hello lovelies!

Author: angiem, 01 05th, 2011

How I have missed you! It has been a very busy three weeks around here.  I have found two wonderful employees, who are as close to perfect as can be, I have eaten my share of cookies and pastries and cakes and not weighed myself at all, and I have had my fill of winter and am ready for spring.  January is my least favorite month of the year, followed by August. I am ready for vacation and pedicures and open-toed sandals. I have actually painted my toes a color called *naughty red* (it sounds Christmassy, I know, yet, there’s nothing Christmassy about them) and have taken to wearing my flip-flops to work just so I can see them winking up at me.

I am wishing you, my dear friends, a beautiful, blessed 2011.  May all your dreams come true.  Become the best versions of yourselves.  And, if unlike me, you’ve made resolutions, may you keep them. I cannot wait to visit with you! Love and hugs.


A quick note and Earth Day on CV

Author: angiem, 04 20th, 2010

It’s late at night and the rain is falling, knocking at my window, wanting to share its pleasant scent with me and bless me with its drops.  I lift the sash a bit and breath in the smell of damp Spring earth, listen to the sounds of night, the muffled siren of the trains, the pitter-patter of night creatures I’m absolutely terrified of meeting close up.  From my upstairs window the tulips and the daffodils are mere shadows, almost lost in the mist that envelops the house.

I love how the rain cleanses the air.  I stick my tongue out, hoping to catch a droplet of rain on its tip. I get the feeling of being quenched of a thirst I didn’t know I have.

The house is silent, my lovelies fast asleep.  I brew another pot of mint tea, wrap my shawl and tie it around my waist.  I pick up my pen and get ready to write.  Words are spilling out, tripping over each other in their haste to see themselves on paper, each one greedier than the last.  I crack my stiff knuckles and obey their command.

Happy Earth Day! I have been too busy with my writing to join in posting specifically on the subject.  Visit Jane’s sidebar at #mce_temp_url# for some wonderful Corner Views from around the world.

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Magpie Tales: Spring Rains

Author: angiem, 03 29th, 2010

I got married at the City Hall on the Wednesday of Easter week.  The air was filled with the fragrance of the lime trees lining the avenue in full blossom, promising a lifetime of conjugal love.  The bountiful spring rain came and went as it pleased all day, beating against the half shuttered windows and bouncing off the cobblestones of the street. In the densely wooded mountains on the outskirts of the city, the creeks were engorged from the melting snow, causing panic in the townfolk that the river would overflow its banks.

I wore an ivory suit made of the finest taffeta, the skirt a good palm width above the knee, and carried a bouquet of Lily of the Valley. My sister had made the suit for me in two days, and it fit me perfectly and made me look as though I had stepped out of the doors of a Parisian fashion house. I was more anxious that the rain would ruin my dress than that it was a bad omen for my marriage. My long dark hair was coiled in braids atop my head, and my eyes were lined with dark kohl. I appeared mysterious and seductive and my new husband could barely take his eyes off me.

After we had signed before the justice of the peace and received the well wishes of our guests, we started toward our new house. The house my groom had made for the two of us was filled with cherry tree branches and blue lilac.

Sometime that night, our first night as husband and wife, the water rose higher and higher, seeping through the foundations and coming in under the door. We didn’t know of its cold presence in the room until it got in bed with us, sending icy fingers between our entwined bodies. We grabbed whatever we could get our hands on and climbed the stairs to the attic. That’s where we spent our Honeymoon, and our first Easter, worrying and watching the waters rise and recede, making love and dreaming of the future.

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