i’ve been awarded!

Author: angiem, 03 02nd, 2011

I’ve been awarded a lovely little award by a new blog friend, and although I’m ambivalent about awards, I don’t want to be rude and not acknowledge the giver, particularly when she has a beautiful blog that I just love to visit. So I’ll tell you a few things about myself you probably don’t know, and if you’d like, you’re welcome to grab the award for yourselves and participate.

1.  I own a lot of books. And I keep buying books. And I have books that I’ve bought and haven’t yet read. And it’s been years since I’ve been waiting for the right mood to strike so I could open some of them.

2.   Blueberries. I could live on them. Even when I get what feels like horrible indigestion that keeps me up at night, I keep eating them. Oh well.

3.  I’m selfish. I’m constantly thinking of ways to hide that last bit of chocolate from everyone else in the house. It isn’t very nice. I know.

4.  My husband is a better cook than I am. In fact, he is a better cook than 95% of people I know. Sometimes I experience a bit of envy when I see that he just throws things in a pot, without measuring, without consulting a recipe, and the end result is absolutely amazing.

5.  I worry a lot. About every little thing. And some of those little things are important. But most are not.

6.  Ah… Foreign films. I am addicted to them. I have so many favorites. What are yours? I like watching them in bed, propped up on pillows, with a box or two of tissues (or an old soft shirt of my husband’s) by my side.

Well, there you have it. Now go visit Snippets of Thyme. You won’t be disappointed. And if you feel like it, grab the award.


magpie 35

Author: angiem, 10 09th, 2010

When I was a child I was afraid of every shadow.  Maybe it was cultural, maybe it was generational, but the adults related to me thought it important to threaten me with either kidnappings by gypsies, monsters, or goats (apparently they liked to eat little children and came out at night), anytime I wanted to do something they didn’t feel like doing. Certainly, one of those three was out to get me, waiting until I was alone and then snatching me quickly and throwing me in a sack carried for just such an occasion.

I was a timid child and maybe not so bright, because I must have been twelve when I finally figured out that it was all a big, fat lie.  Still, the damage was done and I continued sleeping with a night light on for many more years.  To this day, to be alone in complete darkness raises my hairs on end, and every little creak is a monster’s footstep.

When the movie Psycho came out in the nineties I went to watch it with my husband, thinking that I was an adult and to be scared of something make believe was indeed silly.  Maybe I actually thought that or maybe he insinuated something to that effect, because there I was popcorn and pop in my lap, waiting for the movie to begin.  And was I brave?  Let’s just say that for weeks after I only took a shower if my husband was home, preferably standing there and talking to me.  Even now, if I am on a trip somewhere alone, that shower image pops in my head and I choose to bathe instead.

The funniest thing about this is that I am around people in the autumn of their lives.  I am right there when they pass from this life to the next, and I often am the person who takes the pulse and listens for that last heartbeat.  And did I mention that the house I live in has been used as a hospice and still is?  Yet, none of these things frighten me.  I go through the dark house at night and feel no fear.  There’s nothing lurking in the shadows.

But ask me to watch a scary movie and I will have a month of sleepless nights.

Also (and totally unrelated)… I am super excited to announce that one of my posts is featured in the current issue of the Creative Nonfiction journal. Hurray for me! Here is the link to The Woman.

This is a true Magpie Tale.


hello dear friends

Author: angiem, 05 14th, 2010

I have been silent all week long, not of my own choosing, but because life and work got in the way of blogging. Crazy days, sleepless nights… You all understand how it can happen and so often does.  Nonetheless, the week has been a wonderfully blessed one, even though I had to remind myself of those blessings when my little one clogged the toilet a few too many times.

Last week (I’m always late, aren’t I? So sorry!) I received a spectacular award from a beautiful and glamorous blogger, and I’d like to share it with you all. Here it is:

Isn’t it the coolest? So is the giver! Her blog is filled with art, fashion, biographies, and glamour. Pop on by and say hello to beautiful Dash.

I guess I must tell you a bit about myself though. When I was young I used to be quite mean.  I like to blame it on the wacky church we attended, but I know I can’t blame everything on it.  But I did things, one of which was making my friends kiss my feet if they wanted something I had, and then after all that still not giving it to them.  I have since apologized and been forgiven, yet it hasn’t been forgotten, as someone just reminded me of this recently.

Somehow I grew up feeling entitled.  My parents, my Tante Marie and Grandmother certainly fed this to me.  When we came to the U.S. I was the adult, I felt, translating for every appointment, consulting with the doctors and teachers on the behalf of everyone else.  And I was praised quite a lot.  By everyone.  It was easy to see myself as privileged in every situation from home to school.

Perhaps that is why I am currently so against the “princess syndrome.” Fairy tales are fun to read, but in real life the beast remains a beast, while you may find that Prince Charming had been wearing a mask all along.  As a mother to a little girl I see how diva behavior and an attitude of entitlement may damage her as she becomes an adult.  It will make her believe that no one and nothing is good enough for her.  I do not want to raise the worst sort of a snob: a girl enslaved to an unrealistic image of herself and of womanhood; not in the least aware that she may be slightly delusional. She’ll be unsatisfied as a young woman, as a wife, and as a mother. Always expecting something more, and baffled and depressed when what she expects does not materialize.

Anyway, there you have it.  Now, all of you my beautiful readers grab the award, and have a gorgeous weekend!