking. I like that statement at the end.

  2. ella Says:

    Wedding season! I’ve spent every weekend so far attending weddings. Not going to throw that kind of a party, but maybe a picnic with friends? Yes, I think I will now that you’ve inspired me to entertain too.

  3. Vicki Archer Says:

    Amen to someone else doing the cooking anyday….give me the flower arranging and I am in heaven. Enjoy your weekend Angie, xv.

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