Author: angiem, 01 09th, 2013

The minute January 6th is over, and I take down the Christmas trees, I am done with winter. January’s a tough month. Possibly my least favorite month of the year. The older I get, the more I hate the cold. The older I get, the more I hate the rain, the grey skies, the fact that summer is a long, long way off.

It’s in January, usually on our morning walk to our favorite coffee shop, that my husband and I resurrect our daydream of moving to warmer places. You know, places like Miami or Scottsdale or San Diego. Places where the eternal mists of the Pacific Northwest winters are absent. Where the sun caresses the skin and warms the pavement beneath our feet. Where the flowers are the deepest magenta and the air smells like lemons.

And then we get inside the warmth of the coffee shop, and we think: we can’t leave this place. We laugh at our complains. To live in constant sunshine and the whir of air conditioners? That’s not for us! Not yet, anyway. We can wait until we retire. So we sip our cappuccinos and nibble on our croissants, say hello to the regulars who stop by our table, and admit to each other that we have a pretty good life here. A loving family, great friends, wonderful neighbors, jobs that we enjoy, a creative community we’re part of. Quite a lot to give up for a bit of blue sky.

I guess we’ll stay put for the moment. Have more coffee, more croissants, read another book, start another painting, work a little harder. Because life is beautiful. Right here. Right now. Now if January would just hurry up and be done with.


ant thoughts

Author: angiem, 06 22nd, 2011

I’ve been killing ants today. I don’t know where they come from, but there they are, carrying their little germs on a zig-zagged route across my counters. The sight of them alone makes me itch. I did the right thing yesterday and tried to scare them away with ground pepper, but when they were still around this morning, I went in for the kill.

My city’s built on a giant ant hill. That’s what I believe. Sometimes I imagine their kingdom of miles of vast tunnels underground, and the ants, billions and billions of them, going about their business plotting which house to attack next. It used to be that I wouldn’t go to bed until the kitchen was spotless, hoping that the smell of disinfected surfaces and waxed floors would deter the little pests, but it was a battle I was losing, so I gave it up. Besides, it was exhausting.

And my attitude sucked. I was so smug. Acting like a know-it-all, just because my house was organized. I blamed a bunch of people, because it made me feel in control. The reason the ants came back was the lone paper towel someone used to wipe their hands and left on the counter. Wasn’t it? No? Of course not! I know better now.

As you can all probably tell, I have nothing of importance to say. Well. Perhaps next time. But, thanks so much for reading my posts, clueless as they are.


A quick note and Earth Day on CV

Author: angiem, 04 20th, 2010

It’s late at night and the rain is falling, knocking at my window, wanting to share its pleasant scent with me and bless me with its drops.  I lift the sash a bit and breath in the smell of damp Spring earth, listen to the sounds of night, the muffled siren of the trains, the pitter-patter of night creatures I’m absolutely terrified of meeting close up.  From my upstairs window the tulips and the daffodils are mere shadows, almost lost in the mist that envelops the house.

I love how the rain cleanses the air.  I stick my tongue out, hoping to catch a droplet of rain on its tip. I get the feeling of being quenched of a thirst I didn’t know I have.

The house is silent, my lovelies fast asleep.  I brew another pot of mint tea, wrap my shawl and tie it around my waist.  I pick up my pen and get ready to write.  Words are spilling out, tripping over each other in their haste to see themselves on paper, each one greedier than the last.  I crack my stiff knuckles and obey their command.

Happy Earth Day! I have been too busy with my writing to join in posting specifically on the subject.  Visit Jane’s sidebar at #mce_temp_url# for some wonderful Corner Views from around the world.

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