corner view: from where i’m sitting

Author: angiem, 06 01st, 2010

Does life get any better than this? Friends around wishing us the best, our family’s unconditional love, great food, happy memories in the making to sustain us a lifetime.  From where I’m sitting, this moment in time is pure bliss.  All it needs is my grateful heart to acknowledge it.

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Author: angiem, 09 13th, 2009

A few days ago while speeding on the freeway to make it to an appointment for which I was already very late, frustrated and annoyed at the drivers I felt were responsible for my lateness, I got to thinking about the sort of things that we trick ourselves into believing make us happy.  Things like vacations, financial freedom, getting a certain client or certain contract, having the kids get into the ‘right’ schools, losing ten lbs., and so on and so forth.

Yet the more I thought about it, the more I realized that while these things do bring about a certain feeling of satisfaction, when I want what I already have, I feel the greatest joy and peace. Nothing can replace my children’s smile, my husband’s hand in mine, my beautiful garden, my mother’s daily wisdom, that favorite book, that first cup of coffee, that moment upon opening my eyes and realizing that I have been given another day to spend with the people I love.